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Maybe Facebook does care about privacy after all

Facebook dominates the social networking landscape with a huge lead over rival MySpace in the U.S. and other markets. The company has started to feel the heat of its success though with more of a demand to turn a profit for the huge amount of users and traffic the social network generates. The big problem for users of Facebook is that to generate money, Facebook wants to share more of their private information with third-parties.

Apparently, the pressure to give privacy of Facebook users more though has been heavy on the shoulders of Facebook. The social network has now reportedly called an all hands meeting with the sole topic being privacy. 
All Facebook reports that the meeting is set to happen at 4pm today and the topic will be the overall privacy practices of the company.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has famously stated in the past that internet users don’t have the same expectation of privacy today as they used to. This lead to reports that claimed Zuckerberg didn’t care about privacy. The privacy concern was so disturbing for many users that Senator Charles Schumer got involved and sent a letter to Facebook asking it to redo its privacy policy and threatened to introduce legislation if privacy was not addressed.

There are no official details about topics at the meeting, but the much-debated "Instant Personalization" feature is sure to be on the schedule at the meeting. This feature drew the ire of Schumer for sharing information with third parties without getting the express permission of the user. That is far from the only feature of Facebook that has raised privacy concerns for millions of Facebook users and privacy advocates. Hopefully more details will emerge after the meeting as Facebook looks to regain some of its lost luster with users.

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RE: Thanks DailyTech
By Reclaimer77 on 5/13/2010 11:35:51 AM , Rating: -1
I don't WANT privacy, which is why I USE Facebook. There are things that I have kept private, yes. And Facebook provides the tools to make that happen. I guess it's really hard to click "private" for some people??? I don't know.

All this talk about Facebook privacy pisses me off. Who cares?? You KNOW you are on a social networking site!! Isn't the point of making an account on Facebook because you don't WANT privacy??

If you want absolute and total privacy, then for fuk's sake, don't put shit on the internet you don't want others to know about. How hard is that?? It's not like Facebook is reaching into your e-mail account and making it public. You KNOWINGLY signed up for SOCIAL NETWORKING!

God it's like everyone ate a big bowl of stupid this decade! People are so fucking stupid.. I can't stand it.

/rant end

RE: Thanks DailyTech
By rcc on 5/13/2010 5:26:15 PM , Rating: 1
While I sort of agree, part of the problem is, again, one of the draws. Someone else can post a picture of you that you aren't aware of, something fun like you with your head in a toilet bowl after that last drinking bout, tag it to you, and suddenly it shows up on your page for your family to see.

So, by and large I agree, if you don't want it seen, just don't put it up. But that's not a guarantee of safety on Facebook.

"I'd be pissed too, but you didn't have to go all Minority Report on his ass!" -- Jon Stewart on police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home
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