Celeron D processors move to 65nm this year and get a cache upgrade

While mainstream and performance desktop processors take the leap to dual-core processors, value processors for Intel will remain single-core for all of 2006 and into 2007. The Celeron D will be receiving updates in the form of processor die reduction throughout the year. Cache sizes will be doubled with new 65nm products from 256KB to 512KB.

Intel Celeron D Roadmap Update
Processor Fab Type Cores GHz L2 Cache Launch
Celeron D 336 90nm Single 2.8 256KB Now
Celeron D 346 90nm Single 3.06 256KB Now
Celeron D 351 90nm Single 3.2 256KB Now
Celeron D 352 65nm Single 3.2 512KB Q2'06
Celeron D 355 65nm Single 3.33 256KB Q2'06
Celeron D 356 65nm Single 3.33 512KB Q3'06
Celeron D 360 65nm Single N/A 512KB Q3'06
Celeron D >360 65nm Single N/A N/A Q1'07

The last batches of 90nm Celeron D products will be phased out in Q4'06, with 65nm Celeron D products making taking up 100% of Intel's shipments in Q1'07 and beyond.  Keep in mind the newest Celerons do not use Intel's Core architecture, and are still based on the NetBurst path.

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