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Apple CEO Steve Jobs says that Android is a "porn phone" OS and that his company is far more chaste.   (Source: Trek BBS)
Group says that Apple has shown itself to be the champion of chastity

Early this year Apple purged the app store of all that was lude and lascivious, claiming that it was merely bowing to the complaints of parents.  Maybe it was halfway right.  The Parents Television Council has gone public, claiming that its protest campaign helped spur Apple to action and praising the company's new moral stand.

The PTC says that Apple's decision to block photos of apps based on their parental control settings and remove some apps altogether is a good step.  The group's president, Tim Winter, says Apple is definitely rubbing him the right way.  He states, "Apple has taken a positive first step towards eliminating kids' access to sexually explicit and pornographic content on its product lineup and we applaud the company’s effort."

However, the PTC has identified a new target: Google's Android operating system.  Android is set to pass Microsoft sometime this quarter in the smartphone arena, and will soon be the third largest smartphone OS provider.  It has the second biggest app store, after only Apple's 150,000+ apps – the Android Marketplace features over 40,000 apps.  

A handful of those apps are pornographic or otherwise deviant in nature.  The PTC is vowing to do its best to let Google know that they're being very naughty and to whack the explicit content off the Android Market.

The group is upset that Android OS has no parental controls and hasn't taken steps to remove preview photos or explicit apps like Apple.  States PTC's national grassroots director Gavin McKiernan, "We plan to draw attention to other platforms, such as Android, or Verizon's Vcast service, that aren't really doing anything.  We definitely want to see progress from some of the other handheld devices."

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, agrees with the assessment that Android is very, very naughty.  He became rather hot and bothered when discussing Android at the iPhone OS 4.0 launch event and accused his competitor of being a "porn phone".  His company and users, are much better at keeping their dark, unpure thoughts in check, he feels. 

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Apple sees Google as a threat
By stmok on 5/4/2010 12:19:44 PM , Rating: 5
The first reaction is to belittle the potential threat.

MS did it back in 2002 with their "Get the Facts". (Server comparison campaign with Windows 2000 and Linux)...It turned out MS was paying third-parties to do skewed studies in favour of their solutions. After about 5yrs+, the campaign was toned down. It failed. The guy who was responsible for it left the company...And MS changed tactic in 2008. (Began olive-branching by sending MS liaisons to open source meetings and conferences.)

Today, Apple is doing it to Google. But they are more cunning in the reasoning. Instead of making comparisons of solutions; they are using the moral high ground to say they are the better. ie: "Someone think of the children! Because Google isn't!"

Google should do nothing. Just keep coding and improve their implementation. Be unflinching.

No amount of marketing or PR campaign can replace well designed and implemented products that meet the consumer's needs. The solution speaks for itself. And thanks to the Internet; news will travel fast. (Good or Bad).

Public attacks like these only show you one thing: They reveal who they see as a threat. Appreciate that gesture and use it as motivation to do better.

By seamonkey79 on 5/4/2010 6:27:15 PM , Rating: 3
Apple has an even longer history of misinforming the public than Microsoft, who learned by watching Apple in the first place and attempted to combat Apple's misinformation with misinformation of their own.

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins

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