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Apple CEO Steve Jobs says that Android is a "porn phone" OS and that his company is far more chaste.   (Source: Trek BBS)
Group says that Apple has shown itself to be the champion of chastity

Early this year Apple purged the app store of all that was lude and lascivious, claiming that it was merely bowing to the complaints of parents.  Maybe it was halfway right.  The Parents Television Council has gone public, claiming that its protest campaign helped spur Apple to action and praising the company's new moral stand.

The PTC says that Apple's decision to block photos of apps based on their parental control settings and remove some apps altogether is a good step.  The group's president, Tim Winter, says Apple is definitely rubbing him the right way.  He states, "Apple has taken a positive first step towards eliminating kids' access to sexually explicit and pornographic content on its product lineup and we applaud the company’s effort."

However, the PTC has identified a new target: Google's Android operating system.  Android is set to pass Microsoft sometime this quarter in the smartphone arena, and will soon be the third largest smartphone OS provider.  It has the second biggest app store, after only Apple's 150,000+ apps – the Android Marketplace features over 40,000 apps.  

A handful of those apps are pornographic or otherwise deviant in nature.  The PTC is vowing to do its best to let Google know that they're being very naughty and to whack the explicit content off the Android Market.

The group is upset that Android OS has no parental controls and hasn't taken steps to remove preview photos or explicit apps like Apple.  States PTC's national grassroots director Gavin McKiernan, "We plan to draw attention to other platforms, such as Android, or Verizon's Vcast service, that aren't really doing anything.  We definitely want to see progress from some of the other handheld devices."

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, agrees with the assessment that Android is very, very naughty.  He became rather hot and bothered when discussing Android at the iPhone OS 4.0 launch event and accused his competitor of being a "porn phone".  His company and users, are much better at keeping their dark, unpure thoughts in check, he feels. 

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Apple extreme?
By roostitup on 5/4/2010 10:21:48 AM , Rating: 2
It seems to me that Apple is being rather extreme when it comes to getting rid of explicit materials on the IPhone. Why does it have to completly remove access to these materials? Can't Apple just rely on parental controls to keep them away from children? It seems to me that every parent should know their way around the parental controls these days and should use them constantly, why should the company be responsable for blocking explicit content? Adults still have a right to view this material, there is no sense in removing it.

I realize not all parents know or do use the parental controls, but maybe we have to start educating users about this a little more?

I agree that the Android does at LEAST need to have a parental control option. It's silly to not have one.

RE: Apple extreme?
By SmCaudata on 5/5/2010 4:40:41 PM , Rating: 2
While this is a sensible argument, and I agree, it is an argument that will never win over the other side. These parents say, "I'm a good parent, but I can't controll my kid's friend's parents." To some extent this is true, but I remember when I was young my parents made sure to talk with my friends parents all the time to know where I was and what I was doing. I actually had a TON of freedom as a child but I was taught to make good decisions and informed of restrictions I would have if I abused that freedom.

My bet is that most of the parents spend more time trying to change policies than they do parenting their own children.

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