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Windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system in history and just passed Windows Vista to become the second most used operating system in the world.  (Source: Janco Associates)
Operating system is continuing to post incredible sales numbers for Microsoft, thanks to great features

Windows 7 is perhaps Microsoft's best operating system out the gate.  Its relative lack of traditional compatibility issues and slick features come thanks to a disciplined program of public beta testing and stricter hardware partner requirements.  Amazingly few people have much bad to say about Windows 7.  Even rival Apple has been forced to turn down the rhetoric andembrace Windows 7 on Boot Camp.

The operating system is already the key factor driving Microsoft profits over the last two quarters, and the fastest selling operating system in history.  Now it has reached a very impressive mark.  Windows 7 has passed Windows Vista after only 7 months.

Denver-based technology research firm Janco Partners, Inc. reports that Windows 7 has achieved a 14.8 percent share of the international computer market.  To contrast that, consider this -- Windows Vista 
never passed its predecessor, Windows XP.

Growing at over twice the speed of Windows Vista in its early months, Windows 7 seems destine to pass Windows XP, an operating system which, after a couple of Service Packs became one of Microsoft's most popular operating systems of all time.

Janco CEO Victor Janulaitis comments, "There are now more users of Windows 7 than Vista. That is a major factor in their improved record earnings. The last OS that was accepted as quickly in the market was XP.  Vista's market share has peaked, and is in the process of being decommissioned in most enterprises."

If there was one rain cloud marring Microsoft's rainbow fantasy-come-true, it's the topic of browser market share.  Janco says that between Jan. 2005 and April 2010, Internet Explorer dropped from 90.61 to 67.73 percent in global market share.  

Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome have been the biggest emerging threats to Microsoft's browser dominance.  The European Union's decision to force Microsoft to let users choose their browser upon installation of Windows 7 reportedly has hurt the company's market share further, sending it to the lowest levels since 1998.

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XP still works fine for me
By sapiens74 on 5/3/2010 4:13:16 PM , Rating: 1
MS has a nice little OS there but I'll hold off till Windows 8 maybe for an upgrade.

RE: XP still works fine for me
By iFX on 5/3/2010 4:16:31 PM , Rating: 2
You could be waiting a while. Look at how long XP has hung around. Windows 7 is selling well and until that stops MS won't be mentioning much about its next OS.

I hope you're up for 8-10 more years of using XP.

RE: XP still works fine for me
By sapiens74 on 5/3/10, Rating: 0
RE: XP still works fine for me
By iFX on 5/3/2010 4:32:28 PM , Rating: 4
It runs great on my netbook. Go figure.

Asus 1201N.

RE: XP still works fine for me
By Belard on 5/3/2010 5:44:13 PM , Rating: 2
Er... no.

MS won't be doing another XP situation again. It stagnates the market... causes business and people to get TOO used to the OS. Look at Win9x which lastest 6 years, it took another 3 years before Win98 support died.

But XP is STILL for sale... 9 years later (late 2001) and will be supported by MS (downloadable patches) until 2014.

So Microsoft will be releasing a major OS (name) version such as Win8 every 3 years or so. This will keep developers on their toes and not fight new OSes releases.

RE: XP still works fine for me
By iFX on 5/3/2010 6:22:11 PM , Rating: 2
MS doesn't know what they're plans are half the time so forgive me if I don't take your word for it.

What MS has demonstrated throughout the years is that if something sells well they will keep it on sale until it tapers off. XP wouldn't still be for sale unless people WANTED to buy it. :)

RE: XP still works fine for me
By Belard on 5/4/2010 1:52:30 AM , Rating: 2
I somewhat err on my post.

I meant to say "MS wont don't that again... maybe".

So yes I agree with you, MS doesn't know what its doing half the time.

XP still has value because specialized programs that don't like Win7 and the companies out there that still want/must continue to use it. Look how long CLI operating systems have lastest and still continue.

Business class products from Dell, ThinkPad still have XP downgrade options. But funny... there's no vista downgrade bwahahaahaha!

MS did a great job on their old sidewinder joysticks... still, nothing today is as tough or as well made as the SideWinder Pro. Its gonna suck when mine finally dies.

RE: XP still works fine for me
By RealTheXev on 5/3/2010 11:25:23 PM , Rating: 2
I think visualization will make migration to future OSes much easier, it certainly is a great selling point for Windows 7. The real reason 9x took so long to die was because compatibility mode (held for XP) wasn't finished in time for Windows 2000 (ever wonder why it was called 2000 Pro? Yeah, there was supposed to be a Home too... didn't quiet make it?)

Microsoft's future OSes should be more like Windows 7, so long as they keep up the awesome public beta programs.

*Goes back to praying Pidgin dev's will make it easier to use with new Win7 UI*

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs

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