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"Man I love HTML5, but that Flash really gives me a headache!" "Me too, Steve, oh my gosh!!"  (Source: Coder Log)
Microsoft also supports use of proprietary video codec -- h.264

Proponents of HTML5, a hot new web standard that adds video and audio capabilities to the HTML stable, say that it is essential to free the web from the proprietary clutches of Adobe, maker of Flash.  Critics says that it's just a pretty box for another proprietary offering.  They point out that while HTML5 as an open standard could support open video standards like Ogg Theora, all the industry' major players have embraced h.264 -- a proprietary video codec -- as the future of HTML5, essentially killing the hopes of widespread support or adoption of an open codec.

Apple is a big fan of h.264 and a big fan of HTML5.  It doesn't think much of Adobe, though.

Perhaps a more important question, though, is where does Microsoft, who holds more than 90 percent of the operating system market, stand on this issue?   

Interestingly, in a blog to web developers, Microsoft's General Manager for Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch agrees with Apple's assessment.  He states that HTML5 is the "future of the web".  He then proceeds to toss dirt at Adobe, commenting that their "reliability, security, and performance" haven't been so great.

He then softens the blow a bit, remarking that Flash is important to "a good consumer experience on today's web" -- but only because there's not many alternatives widely available currently (most users use Internet Explorer, which doesn't currently support HTML5).

Interestingly, in the talk the Microsoft exec totally ignores Microsoft's own proprietary plug-in Silverlight that it's long been trying to peddle.

Microsoft and Apple agreeing on HTML5?  Microsoft following "Apple's line" with the Windows Phone 7 smart phone operating system?  Windows 7 being fully supported on Boot Camp?  You'd think that Microsoft and Apple were old buddies, not bitter rivals.  What's the world coming to?

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RE: Did they, actually do this....
By photek2020 on 5/1/2010 10:53:35 AM , Rating: 2
Lots of Flash dev's like myself do know HTML, CSS, JAVA and many other languages.

But whats been pointed out above, is that it is simply far more convenient, faster and easier to do everything with Flash.

If some sort of software came along that made it easy using HTML5 + WebGL + Canvas + everything else, and also has professional drawing tools within it ... then i would give it a try. But even if that did happen it would probably take many years to even come close to the level at which Flash is now at.

RE: Did they, actually do this....
By nilepez on 5/1/2010 7:36:55 PM , Rating: 2
Of course it will take years. HTML 5 is a brand new standard that, AFAIK, isn't close to ratification.

But 5 or 10 years from now, who knows? As a user, I'm not a fan of Flash. I block all of it and only enable it if I absolutely have to (thus youtube get's a pass, while virtually no other site does).

As a rule, if a site only has a flash interface, I don't go to that site, because, IME, flash UIs are generally awful.

I can't compare it to silverlight, because I can't remember going to a site that uses it.

Tools are important, and if Flash or Silverlight remain light years ahead of HTML5, those technologies will stomp the latter, but my guess is that HTML5 will have it's day. Flash has too many security issues, and short of a rewrite, I don't see that changing.

RE: Did they, actually do this....
By B3an on 5/1/2010 8:47:02 PM , Rating: 3
I'm sure there will be some good software for making HTML5 websites. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is already one of them, and it also can be used for Java, CSS, PHP, XML and many other languages.

BUT, with this kind of software, and how HTML is... the software does not work the same way as Flash. It has no real graphics, drawing, animation, and effects tools or any kind, or a timeline for animations, it's purely for coding and page layout.

I really dont think it's possible to have anything that competes with Flash because of this.. i mean, with Flash theres just one powerful coding language that can do it all. With HTML, WebGL, CSS, JAVA and so on... it's just too difficult to make software that somehow combines all this and integrates it so that it compares to Flash from a dev's perpective.
If it does happen it's a long way off, and by that time Flash and SL will just be even more advanced.

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