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Adobe CEO and President Shantanu Narayen  (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen responds to Steve Jobs' open letter

Earlier today, Steve Jobs pulled out a shotgun and fired away at Adobe at point-blank range. Jobs laid out a six-point plan of attack detailing why Adobe Flash is detrimental to the Mac and iPhone/iPod touch/iPad mobile platforms and why the web should just let the "proprietary standard" die.

Well, we knew that Adobe wasn't just gonna let Jobs' barbs fly without a response -- and like clockwork, Adobe's CEO has answered back. The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray interviewed Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen about Jobs' comments and here are a few of the highlights:

  • Adobe believes in open content; Apple is threatened by Adobe's penchant for creating cross-platform software.
  • Narayen likens the fight between Apple and Adobe to the rift between Jon and Kate Gosselin.
  • Jobs' open letter was merely a "smokescreen"; Apple's restrictions are stifling development and have "nothing to do with technology".
  • Narayen refutes the assertion that Adobe Flash is the main reason why Macs crash.
  • Jobs' comments about poor battery life on machines using Adobe Flash are "patently false".
  • "It doesn't benefit Apple, and that's why you see this reaction".
  • Narayen asserts that the consumer should be able to decide which technologies they want to use and he thinks that a multi-platform world is where the future is headed.

Interestingly, Narayen doesn't make any mention of HTML5 which Jobs suggests that developers use to crush Adobe Flash. You can view the full interview here at the WSJ's Digits blog.

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By damianrobertjones on 4/29/2010 6:13:35 PM , Rating: 0
I really, really can see a future where apple really starts to increase its market share in a big way. It won't then be about MS Vs Apple or Apple vs adobe, but people that understand what apple stand for and the people that are so mind numbingly blind that it hurts.

Apple can and do make good products, but they are far from perfect. They use manipulative advertising to capture the imagination and, well, stupidity of young people (read: bling and 'you're poor and sad) to sell and frankly, that has worked.

Sure, there are people in the grey area that actually like using macs purely as they like them and in no way think, "Cor, I'm the shizzy as I'z got'a apple logo", but those people will quickly be overtaken by the masses of silly people. (After all, most will be Windows converts who've always run as admin and deny clicking 'Your computer is infected, click yes to clean?" all the time.


Apple vs the sane

RE: Soon..
By sapiens74 on 4/29/10, Rating: 0
RE: Soon..
By damianrobertjones on 4/30/2010 3:21:24 AM , Rating: 2
I didn't say I don't like them??

RE: Soon..
By jimhsu on 4/29/2010 9:42:36 PM , Rating: 2
That's the thing though. Increasing market share to a majority is simply against the philosophy of Apple, making it impossible. Apple's entire marketing campaign over most of its history has been to be different ... from "Think Different" to "Switch" to whatever they are doing right now, to distinguish itself from the majority, whatnot. Say what you will about the sincerity, but if Apple were to hold a majority share in computing, it would fundamentally not make sense -- it would be "un-Apple".

That, and everything that comes with it ... virus designers would actually have a reason to attack Macs, they would have to dilute brand share to capture the lower market, big businesses would adopt lousy business coding practices that run counter to the whole "open" thing, etc.

RE: Soon..
By damianrobertjones on 4/30/2010 3:22:44 AM , Rating: 2
Good valid points there :)

...But we're forgetting one thing: People can be led like sheep.

All about the money :(

"A politician stumbles over himself... Then they pick it out. They edit it. He runs the clip, and then he makes a funny face, and the whole audience has a Pavlovian response." -- Joe Scarborough on John Stewart over Jim Cramer
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