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Cub Scouts belt loop and pin
Requirements seek to educate kids on appropriate gaming and time management

Many technophiles out there were probably in the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts as kids. Traditionally, getting badges and awards in the Scouts meant you had to learn about topics like knot tying, camping, climbing, archeology, and yes – even computers. The Boy Scouts of America is now offering a new award for participants that is something many kids have become obsessed with today.

Kids in the Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts can now complete the requirements in family, den, pack, school, or the community environment for video games according to VGA Chartz. To earn a Video Games belt loop, the scout has to follow three steps which include: explaining why it's important to have rating system for games; creating a schedule with an adult that has time for chores, homework, and gaming; and leaning to play a new game that is approved by a guardian.

Scouts can also earn an academics pin after they earn the belt loop by completing five (out of nine) additional requirements. The requirements include: 

  1. With your parents, create a plan to buy a video game that is right for your age group.
  2. Compare two game systems (for example, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and so on). Explain some of the differences between the two. List good reasons to purchase or use a game system.
  3. Play a video game with family members in a family tournament.
  4. Teach an adult or a friend how to play a video game.
  5. List at least five tips that would help someone who was learning how to play your favorite video game.
  6. Play an appropriate video game with a friend for one hour.
  7. Play a video game that will help you practice your math, spelling, or another skill that helps you in your schoolwork.
  8. Choose a game you might like to purchase. Compare the price for this game at three different stores. Decide which store has the best deal. In your decision, be sure to consider things like the store return policy and manufacturer’s warranty.
  9. With an adult’s supervision, install a gaming system.

It's is definitely an interesting move to incorporate video games into Cub Scouting and we're sure that the scouts will enjoy this new endeavor which should help to keep scouting relevant in today's society.  

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RE: Not cool
By Lord 666 on 4/28/2010 11:25:38 AM , Rating: 3
While I am also a fellow Eagle Scout as well (1995), I feel it is a good thing to keep the program relevant and based on the requirements, its a good first step in time management and finding the pros/cons of products. Sometimes life's lessons are best sugar coated and video games is a good way. In general, the current program needs more focus on real life skills. Maybe even introduce a blogging badge/medal.

Agreed about Scouting being a huge impact on my life as well. My parents got divorced and my mother put my brother and I into the program to keep us out of trouble. Definitely have to say it worked for me, not so much for my brother. I went all the way to Eagle, my brother didn't and later had legal problems. Sure, we still dismantled toliet bowls in camp and moved them and other McGyver type stuff outside of Scouts (read my earlier posts about BB guns, sterno, and police scanners), but looking back Scouting was the single most influencial thing that kept me from going to the Dark Side. Definitely have to say it gave me some skills that earned me leadership positions including CTO.

God has blessed me with two daughters (5 y/o and 1 y/o) and no sons. So my current question; should I enroll my oldest in the Girl Scouts program? Noticed a cookie selling station in our local mall and started talking with the adult in charge. I questioned their business sense when they only accepted check or cash, but not setup for credit cards. I only know of one friend that went to Gold Award and not too familiar with their program.

RE: Not cool
By FITCamaro on 4/29/2010 12:06:13 AM , Rating: 2
My sister has her Gold Award. The quality of Girl Scouts honestly is tied to the troop (or whatever they called) you get into. My sisters wasn't bad. But my mom tried to stay active in it even after my sister was done and ended up leaving. Parents didn't want their daughters doing anything other than sitting around doing nothing but crafts. Many balked at the idea of their little girl getting dirty while camping.

So it just depends. But yeah I agree with you about Boy Scouts being a positive influence. As I say below, I also got my Eagle. My brother did not. He's now 24, delivering pizza, no degree, just getting off a DUI that he mostly got out of but not entirely (had a breathalyzer tester in his car for a year), and wrecked two cars before that. Starting to get his life in order finally though. But of course he had issues other than not completing Scouts.

RE: Not cool
By ekv on 4/29/2010 3:29:53 AM , Rating: 2
I apologize, but you're moniker "Lord 666" has irritated me for a while now. I haven't said anything and try to keep an open mind, but now you write "God has blessed me with two daughters ..." which is well and true. "Lord" and "666" don't exactly belong together, if you know what I mean. I hope I'm not out-of-line in asking if you could explain your user name.

Btw, I'm not married -- still looking for the right gal -- and hence can only vaguely mention the Girl Scouts do not have much in the way of Biblical values like they used to. So FIT's comments are much more ... um, fitting. Apropos. To the point. Etc.

RE: Not cool
By Lord 666 on 4/29/2010 6:59:05 AM , Rating: 2
There is some history involved with it, but the point is the putting two seemingly contradictory ideas together with some other references.

Started with my brother and I playing Halo on PC when people could use any name. Back then, I used Colon Cancer and my brother used Lung Cancer. This way, when we killed someone, it said the opponent died of some illness. When XBL came around (the black xbox), since the Cancers were already taken, we needed to pick other names. So we both started using a Lord variation as a Star Wars reference, especially since the prequals were fresh out. Lord 666 is still my XBL tag, but my brother has since slightly modified his. Before you mentioned it, was considering about changing it, but don't agree in principal on having to pay to change my XBL tag. Plus, have been a DT/AT member since 2005 and using Lord 666 since then.

1. Lord - Star Wars reference. As noted before, I did flirt with the Dark side from time to time, but never fully went.

2. 666 - Enough said. But in the context of XBL, there are a lot of other 666's out there. Never have been a devil worshiper, but if you look at any of my playlists, definitely have some dark music on them.

With my marriage and the birth of my first daughter happening after the XBL tag, I have since seen the Light Side once again. Guess God works in mysterious ways and hope that answers your question.

RE: Not cool
By ekv on 4/29/2010 3:38:08 PM , Rating: 2
...the opponent died of some illness
So that was you! j/k 8)
God works in mysterious ways
True. Been there done that. I suppose the Light, aside from being the truth, is less complicated, more straight-forward and easier to defend, etc.

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs

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