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An early version of the Streak 5/Mini 5  (Source: PMP Today)

Dell Streak 7 and Streak 10  (Source: Engadget)
Apple won't be the only one with a trendy tablet, soon

With the iPad being a hot topic, many competitors are looking to rush tablet designs to the market.  Microsoft has their much talked about Courier journal-style designAmazon and Google are also reportedly cooking up tablet devices as well.

One set of tablets that have flown mostly under the radar are Dell's upcoming designs.  Dell, currently the third largest computer manufacturer in the U.S., behind HP and Lenovo, is looking to get back on the ball with a trio of tablets.

Recently leaked photos from Dell reveal the Streak tablets to be very sleek and very iPad-like.

The tablets are reportedly called the Streak series.  A 5-in. Streak 5 (formerly known as the Mini 5) will reportedly launch with Dell's Aero smart phone on the AT&T network in June.  The Streak series, like the Aero, will be powered by Google's Android smart phone and MID operating system.

The 7-in. Streak 7 will arrive late this year and the 10-in. Streak 10 will arrive in "early 2011."

The striking visual similarities between the Streak series and the iPad are hard to miss (the Streak series does have 3 buttons on the front frame face, rather than just one).  That surely gives Apple's legal team cause to salivate, but probably makes Apple's sales team a bit unnerved.  After all, by the looks of it Apple isn't going to be the only one with a sleek tablet design for very long.  Let's just hope Dell takes time to quality test the Streak series thoroughly so it can avoid the heat and Wi-Fi issues that have plagued the iPad.

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Strange Name Choice
By monomer on 4/16/2010 6:00:25 PM , Rating: 5
So... Streak? I dunno, seems like a pretty poor name for a portable device with a glossy screen.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By Smartless on 4/16/10, Rating: -1
RE: Strange Name Choice
By mindless1 on 4/17/2010 2:55:17 PM , Rating: 5
Copy cat? Sleek tablet devices were inevitable, and a proper market survey of potential buyers would result in both Dell and Apple (et al.) deciding that similar size tablets were desired.

It's a bit like saying Toyota copycats Honda because they both make cars of similar size, shape, and function... just earlier in the history of device type with tablets... then we'll see the same thing as with netbooks, minor variations and more sizes.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By nafhan on 4/19/2010 10:34:37 AM , Rating: 2
To add on to what you said. With a tablet or smartphone, you've either got a big screen or lots of buttons on the front. There's not a whole lot of options with the hardware.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By T2k on 4/18/2010 5:05:16 AM , Rating: 5
I hope, for Dell's sake, their copy cat finds some kind of following this time.

We hope, for your own sake, one day you wake up and realize if there's a Copycat King it's Apple.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By mostyle on 4/18/2010 1:44:01 PM , Rating: 2
When tequila was mentioned given the device name I instantly thought of clothing.. or lack therein. Okay sure maybe I'm dirty-minded..

RE: Strange Name Choice
By tastyratz on 4/16/2010 8:54:19 PM , Rating: 5
The direct competitor to the ipad is the streak? I cant possibly see where that could be satirically linked. I will just have to wait till its released one "summer's eve" in 2011...

RE: Strange Name Choice
By Gul Westfale on 4/16/2010 10:37:51 PM , Rating: 2
i'll wait for the amazon chipotle-away.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By mckinney on 4/17/2010 1:28:32 AM , Rating: 5
How bout the "Skid"?
That way you could get a 5" Skid, a 7" Skid, and the granddaddy of them all, the 10" Skid....

I wonder if you could run the Skid on the Ipad?

Probably sounds better than it looks on paper.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By B3an on 4/17/2010 4:54:26 AM , Rating: 1
This Streak would go perfect with a Wii.

It would have to be placed on the right side of a Wii, as we all know a number 2 comes after a pis.. i mean Wii.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By spread on 4/17/2010 12:56:49 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, but what happens when your skid gets marks on it?

RE: Strange Name Choice
By fsardis on 4/17/2010 1:28:11 PM , Rating: 2
The 'Skid' Mk1 for 5"
The 'Skid' Mk2 for 7"
The 'Skid' Mk3 for 10"
The 'Skid' Mk Mini for 3" MP3 player.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By gralex on 4/17/2010 6:23:37 AM , Rating: 5
Fantastic weekend reading, if you are feeling in any way philosophical...

RE: Strange Name Choice
By jnolen on 4/17/2010 9:02:26 AM , Rating: 1
I have heard of the study quoted in that article before. How our society got that way is an unknown to me (I'm sure someone has an opinion) but that is why I, a highly opinionated Political Science major, rarely argue with people anymore.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By mindless1 on 4/17/10, Rating: 0
RE: Strange Name Choice
By CZroe on 4/17/2010 11:47:07 PM , Rating: 2
Perhaps "Streaker" would have been more to your liking? ;)

I guess a tablet is a bit like a "naked" computer... a touch-screen Android netbook that can't close up.

RE: Strange Name Choice
By borismkv on 4/18/2010 1:07:46 PM , Rating: 2
You're forgetting that it's going against the Max-iPad.

“Then they pop up and say ‘Hello, surprise! Give us your money or we will shut you down!' Screw them. Seriously, screw them. You can quote me on that.” -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng referencing patent trolls

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