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A leaked manual confirms that these HTC Incredible spy shots are likely the real deal, or close to the real thing.  (Source: Android Central)

A page from the leaked manual is seen here. The phone, on the verge of launching, will bring the best hardware currently on the market, easily surpassing the iPhone in form factor, processing power, camera, and more.  (Source: Android Forums)

The Incredible is now reportedly in Verizon Wireless's number transfering machines, ready to begin processing the scores of buyers that await.  (Source: Android Forums)
The HTC Incredible looks to take on the iPhones and Blackberries in the battle for smart phone dominance

DailyTech previously reported that Verizon stores should soon be getting shipments of HTC's latest and greatest Android smartphone, the Incredible.  Now more leaks reinforce the tip we got from Verizon techs.  AndroidForums has posted a leaked manual and the forum also has a post showing the HTC Incredible in Verizon's CellBrite machine, which transfers phone numbers between handsets.

The HTC Incredible brings some powerful hardware to America's largest network, Verizon, and should help Android continue its campaign of rampant growth.

The phone, according to the manual and multiple sources, packs a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and is powered by Google's multi-touch and multitasking capable Android 2.1 OS.  The phone will have an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and dual LED flash.  It offers 8 GB of internal memory, but one-ups the iPhone by offering up to 32 GB of swappable microSD storage.

There's support for push email via Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, support for Flash Lite 4.0 (with Flash 10.1 support coming soon), and access to the Android Marketplace's 42,000+ apps.

The phone reportedly measures 117.5 mm (4.63 in) 
(h) x 58.5 mm (2.30 in) (w) x 11.9 mm (0.47 in) (d), and weighs 130 g (4.59 oz).  To put that in perspective, the iPhone is slightly thicker and heavier, coming in at 115.5 mm (4.55 in) (h) x 62.1 mm (2.44 in) (w) x 12.3 mm (0.48 in) (d), and 135 g (4.8 oz).

Despite its sleek footprint, it still manages to pack an ample 480 × 800 pixel, 3.7-in. WVGA AMOLED display.

For now the HTC Incredible may enjoy a short run as the top handset in the market in terms of hardware.  The fourth generation iPhone, coming this summer (likely on June 22) is expected to fall close to the Incredible in terms of hardware.  Its rumored to pack a higher resolution screen, a faster processor and more.  Ultimately, the phones will likely be pretty evenly matched, with each having some minor advantages.  However, HTC's Incredible will likely have one major advantage over the iPhone 4 -- it will be released two months earlier.

Apple is obviously pretty nervous about the HTC's Android army -- the Nexus One, Hero, and Incredible.  It has filed a lawsuit claiming HTC ripped off over 20 of its iPhone patents.  It is trying to block all imports and sales of HTC Android handsets in the U.S., an ambitious, but unlikely legal goal.


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RE: Actually this is not true...
By T2k on 4/15/2010 1:26:34 PM , Rating: 1
Is this guy serious?

Much more than you and your funny childish hype below, apparently...


WiMAX dead on arrival? Last time I checked it's the only 4G network that actually HAS arrived, so that right there shows how far out of the loop you are...

Arrived where? Used by who?
So far it's available in the ghettos of Baltimore two smaller places, that's it, period.

Ahh and in some Russian territories, sorry.

Ahh did I mention it's WAY SLOWER than TMO's *current* 3.5G (HSPA+) speeds?


Also, The HTC EVO is by far the most tech advanced phone there is, quit denying that fact as it's pretty much undeniable just by looking at the specs.

Making up silly bombastic claims by invoking facts that shows the contrary really makes you look stupid, y'know...'s just another run-of-the-mill Snapdragon-based HTC phone, this time for the slow EVDO networks without anything extra sans the dead-on-arrival WiMax support.

If you have no clue about the facts, stop citing them - you will feel really stupid now when you check Desire's, X10's, Nexus ONe's specs and see all are the SAME or better than this Evo.


Also, please quit bashing technology when you don't understand the premise. The EVO and Nexus One are completely different phones, that also, shows how far out of the loop you are.

ROFL, you're a funny guy with balls, I give you that. I *know* both technologies very well, apparently far more than you will ever do - in fact I highly doubt you ever been close to any integrated systems at all...

You obviously have no clue about the entire topic (system design, Snapdragon platform etc) whatsoever so how about reading up a bit before you think others are "far out of the loop"? :D


I hate to break it to you buddy, but there will be lines of thousands of people outside Spritn stores antionwide when the EVO 4G launches, a lot of those people will be coming from Verizon and AT&T. I know that because I'll be one of them, my contract with AT&T is up in June and I'm making the switch. And while true, HSPA networks are faster then EVDO, currently, they are honestly rare. If you look at Sprint's and Verizon's CDMA networks with EVDO, they blanket most of the country. HSPA is lucky to be in a few cities at best...

Gosh, you're fuckin clueless... both AT&T and TMO runs HSPA *EVERYWHERE* already, capable for 7.2Mb and TMO is already busy upgrading to HSPA+, about 30-40% already done (running above 10Mb where it's done.)

Of course you had no clue about it, just like you don't know that it's a software upgrade in most places, with reusable hardware etc etc... I quit here, no time to argue with nobody on the other end, sorry.

WiMax is DEAD, mark my words - whatever mincy little footprint they have it's already slower than HSPA+ and more expensive and has no vendor support so and no... no need to go on.
Since all big carriers already announced they will switch to LTE eventually WiMax's last best chance is to become a temp fix if there's a bump on the road to LTE upgrades but even then until LTE arrives (not before 2012-2013, at least realistically) HSPA+ and TMO will have the upper hand in data network speeds for sure.

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