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Eric Schmidt says his company is naturally controversial, but that its top priority is giving its customers the best product at any cost.  (Source: Reuters)

Among Google's biggest enemies now are the Chinese government and Apple, Inc.  (Source: Boy Genius Report)
Google isn't afraid to stir the pot

Eric Schmidt knows very well that Google is no stranger to controversy.  In a talk with reporters at Google's headquarters, he responded to a question about Google's strengths and weaknesses, stating, "Every government sort of has some group that's busy trying to figure out what we're up to. Because information is power.  We're quite disruptive, and in the course of that disruption we tend to create enemies, which are hopefully not intended on our part."

Google, is among the most powerful companies in America today, yet it has numerous enemies.  Among those "enemies" include the world's largest nation, China.

The EU and the U.S., while supportive of Google's stand against China, have taken a wary eye to Google's growing marketshare.  The United States Federal Trade Commission is currently investigating Google and trying to figure out whether its acquisition of AdMob for $750M USD will hurt competition.

The California company also has corporate enemies.  Among the most powerful is Apple, which has begun suing handset makers of Google's Android smart phones over violations of iPhone related patents.  Apple also plans to challenge Google in mobile advertising market, announcing the inclusion of in-app ads in the coming iPhone OS 4.0.  And there's some rumors Apple will even launch its own search engine in the next few years.

Still Google continues to find tremendous success in a variety of new areas.  Among Google's more recent conquests is paid productivity software (à la Microsoft Office).  Google has for some time now offered free versions of its productivity software to the public online.  Now it is selling enhanced versions of the software to the company.  

It charges $50 per user per year for access to all its professional apps, including word processing and Gmail.  Currently the company has racked up a couple million subscribers.  And it's adding 3,000 new ones a day.

Still, Google's core business and biggest source of controversy remains its use of search and data mining to deliver smarter ads to consumers.  That business earns Google most of $24B USD in revenue it made last year.

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Not worlds largest nation
By oab on 4/13/2010 11:29:10 AM , Rating: -1
Among those "enemies" include the world's largest nation, China.

Jason, China is not the worlds largest nation. That's Russia. Canada is the second largest nation, China is third.

China is the nation with the largest population, India is second, the United States is third.

Not to let facts get in the way of a good phrase however.

RE: Not worlds largest nation
By spookynutz on 4/13/2010 12:08:39 PM , Rating: 5
Nation can either refer to the territory itself, or it's citizenry. The latter is actually the more common definition.

RE: Not worlds largest nation
By Murloc on 4/13/2010 12:17:01 PM , Rating: 1
he should have said biggest maybe.
Large refers to space.

Anyway, it's population that matters.

RE: Not worlds largest nation
By omnicronx on 4/13/2010 12:27:59 PM , Rating: 3
Large refers to space.
no.. it doesnt.. It can refer to quantity, capacity, size etc....

Yes he could have given us a reference of what he was talking about, but the statement is not incorrect.(and one should easily be able to infer what he is talking about)

RE: Not worlds largest nation
By omnicronx on 4/13/2010 12:21:35 PM , Rating: 2
Jason, China is not the worlds largest nation. That's Russia.
You do realize that the word largest is not exclusive to surface area right?

I could say Russia is the largest nation in the world, you could say China is the largest nation in the world and we would both be correct.

China is surely the largest nation in terms of population, while Russia is the largest in terms of surface area.

Similarly I could be the 'largest' person in the world in terms of weight, but someone else could be the largest in the world in terms of area. (perhaps because I have more muscle mass etc)

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