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Early Google Tablet mockups running Chrome OS
Google is cooking up an Android-powered tablet

With Apple's iPad and iPhone OS 4.0 soaking up the majority of tech headlines these days -- along with side stories detailing the ongoing battle between Apple and Adobe -- most people are ready for a break from Apple.

And if there's one company with enough clout to drown out the buzz surrounding an Apple product, it's Google. According to a report by the New York Times, Google will soon be selling its own tablet device. Although the NYT article isn't exactly clear on the matter, it appears that Google will be selling it own branded Tablet -- a la the Nexus One.

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the new device will run Google's Android operating system. Naturally, the Tablet will have access to Google's growing Android Market and will double as an eBook reader.

This isn't the first time that we've heard of a Google Tablet. Before the iPad was even revealed in January, the company was already airing video demonstrations of a Tablet concept. However, those concepts were running Chrome OS instead of the more smartphone-oriented Android OS.

With Apple having sold 300,000 iPads on its opening day (today, the number sold appears to have surpassed 450,000), expect to see a number of new players enter the market. HP will soon be releasing its Slate which will feature a 1.63GHz Atom processor and will be priced from $549. Microsoft also refuses to shoot down reports that it will launch the dual-screen “Courier” later this year.

When the Google Tablet does eventually hit the market, one can only hope that it will address a few of the shortcomings of the iPad including the lack of cameras, USB ports, and an SD slot for digital camera media.

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RE: Wow I must've been sleeping that day.
By Hieyeck on 4/12/2010 11:28:55 AM , Rating: 2
And everyone SHOULD know mock-ups USUALLY look better than the final product - and that makes it even MORE depressing that it's Google releasing something this disappointing.

And whoever rated me down is a new niche of failures - Google fanbois. Yes, I use Google everyday for just about everything, but I'm not going to look at it without the same scrutiny as an Apple product or anything else out there.

By rocky12345 on 4/12/2010 12:10:43 PM , Rating: 2
Even though these are mock ups how would you have it look? Most tablets are going to look the same or close there is only so much you can do to a flat slab. I actually hope it is a notipad device as the ipad is pretty boring product in my books but that is just my opinion. Apple new there was only so much you can do to a flat slab look so they rushed their feature lacking device to market before everyone else so now everyone will say oh such & such copied Apple yet again.

Again I stress all tablets will look fairly close to each other they are a flat pad with a screen nothing exciting but hopefully other companies will add needed features & stop using phone hardware to run these things until then they are just big toys with little to actually offer a hard core user.

No I am n ot a Google fanboy far from it I use google & Bing to do my searches but I will not have Chrome on my computers as it looks to me like a unfinished piece of software. To me it looks like it was made by a bunch of students for a class project & they got a F for the assignment.

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