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New OCZ SSDs are incredibly fast

SSDs are finally coming into their own as storage capacities go up and prices come down. Both OCZ and Super Talent have pulled the wraps off new SSDs today.

The OCZ offerings include the new Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SSDs. The SSDs have blazing fast read and write speeds thanks to a new controller. Both drives are capable of up to 285 MB/s read and 275 MB/s write speeds. The main difference comes in the IOPS performance of the two SSDs.

The Vertex 2 is capable of 50,000 IOPS while the Agility 2 is capable of a much lower 10,000 IOPS. Both of the SSDs will be offered in 50GB to 400GB capacities and will start shipping on a few weeks at undisclosed prices.

"OCZ’s original Vertex Series of solid state drives have become a top seller due to the product’s exceptional performance and reliability,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. “The new Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SSD lines continue that tradition by incorporating the latest controller and firmware technology. They are an excellent solution for customers who are looking for improved transfer rates and best-in-class input/output per second (IOPS) for a wide range of uses, ranging from entertainment to workstation and tier 2 storage applications. Additionally, this new product line highlights our continuing determination to be the market leader in the high reliability memory and flash-based storage market." 

Super Talent has also unveiled a new SSD called the Value SSD family. The SSD is offered in 8GB to 64GB capacities and has sequential read performance of up to 152MB/s and sequential write speed of up to 97MB/s. Pricing is unknown, but these should be very cheap SSDs considering the performance numbers and that similar OCZ Onyx SSDs are right at $100. The drive uses MLC NAND and uses SATA 3Gbps connectivity in a 2.5-inch form factor.

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RE: Indilinx new controller
By Gungel on 4/9/2010 11:21:51 AM , Rating: 2
Probably not from OCZ. It seems that OCZ is betting on SandForce to power all new SSD's. The Vertex 2 and Agility 2 use the new SandForce SF-1500-Controller as well as the Vertex LE and the lower end drives will be available with the SF-1200 controllers.

RE: Indilinx new controller
By Mr Perfect on 4/9/2010 1:15:50 PM , Rating: 2
Anand reported that OCZ dropped the 1500 from the Vertex 2, it will now be a 1200 for price reasons. Only the LE gets the 1500, which is why it's a limited run.

RE: Indilinx new controller
By Gungel on 4/9/2010 7:16:43 PM , Rating: 2
No, the spec sheet shows a 1500 series for both the Vertex 2 and Agility 2. Maybe OCZ changed it again since anandtech's story is from February.

RE: Indilinx new controller
By Gungel on 4/9/2010 7:30:44 PM , Rating: 2
Actually the Vertex LE comes with a modified SF-1200 that has near SF-1500 speed, but will definitely not be as fast as the Vertex 2 Pro with the SF-1500. The Vertex 2 will be more expensive than the LE.

RE: Indilinx new controller
By geddarkstorm on 4/9/2010 3:33:49 PM , Rating: 2
Considering how incredibly well SandForce is performing... I don't blame them!

RE: Indilinx new controller
By Qapa on 4/9/2010 6:15:50 PM , Rating: 2
Well, let me be blunt in disagreeing with you: from what I've seen, OCZ creates and sells SSDs with every controller they can get their hands on :P
(just see how many SSDs they have)

But that was not really the question, specially because, Indilinx will not stop making (good) products even if OCZ wouldn't want them.

So, anyone knows when will Indilinx's controller JetStream come to market?

(I'm hoping it will create some more competition, which might later lead to some prices coming down... and of course I'm curious to see the specs on that controller... will it blow C300 drives to pieces?)

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