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Android apps are on the rise. They may hit 5-digit monthly gains in April.  (Source: Android Lib)

The number of paid apps (purple) is also on the rise.  (Source: Android Lib)
Google's app market is exploding with new apps

Android is booming.  It more than doubled its market share last quarter, knocking off Palm for the fourth place spot in the smartphone market.  It stands about one good quarter away from jumping Microsoft and seizing third place, nipping at the heels of second place player Apple.

Apple has long dismissed Android, stating that it simply doesn't have enough apps to compete with the iPhone.  That's quickly changing though.  In July 2009 Google's Android Market was only adding about 1,500 apps a month.  That number has steadily soared upwards and last month, it added 9,330 new apps.

Currently there are over 42,000 apps in the Android Market.  If the current pace of growth acceleration continues, Google could match Apple's current app count (around 150,000 apps) within a year or less.  Of course Apple is perpetually adding new apps as well, but many fear that the Apple market has become a bit bloated.  It's harder for new developers to get noticed on the App Store that on the Android Market, arguably.

Other factors work in Google's favor as well.  The inclusion of multi-touch and the release of a native SDK should help developers make top of the line ports or new titles for the smart phones.  And Google allows certain kinds of apps that Apple doesn't currently, such as third-party browsers.

One sign of health in the Android Market is the rising number of paid apps.  Another perpetual criticism of the platform leveled by iPhone proponents is "all the apps are free".  That's hardly true any more; today 40.4 percent of apps are paid (Google follows an identical 70-30 developer-publisher revenue split as Apple).

Android's apps also appear to be doing well overseas.  There's a ton of new apps for the EU, China, Russia, and others.

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By Gio6518 on 4/8/2010 9:58:43 AM , Rating: 5
There's too much obsession over quantity of apps instead of quality of apps...

seriously how many GPS or Video player or MP3 Player apps do you need, look at iPhone apps how much redundacy is there its insane, post how many different kind of apps there are and apples app store will drop down to 5,000 or so apps. not saying android market is much better.

RE: Obsession
By smackababy on 4/8/2010 10:02:41 AM , Rating: 2
But having 5,000 unique fart apps makes the iPhone such a robust platform!

The number of apps is nearly irrelevant when compared to the number of quality apps.

RE: Obsession
By reader1 on 4/8/10, Rating: -1
RE: Obsession
By steven975 on 4/8/2010 12:10:52 PM , Rating: 3
I would say the "flight to one dollar" nature of the App Store has soured many developers.

RE: Obsession
By Abrahmm on 4/8/2010 12:26:50 PM , Rating: 5
Yep, the way Apple stole the Linux package system, slapped a price tag and a dictator on it has really revolutionized the entire world.

$10,000 a year? Most developers don't even make half that! Actually, I agree with you. Apple should charge developers $10,000 a year. Then we can all get some popcorn and watch the largest developer exodus in the history of software as they all jump ship from the iPhad to the Android future.

RE: Obsession
By acase on 4/8/2010 12:46:02 PM , Rating: 3
ooo first time I've seen "iPhad". I like it!

RE: Obsession
By themaster08 on 4/8/2010 2:14:16 PM , Rating: 4
Finally managed to connect your iPad to your router then, reader1?

RE: Obsession
By alanore on 4/8/2010 10:26:18 AM , Rating: 5
I agree there are too many of the same thing, and too many are apps the have very little functionality.

Another problem with Apps is, the number of websites that are making apps just to view their content. I don't want to have 20 separate apps for viewing my favorite websites. I would prefer to have decent mobile versions of their websites and use a browser.

RE: Obsession
By reader1 on 4/8/10, Rating: -1
RE: Obsession
By Gungel on 4/8/2010 11:04:59 AM , Rating: 1
You're thought process is very much communistic. communism has failed and so will closed platforms like the app store. The only reason the Internet has become what it is today is because its open.

RE: Obsession
By reader1 on 4/8/10, Rating: -1
RE: Obsession
By steven975 on 4/8/2010 12:15:29 PM , Rating: 3
Quality thrives in an open environment. People are free to use what they want. There will be lots of junk, but the best will come to the top.

It does not thrive when one man has an egomaniacal desire to control said environment. This is how you get crippled devices, and how the best apps are not allowed into the marketplace.

Some like to write their own apps and use them on their own devices without getting someone's approval first.

RE: Obsession
By MadMan007 on 4/11/2010 5:21:03 AM , Rating: 1
There's no such thing as high-quality Web content.

You took the words out of my mouth, right as I was reading your post even!

RE: Obsession
By HighWing on 4/11/2010 12:00:55 PM , Rating: 1
The Wikipedia is a shining example of how openness fails. It's an open source of information that is synonymous with unreliability, which defeats the whole purpose.

Obviously you don't understand the point of an Encyclopedia, which is what Wikipedia is. The "point" of an encyclopedia is to give you just enough information to understand a certain subject, it is, and never was supposed to be the "only" source you use. Just like when writing any kind of paper, you never use just "one" source. Therefor the reliability of the article is a moot point as it is the "reader's" job to then verify the facts through the listed/other sources. At the very least it's meant to be the starting point for your research, never the end point. Even Wikipedia admits that much.

As far as the openness is concerned, there are many people out there who would consider Wikipedia a success based on the sheer number of articles it contains over any other encyclopedia out there. It is true things do get defaced/vandalized, but the "openness" of it has been proved a success as often times the changes are caught and changed within a reasonable about of time. And often it is much faster then any bug fix from apple I might add.

RE: Obsession
By Gungel on 4/8/2010 11:06:47 AM , Rating: 2
Your thought process is very much communistic. communism has failed and so will closed platforms like the app store. The only reason the Internet has become what it is today is because its open.

RE: Obsession
By Gungel on 4/8/2010 11:09:57 AM , Rating: 2
Sorry for the double post. I pressed Post Comment to quick.

RE: Obsession
By Camikazi on 4/8/2010 11:32:36 AM , Rating: 1
Wait, what? Web will grow bigger, lots of content and because of that search engines (which let you find certain info in LARGE amounts of info) have no future? Pretty sure the web getting larger will just make search engines more useful and not less.

RE: Obsession
By themaster08 on 4/11/2010 2:25:14 AM , Rating: 2
But by his own logic, the App store will grow bigger and also become even more of a mess. What are they going to do? Start removing apps that are similar to one another? That would just give devs even more reason to switch to another platform.

The App store will fold under its own weight.

RE: Obsession
By msheredy on 4/8/2010 11:19:35 AM , Rating: 2
Just give it time. I predict that both OSs will have near identical amounts of apps and of course near identical "redundancy" of apps as well. It's called a plateau.

RE: Obsession
By Anoxanmore on 4/8/2010 11:26:32 AM , Rating: 2
The only app I do want on Droid is going to be from Smule (Ocarina app).

When that one shows up or one like it, I will not want an iPhone for I can do everything and more on another with Droid, plus I can play the Legend of Zelda Theme no matter where I am and what I am doing, total awesome. :)

RE: Obsession
By steven975 on 4/8/2010 12:30:28 PM , Rating: 2
you can actually PLAY Legend of Zelda on a Droid, too.

RE: Obsession
By Anoxanmore on 4/8/2010 1:59:21 PM , Rating: 2
Oh I know, but that would just be an additional bonus to playing the theme music. :) <3

RE: Obsession
By akugami on 4/8/2010 11:31:32 AM , Rating: 4
Quantity vs. Quality.

Oh how ironic it is. The very same arguments against the Mac, that it lacked quantity is being used against Android.

The very same arguments for the Mac, that it had quality software that covered all the major bases, is being used for Android.

This is not a pro or anti Apple post. It's just an observation about how some of the arguments have come full circle. As for personal opinion, I've always felt that the Mac had enough software to cover pretty much what the average computer user needed. I think Android has hit this as well or pretty close to hitting it.

RE: Obsession
By inighthawki on 4/8/2010 11:59:38 AM , Rating: 5
There's a difference between quantity and redundancy. On the iphone platform, the apps are redundant, you have 5000 fart apps and 100 calculators, etc. On other platforms such as PC vs MAC, yes PC has a higher quantity, but due to its very nature, there is a larger variety of apps available.

The iphone by design has very limited functions which means by having more apps, you are likely to have more redundancy. On a mac, however, the limited quantity of apps is just a sheer limitation, as opposed to a quality over quantity argument.

RE: Obsession
By akugami on 4/8/2010 9:11:41 PM , Rating: 2
Your post sidesteps the issue because while what you say is true, there is still a much higher variety of apps on the iPhone than on Android currently. While there are limitations on the software for the iPhone, which sucks greatly, there is still a pretty wide variety of apps.

Keep in mind I'm not arguing in favor of a closed system. I actually think part of the Mac's failure was its closed nature.

RE: Obsession
By invidious on 4/8/2010 11:48:19 AM , Rating: 2
People have different needs.

RE: Obsession
By MScrip on 4/8/2010 4:35:19 PM , Rating: 1

There's too much obsession over quantity of apps instead of quality of apps...

Then maybe you should tell the developers to cool the fuck down! Google and Apple aren't making all these apps... regular people are.

The only reason the number of apps is reported is because that number keeps rising... rapidly.

Do you ever think we could go one month and not have a single app introduced?

RE: Obsession
By icanhascpu on 4/8/10, Rating: -1
"Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life" -- Steve Jobs

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