Due to a variety of reasons, some biotechnology scientists are leaving the country to seek employment

Some biotechnology engineers have elected to leave the United States in search of new employment.  South Korea, China, Singapore and Japan are several Asian countries that are successfully pulling away scientists from the US.  The scientists are being drawn away because of a variety of different variables:  more research money, newer and better equipped research labs, and less government restrictions are very appealing to scientists that are not able to find the right company in the US. 

Singapore is doing the best job of recruiting foreign scientists, especially stem scientists.  Funding for embryonic stem cell research in the US has taken a turn for the worst over the past several years, which has caused researchers to try and find work overseas.  Singapore is promising newly recruited scientists that the government will be limited in its pursuit to try and stop research from being done -- a perk that obviously is not available in the US.  The country has recruited 50 senior scientists, but the recruiting spree is far from over.  Along with the senior scientists, over 1,800 scientists from around the world now staff the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences.  According to Canoe Money:

The small island country known to some as the place that canes miscreants and has issues with chewing gum has already spent $4 billion US on biotechnology and has committed another $8 billion US through 2010 in a bid to give the United States a run for biomedical supremacy.

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