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Palm hopes to lure in more customers with a very sweet deal

Verizon has just posted a deal on the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus smartphones that is nothing short of incredible.

With all Palm's recent struggles, the company is turning to big discounts to try to heat up sales.  It hopes that sales of webOS phones, originally carried by Sprint, will pick up now that they are carried on Verizon, the nation's largest wireless network.

That seems virtually certain to happen, now that Verizon has offered a pretty incredible deal on the phones.  It's slashed the price of Pre Plus smart phones from the launch price of $149.99 down to $49.99 and the price of the Palm Pixi from $99.99 at launch down to $29.99, with a two-year contract.

But that's not all.  According to multiple reports, the phones will still be eligible for Verizon's Buy-One-Get-One [free] promotion.  That means that with BOGO, you should be able to score two webOS smart phones for a mere $29.99 with 2 year contract. 

But the deals don't stop there.  Verizon apparently has cut the $40 hotspot fee for using the Palm devices as wireless hotspots down to nothing.  In other words, in addition to 2 smart phones $29.99 (and a 2 phone contract) will also score you a free 5 Gb/month hotspot, something which costs up to $60/month from competitors.

For single users, you can also score a Palm Pre Plus with two-year Verizon contract for $29.99 from  This offer has been available since early last month.

The Pre Plus comes packed with a 3.1-inch multi-touch screen with a vibrant 24-bit color, 320×480 resolution HVGA display, 3-megapixel camera with LED flash, extended depth of field, and geotagging, Accelerometer and proximity sensor, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1, GPS navigation capabilities via VZ Navigator service, 3.5mm headset jack and 16GB of internal memory.  It enjoys slender packaging, like the iPhone, measuring 3.9 x 2.3 x 0.67 in. and weighing in at 4.89 oz.

Perhaps overshadowed by this bargain was last weeks' news that the Pre Plus and Pixi plus will be hitting the AT&T network later this year.  The nation's fastest data network and second biggest network in terms of subscribers, AT&T will reported offer the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus for $149.99 and $49.99 respectively, with new two year contract.

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That's Incredible...
By GaryJohnson on 4/5/2010 9:53:06 AM , Rating: 3
Now where's the Incredible?

RE: That's Incredible...
By ksherman on 4/5/2010 10:01:13 AM , Rating: 1
Its a good deal and all, but really the use of the word 'incredible' four times in the article is WAY over the top. This reads more like an advertisement than a news article. Ugh.

RE: That's Incredible...
By Anoxanmore on 4/5/2010 10:19:44 AM , Rating: 2
I count only two. ; - )

RE: That's Incredible...
By ksherman on 4/5/2010 10:30:52 AM , Rating: 3
Yeah, he pulled two out. (that's what she said)

This is one of my beefs with online news in general. Articles are edited without any evidence of the changes. I think this directly leads to lazyness on the part of writers and editors.
At least in print news (and is still the case in newspapers with online content) an articles goes past at minimum two editors (editor and the copy desk) and most errors are caught in that process. If there was some erroneous information or un-checked facts, they are later redacted or acknowledged in print.
Just all part of the transparency of the news reporting operation. Seems to me most non-print forms of journalism lack that kind of oversight/accountability/transparency. This isn't a stab at DailyTech, just the world of online journalism mostly.

RE: That's Incredible...
By GaryJohnson on 4/5/2010 11:05:19 AM , Rating: 1
I'm fairly certain Jason is attempting to raise the relevancy of this article for searches on "Verizon" and "Incredible" because he knew people would be looking for information about the Incredible since it didn't show up on its rumored release date. Smart, but pretty douchebaggy. I wonder what Kubicki thinks of that; maybe that's why he pulled two of the "incredibles" out of the article.

RE: That's Incredible...
By Spuke on 4/5/2010 3:00:34 PM , Rating: 2
Incredible or Nexus One. Waiting for Verizon....tap tap tap

RE: That's Incredible...
By Anoxanmore on 4/5/2010 2:13:52 PM , Rating: 3
If one is pulling two of something out a girl and it isn't babies... Maybe you should get a new girl ; - )

Anyway... I have nothing to add to the rant, I just wanted to post. :)

RE: That's Incredible...
By dayanth on 4/5/2010 10:31:36 AM , Rating: 1
The "Incredible" is when you find out that Palm will have itself absorbed into another wireless company when it goes bankrupt and the phones aren't supported any more.

RE: That's Incredible...
By retrospooty on 4/6/2010 8:44:44 AM , Rating: 2
thats not going to happen.

Well, the absorbed by another larger company thing will, but there is too much money in the IP. Palm will be bought out , and the Web OS and other IP will live on.

its actually really a great phone and a great OS. I have had it for 3 weeks now. Beats the stinck out of the iphone. Well, the OS is every bit as good. Picture an iphone with a real keyboard and , oh here's a novel idea - a freegin removable battery.

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