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Newspaper critics were pretty kind to the new Apple product

The iPad goes on sale this Saturday in Wi-Fi form only, priced starting at $499 for a 16 GB model.  In time for the release, some of the nation's top newspapers have been lodging their opinions on the device.  And overall most who received hands-on iPad time seemed very enthused.  One editor called it "one of the best computers ever".

Andy Ihnatko of 
The Chicago Sun-Times writes, "The most compelling sign that Apple got this right is the fact that despite the novelty of the iPad, the excitement slips away after about ten seconds and you’re completely focused on the task at hand ... whether it’s reading a book, writing a report, or working on clearing your Inbox. Second most compelling: in situation after situation, I find that the iPad is the best computer in my household and office menagerie. It’s not a replacement for my notebook, mind you. It feels more as if the iPad is filling a gap that’s existed for quite some time."

The Wall Street Journal's Walter S. Mossberg writes, "For the past week or so, I have been testing a sleek, light, silver-and-black tablet computer called an iPad. After spending hours and hours with it, I believe this beautiful new touch-screen device from Apple has the potential to change portable computing profoundly, and to challenge the primacy of the laptop. It could even help, eventually, to propel the finger-driven, multitouch user interface ahead of the mouse-driven interface that has prevailed for decades."

Tim Gideon, an editor at
PC Magazine, was slightly more critical, but overall positive.  He gave it 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars and writes:

Aside from Apple enthusiasts, many of us wondered who would drop hundreds of dollars for this not-quite-computer. But having used the iPad for some time, I can tell you that the device just makes sense. When you combine basic-but-essential work tools with iWork, an improved browser, e-mail, iPod, and photo applications, a well-executed e-Book platform with iBooks, and throw in thousands of downloadable apps and games, and package it all in a gorgeous, slim slate with a beautiful 9.7-inch touch screen, you have yourself a winner. Is the iPad cheap? No. Is it flawless? Not at all. Omissions including support for multitasking, a built-in camera for video chats, and Flash support in Safari leave room for improvement, but otherwise, the Apple iPad is a very convincing debut. And it will undoubtedly be a driving force in shaping the emerging tablet landscape.

In other iPhone news, Netflix and ABC TV shows are both coming specially designed for the iPad, in app form.  The Netflix app promises to allow you to manage your queue, download movies, and even includes the ability to pick up where you left off in a particular movie at home.  The ABC app will offer free episodes of its most popular TV shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives.  And as we previously reported, CBS is going an alternate route, streaming HTML5-delivered TV episodes on a special version of its homepage, designed for the iPad.

About the only downside for Apple in the media's iPad love-fest is the hit the iTunes Store will likely take from all these free TV offerings.  Apple will now have to compete against free television episodes from ABC, CBS, and likely others; thus it is unlikely to add a significant amount of revenue from TV episode sales from the iTunes Store (of course we're guessing iPad users will buy plenty of music and apps to more than make up for it).

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RE: El Stupido
By NubWobble on 4/1/2010 10:09:15 AM , Rating: -1
Yeah, the US should return to its roots of free market capitalism, like the 1930's. Where is this so called free market competition of yours in the US when it comes to the telecom industry? The US is already a communist (oligarchy in effect) state in many aspects and hasn't been a free market for decades. If it was you'd just be able to switch provider but you can't, because of the monopolies these companies have in their area's.

Get your head out of your arse and realise that your country has the worst economic model and system in the world. The US spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world yet has the least to show for it. Countries with universal healthcare spend half, if not less, and yet everyone gets healthcare but that's too communist (intelligent) for you to realise.

But yeah, you're right, your idiot country isn't bankrupting itself fast enough, what you need to do is increase spending on health and the oblitteration of defenceless countries just to prove you're a dead empire. So, deregulate banks even further and pump more money in the wallets of these super rich, greedy and useless bankers, who will bleed you dry for fun.

RE: El Stupido
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By sebmel on 4/1/2010 12:08:02 PM , Rating: 3
I think many misunderstand what the US has done:
It has overspent, yes.
Why, and with what consequence?

China has sold goods for which the US has paid with paper. At the same time the US has accused China of fixing its exchange rate (low) by buying the dollar.

The US economy had difficulty competing and the US couldn't force China to revalue the renmimbi.

What will now happen?
The US has spent so much that they have undermined confidence in their currency. The Chinese want to offload dollars but they can't because that would cause a run on it's value and undermine their asset.

The Chinese are stuck continuing to accept a slowly de-valuing currency... the result the US wanted.

The US debt becomes cheaper as the dollar devalues and the US economy becomes more competitive.

At the same time all those companies and rich individuals that have hidden dollars in offshore accounts are finding that it is devaluing and they are having difficulty reinvesting it without being discovered.

As for the iPad... consider the product and make your choice. I just don't understand the anger here against Apple, a great American success story. Over 5000% growth since Steve Jobs returned. If only the US car industry was run so well.

RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/2010 12:21:36 PM , Rating: 2
Just want to say, I am not against Apple or Steve Jobs. But I am against creating artificial demand using subliminal technique of brand marketing, also market restriction through contractual agreements between companies- like Apple and AT&T. Meaning, it's not a free market, now you know what socialism means. If people don't know the difference between capitalism and socialism then you know the country is at a crisis. Education is the only hope people have got, read more books not just pretend to read.

RE: El Stupido
By invidious on 4/1/2010 2:30:06 PM , Rating: 3
Who says it is artificial? No one thought we all needed personal computers until the companies that made them showed us what we could do with them. I think that worked out pretty well.

Apple is taking a business risk on a new niche that they think they can fill and some of the reviews think it will be successful. A company using its own strength to create demand for a new product is not socialism in the slightest bit. If you think it is then your brain is the thing is crisis.

And getting to the offtopic point of you being a moron:
Stop pretending you are better than everyone else because you claim to read more than them. Education is about thinking not regurgitating buzzwords and acting superior. If all you want to do is rant please get off our boards.

RE: El Stupido
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/2010 1:25:51 PM , Rating: 2
I have no axe to grind with Apple or the head man, all I said was there is nothing they make that I have to have which is why I don't own any of their products. Great American Story, yes, but that doesn't mean I should get hosed by them just cause, well, they are a great american story. As far comparing what Apple has done to the auto industry, well isn't that like comparing apples to oranges? I mean, come on...

I don't think many have misunderstood what the US has done. Trade deficits, aging or very little energy plan to actually reduce the reliance of foreign oil consumption, many, many internal problems, wars started that not paid for, apparently many, programs not paid for, & the list constinues, so we have some problems but I find it almost hilarious when one side gets on tv then tries to blame the other side like they had nothing to do with this, decades in the making & contrary to what some say, these issues were here long before we ever heard of Obama.

As far Apple goes, I will always cheer for successful American companies doing well, that doesn't mean I have to buy their overpriced products.

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner

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