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Newspaper critics were pretty kind to the new Apple product

The iPad goes on sale this Saturday in Wi-Fi form only, priced starting at $499 for a 16 GB model.  In time for the release, some of the nation's top newspapers have been lodging their opinions on the device.  And overall most who received hands-on iPad time seemed very enthused.  One editor called it "one of the best computers ever".

Andy Ihnatko of 
The Chicago Sun-Times writes, "The most compelling sign that Apple got this right is the fact that despite the novelty of the iPad, the excitement slips away after about ten seconds and you’re completely focused on the task at hand ... whether it’s reading a book, writing a report, or working on clearing your Inbox. Second most compelling: in situation after situation, I find that the iPad is the best computer in my household and office menagerie. It’s not a replacement for my notebook, mind you. It feels more as if the iPad is filling a gap that’s existed for quite some time."

The Wall Street Journal's Walter S. Mossberg writes, "For the past week or so, I have been testing a sleek, light, silver-and-black tablet computer called an iPad. After spending hours and hours with it, I believe this beautiful new touch-screen device from Apple has the potential to change portable computing profoundly, and to challenge the primacy of the laptop. It could even help, eventually, to propel the finger-driven, multitouch user interface ahead of the mouse-driven interface that has prevailed for decades."

Tim Gideon, an editor at
PC Magazine, was slightly more critical, but overall positive.  He gave it 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars and writes:

Aside from Apple enthusiasts, many of us wondered who would drop hundreds of dollars for this not-quite-computer. But having used the iPad for some time, I can tell you that the device just makes sense. When you combine basic-but-essential work tools with iWork, an improved browser, e-mail, iPod, and photo applications, a well-executed e-Book platform with iBooks, and throw in thousands of downloadable apps and games, and package it all in a gorgeous, slim slate with a beautiful 9.7-inch touch screen, you have yourself a winner. Is the iPad cheap? No. Is it flawless? Not at all. Omissions including support for multitasking, a built-in camera for video chats, and Flash support in Safari leave room for improvement, but otherwise, the Apple iPad is a very convincing debut. And it will undoubtedly be a driving force in shaping the emerging tablet landscape.

In other iPhone news, Netflix and ABC TV shows are both coming specially designed for the iPad, in app form.  The Netflix app promises to allow you to manage your queue, download movies, and even includes the ability to pick up where you left off in a particular movie at home.  The ABC app will offer free episodes of its most popular TV shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives.  And as we previously reported, CBS is going an alternate route, streaming HTML5-delivered TV episodes on a special version of its homepage, designed for the iPad.

About the only downside for Apple in the media's iPad love-fest is the hit the iTunes Store will likely take from all these free TV offerings.  Apple will now have to compete against free television episodes from ABC, CBS, and likely others; thus it is unlikely to add a significant amount of revenue from TV episode sales from the iTunes Store (of course we're guessing iPad users will buy plenty of music and apps to more than make up for it).

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El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/2010 9:34:50 AM , Rating: 1
Are these people crazy? Creating artificial demand is main reason for financial crisis in the United States. Like realtors asking more loans even if there is no demand, giving sub-prime loans to those who don't need it, online sector crushing retail sector and creating "excess innovation" by selling stupid products like this

I am sorry but I can't even make that comparison. If the Ipad fails they aint taking down the country with em & alot of innocent hard working folks. If this is stupid as you say, then the market will determine if it will survive. In this bad economy I can't wasting money on such things but I am sure many will. Apple, like every business is in business to turn a profit & I am sure they will do just that.

RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/2010 9:41:08 AM , Rating: 2
No I didn't not mean iPad, I didn't target Apple. I meant- artificial demand which is spending money on something which has no genuine use- in this case Ebook Readers. I don't think Americans have enough attention span necessary to read books, some of them are into Audio books now, this might also be due to high cost of education and professional degrees.

RE: El Stupido
By HotFoot on 4/1/2010 9:55:46 AM , Rating: 5
For some, ebook readers make sense. Not for me, but for some. I have a couple friends that read a couple dozen books a year, and do a lot of travelling. They got Kindles and have gotten a lot of use out of them. I actually think there's a lot of those people around.

But others like me - can't say I have much use for ebooks, netbooks, or slates/tablets. If I want to IM with a friend or play a flash game from the couch, my smartphone does that quite well. Otherwise, I still prefer an ergonomic desk setup with a big monitor.

RE: El Stupido
By therealnickdanger on 4/1/2010 12:59:56 PM , Rating: 3
My wife uses her MyTouch 3G Android phone to read books all the time. Despite the small screen, she reads several novels per month on it. I love my technology, but I still can't get away from the real paper versions.

RE: El Stupido
By SubtleOne on 4/1/2010 3:44:39 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. I hated the ebook reading experience on a laptop, but on my 4-inch screen PDA (Dell Axim X50v), using software such as ubook, it was another story altogether, and since then have read a ton of books on it. Since it is backlit, it means I can read them anywhere, anytime, and I keep the brightness at a level that isn't tiresome. Despite being able to do any number of things on the device, there is no question reading with it is its number one function in practice.

RE: El Stupido
By Reclaimer77 on 4/1/2010 1:25:29 PM , Rating: 3
They seem like a huge ripoff to me. The price of the e-book books just went up to $12 I think. They aren't really more convenient than a real book, take up about the same amount of space. And even weigh more than a paperback. And now the cost is as much as a real brand new paperback book. So what is the point of e-book readers again ?

I'll stick to real books, thank you much. Which have a shelf life of ohhh, forever. Cost peanuts at my local used bookstore. Don't require batteries or perfect lighting conditions. And I can enjoy again and against without rental fees or whatever.

RE: El Stupido
By Oregonian2 on 4/1/2010 2:32:12 PM , Rating: 2
Just a comment that I agreed with you before I was given a Kindle as a birthday present. I now totally disagree.

Theory and practice are very different. Kindles (at least) are wonderful for textual books like novels. But yes, they do stink for photography books. Can't imagine playboy on a Kindle where one would HAVE to be only reading the articles. :-)

RE: El Stupido
By jimbojimbo on 4/1/2010 5:51:34 PM , Rating: 2
Don't forget that last book that was awesome that you'd love to lend to a friend. Oh wait, you can't do that with a commercial e-book even when you paid full price for it although there was no printing, shipping, displaying, or storage associated with it.

RE: El Stupido
By ajfink on 4/2/2010 6:23:52 AM , Rating: 2
Most of the costs of producing a book aren't in the paper.

RE: El Stupido
By porkpie on 4/2/2010 2:41:20 PM , Rating: 2
They aren't really more convenient than a real book, take up about the same amount of space. And even weigh more than a paperback.
Huh? You can store thousands of books in a single reader. Have any idea how much space 5,000 paperback books take up?

RE: El Stupido
By Reclaimer77 on 4/2/2010 10:11:41 PM , Rating: 2
Huh? You can store thousands of books in a single reader. Have any idea how much space 5,000 paperback books take up?

Which is a moot point because I don't know anyone who can read "thousands of books". The huge majority of people don't even read two books at once, they finish one and start another. I'm a moderate to avid reader and I don't even own 5,000 books, so why do I need 5,000 books on one device. Not to mention when your reader breaks, which it will, all your books just went up in smoke.

My "space" comment was in regards to a single book, of course. As in when I travel I bring a book with me, which takes up the same amount of space as an e-reader does anyway. Maybe when you travel you bring thousands of books with you and were jumping for joy at e-readers, I donno.

So please. E-readers are "neat". But they don't offer the breakthrough in portability that smartphones or MP3 players brought us. They don't save you money vs buying a book. They are exactly as convenient as a real book, unless you seriously suggesting buying 5,000 digital copies of books and reading them all at once.

So I simply don't feel compelled in buying one. There is something magical in turning a page of a real book and seeing what follows anyway.

RE: El Stupido
By wired00 on 4/7/2010 11:56:22 PM , Rating: 2
I completely agree... i also don't understand people arguing ebook readers are great because you can carry around 100's/1000's of books. Why would you need to? Its not a MP3 player where you very well might like carrying around bags of CDs?, tapes?, vinyl?? but carrying around bags of books? why? I take max 3 books on a holiday assuming i can even breeze through 1 or 2.

RE: El Stupido
By The0ne on 4/1/2010 5:39:33 PM , Rating: 2
I waiting for a good e-reader as I travel often to China for business and often bring several books and novels myself. And since I walk and tour whatever the city I'm at quite often it would be nice not having to lug around so many books to enjoy the day with.

Right now I'm lugging my 17" notebook with me everywhere and although it's great for losing weight it does take a toll when you're walking with it for 12+ hours. :)

RE: El Stupido
By Ratinator on 4/1/2010 11:27:43 AM , Rating: 4
I don't think Americans have enough attention span necessary to read books

Interesting you say that because I don't see the major book stores going out of business as of late. "You" may not have enough attention span, but you isn't everyone.

RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/2010 11:33:20 AM , Rating: 2
Of course you don't see that, you never saw newspaper industry shutting down the print media, so probably won't see what happens to the book industry as well.

RE: El Stupido
By Reclaimer77 on 4/1/10, Rating: -1
RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By Reclaimer77 on 4/1/2010 2:58:54 PM , Rating: 2
Subscriptions are at all time lows. I don't know how you can claim to bring facts to an argument and ignore the most glaring fact of all.

RE: El Stupido
By Chernobyl68 on 4/1/2010 6:18:40 PM , Rating: 2
I live in a rural agricultural community with a population of about 60K. We just lost our last local bookstore (at the mall) last month. primary reason cited by the employees was that most customers are getting books though amazon.

RE: El Stupido
By invidious on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/2010 2:23:24 PM , Rating: 2
Personally I think it is a POS but its not up to me or you to tell consumers what to do with their money.

^ I know, it's been like that since the great depression. Do you think I honestly care about this dumb rating system? I am here to express my views, till now i haven't used foul language, how can your comments be more valuable than mine if you use Neanderthal language. Keep an open mind on critical issues then you'll know we are all on the same side.

RE: El Stupido
By invidious on 4/7/2010 1:20:40 PM , Rating: 2
If you can't handle colorful language then don't make defamatory comments towards other nations on the internet. I find your prejudice far worse than my language.

RE: El Stupido
By hiscross on 4/1/10, Rating: -1
RE: El Stupido
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By HotFoot on 4/1/2010 10:01:55 AM , Rating: 2
And of course the housing bubble and gigantic trade deficit have nothing to do with it (sarcasm). The economy is shipping boatloads of money overseas. Just look at the cities we're paying for in the middle and far east.

I'm not disputing that what you brought up is a factor in it. Certainly big money is uneasy with more tax-friendly regimes.

RE: El Stupido
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/2010 10:07:19 AM , Rating: 1
It is true that Capitalism only rewards the Thinkers and that is the way it should be.

Seems that many of these co called thinkers screwed over the rest of us hard working average Joe Americans, & have done this for decades, & I suspect that will continue. The thread I thought was about Apple. Can we get away from the political posion for a minute?

RE: El Stupido
By NubWobble on 4/1/10, Rating: -1
RE: El Stupido
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By sebmel on 4/1/2010 12:08:02 PM , Rating: 3
I think many misunderstand what the US has done:
It has overspent, yes.
Why, and with what consequence?

China has sold goods for which the US has paid with paper. At the same time the US has accused China of fixing its exchange rate (low) by buying the dollar.

The US economy had difficulty competing and the US couldn't force China to revalue the renmimbi.

What will now happen?
The US has spent so much that they have undermined confidence in their currency. The Chinese want to offload dollars but they can't because that would cause a run on it's value and undermine their asset.

The Chinese are stuck continuing to accept a slowly de-valuing currency... the result the US wanted.

The US debt becomes cheaper as the dollar devalues and the US economy becomes more competitive.

At the same time all those companies and rich individuals that have hidden dollars in offshore accounts are finding that it is devaluing and they are having difficulty reinvesting it without being discovered.

As for the iPad... consider the product and make your choice. I just don't understand the anger here against Apple, a great American success story. Over 5000% growth since Steve Jobs returned. If only the US car industry was run so well.

RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/2010 12:21:36 PM , Rating: 2
Just want to say, I am not against Apple or Steve Jobs. But I am against creating artificial demand using subliminal technique of brand marketing, also market restriction through contractual agreements between companies- like Apple and AT&T. Meaning, it's not a free market, now you know what socialism means. If people don't know the difference between capitalism and socialism then you know the country is at a crisis. Education is the only hope people have got, read more books not just pretend to read.

RE: El Stupido
By invidious on 4/1/2010 2:30:06 PM , Rating: 3
Who says it is artificial? No one thought we all needed personal computers until the companies that made them showed us what we could do with them. I think that worked out pretty well.

Apple is taking a business risk on a new niche that they think they can fill and some of the reviews think it will be successful. A company using its own strength to create demand for a new product is not socialism in the slightest bit. If you think it is then your brain is the thing is crisis.

And getting to the offtopic point of you being a moron:
Stop pretending you are better than everyone else because you claim to read more than them. Education is about thinking not regurgitating buzzwords and acting superior. If all you want to do is rant please get off our boards.

RE: El Stupido
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/2010 1:25:51 PM , Rating: 2
I have no axe to grind with Apple or the head man, all I said was there is nothing they make that I have to have which is why I don't own any of their products. Great American Story, yes, but that doesn't mean I should get hosed by them just cause, well, they are a great american story. As far comparing what Apple has done to the auto industry, well isn't that like comparing apples to oranges? I mean, come on...

I don't think many have misunderstood what the US has done. Trade deficits, aging or very little energy plan to actually reduce the reliance of foreign oil consumption, many, many internal problems, wars started that not paid for, apparently many, programs not paid for, & the list constinues, so we have some problems but I find it almost hilarious when one side gets on tv then tries to blame the other side like they had nothing to do with this, decades in the making & contrary to what some say, these issues were here long before we ever heard of Obama.

As far Apple goes, I will always cheer for successful American companies doing well, that doesn't mean I have to buy their overpriced products.

RE: El Stupido
By Krotchrot on 4/1/2010 10:09:42 AM , Rating: 1
Wow, imagine that, the CEO of a large company saying that capitalism is the answer to all of our problems.
Corporate greed is what caused a large part of our problems.

Ayn Rand? Seriously?

RE: El Stupido
By hiscross on 4/1/2010 12:29:28 PM , Rating: 1
Actually if you spent the time listening to what he says Maybe just maybe you'll learn something. The banks and the like who have been bailed out all have close ties with the Fed.They didn't have to Think because they knew they would be taken care of. Too big to fail means you are in bed with liberals, who by nature, never have produced anything in their life. Do your research, even if you have a retention issue. I don't give a fip about who is in office or parties or certainly any news source. People who believe in those sources deserve what they get. I would also add I didn't start this thread, but a liberal did. My thoughts on liberalism is this, it is a poison that has always caused more harm than good. If my statement bothers anyone, then good because I don't care.

RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By Ard on 4/1/2010 2:53:34 PM , Rating: 2
Funny, I seem to recall a conservative President and the Secretary of Treasury appointed by said conservative President shoving the need to bailout Wall Street down America's throat. I also seem to recall that same conservative President squandering the surplus established by the liberal/moderate President before him. I'll stick with liberalism since it brought us things like civil rights, voting rights, and privacy rights. Better that "poison" than the vile, hate filled bigotry and faux patriotism conservativism has created.

Typical conservative: you only selectively remember what benefits you. Guess the truth is too hard to deal with.

RE: El Stupido
By cmdrdredd on 4/2/2010 9:17:05 AM , Rating: 2
I'll stick with liberalism since it brought us things like civil rights,

Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican and had mostly conservative views.

RE: El Stupido
By Krotchrot on 4/1/2010 2:55:15 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, you are just too stupid to breed.

RE: El Stupido
By mcnabney on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: El Stupido
By hiscross on 4/1/2010 5:16:21 PM , Rating: 1
So where did I ever say I bought into Rand? I had to use that link so people could listen to what he had to say. Interesting about Rand. She lived in communist Russia. Her father lost everything during the revolution Her family, liie all Jewish people where pursecured by thw communist. Her parents where very liberal, but Ayn didn't buy into it. She loved America for it's freedom that she never took for granted. She also didn't much use for conservatives either. She felt they played the game well,, but didn't stand for anything. When I read Atlas Shrugged I didn't know a thing about Rnd, but I knew she knew how bad socialism and communism was. When I learned more about her, her life confirmed my assumption. If you wan to understand Object programing, her books on Objectivism is quite interesting. No I don't follow her thoughts except for any society to survive, it needs Thinkers and Producers. Apple is many ways are like conservatives, they played the game of liberalism, but are truly capitalist. On another note, I don't believe I ever heard of a snuggle but does look like a well thoiughtout product.

RE: El Stupido
By Aberforth on 4/1/2010 10:43:14 AM , Rating: 2
I suggest everyone to read the transcripts of World Economic Forum, they clearly highlighted current US Monetary policies causes ripple effect around the world and in the developed economies, otherwise why would they have $700bn current account deficit in International Monetary Fund- it's plain fact that US citizens aren't aware of. This spending practice in US should be reduced to acceptable levels. It's like a drug you know- once you get addicted, it's harder for you to come out of it.

RE: El Stupido
By Solandri on 4/1/2010 3:33:45 PM , Rating: 2
Are these people crazy? Creating artificial demand is main reason for financial crisis in the United States. ... This device has the potential to crush print,ink,raw material and the newspaper industry. No one has that foresight- just spend spend and spend. Typical "i cannot live without HDTV" attitude, if you know the value of each dollar you earn, you wouldn't buy devices like this.

Keep in mind that Apple has been working closely with the print media industry while developing the iPad. Many in that industry see it as their messiah, a way for them to shift their content from print to digital, yet retain complete control over it with DRM and a hardware vendor who is on their side. So I'm not at all surprised that the early media reviews are very positive. They want this to succeed.

What will be more telling is what the user reviews are like. And by users, I don't mean mad Apple fanatics.

RE: El Stupido
By NA1NSXR on 4/2/2010 2:06:02 AM , Rating: 2
You have obviously never taken economics. You don't even have any common sense. WTF does "realtors asking more loans even if there is no demand, giving sub-prime loans to those who don't need it, online sector crushing retail sector" and "excess innovation" even mean? The only thing excessive is the extent to which you are confusing and pwning yourself.

Artificial demand responsible for the financial crisis is rooted in artificially low interest rates and excess easy money provided by the federal reserve, not from products or services. When people are flush with money that is easily borrowed or when their bottom lines are buoyed by rising paper values of their assets, this sudden rush of money is what creates the demand and activity responsible for the economic woes in this country.

The market will judge this product and if it provides value and utility it will succeed to the extent the market deems. Yes, value and utility to some people includes making a statement or satisfying their own vanity. That is for them to decide but we do not discriminate how rational actors value the products and services presented to them.

RE: El Stupido
By cmdrdredd on 4/2/2010 9:10:37 AM , Rating: 3
Well, Apple is a well known liberal supporter. Most newspapers and mainstream media that is reviewing them are liberal media. They have blind devotion to Apple.

RE: El Stupido
By thatmikeguy on 4/6/2010 4:04:23 PM , Rating: 2
This is the future, period. As much as I hate to think this type of device will be my computer someday, it will be. At some point "the cloud" will completely utilize this type of device as a "complete" computer. This will take many technology fixes, the largest being broadband itself. America will fall behind the rest of the world if broadband does not get better overall availability, and speed, soon. Once MS (or someone) figures out that sending a video of someone using apps does not take much bandwidth, it's all but over.

Piece of junk
By Lonyo on 4/1/2010 9:23:57 AM , Rating: 5

We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk; our DNA will not let us do that.

iPad: From $499

Steve Jobs' words, not mine.

RE: Piece of junk
By FaceMaster on 4/1/2010 9:39:29 AM , Rating: 2
You are aware that it's April Fools, right?

RE: Piece of junk
By themaster08 on 4/1/2010 9:41:48 AM , Rating: 5
It's still a piece of junk.

RE: Piece of junk
By Phynaz on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: Piece of junk
By themaster08 on 4/1/2010 10:08:24 AM , Rating: 2
I was just kidding! Y'know, to fit in with Jobs $500 quote. Don't cry about it :)

RE: Piece of junk
By Proxes on 4/1/2010 12:01:40 PM , Rating: 3
RE: Piece of junk
By kattanna on 4/1/2010 1:03:45 PM , Rating: 2
LOL gotta say.. thats actually pretty cool.

RE: Piece of junk
By therealnickdanger on 4/1/2010 1:03:35 PM , Rating: 2
Sweet! A real world use for the iPad!

RE: Piece of junk
By kmmatney on 4/2/2010 4:49:50 PM , Rating: 1
Finally - a comment worth reading!

That is very cool. That's one thing the iPad has going for it, along with the iPhone. Lots of compatible third party gadgets, like this one.

RE: Piece of junk
By WoWCow on 4/1/2010 9:42:50 AM , Rating: 3
But having used the iPad for some time, I can tell you that the device just makes sense.

Someone was drinking the Apple Kool-aid. Lots of it.

500$ for everything netbook can do (Minus office, flash, and about 200$) and you got yourself an overpriced piece of art (As some people consider it as).

All art is quite useless.

RE: Piece of junk
By cochy on 4/1/2010 11:02:42 AM , Rating: 2
No one seems to understand. People who will buy an iPad, do not want a netbook. They do not want a keyboard and mouse. It's not a difficult concept to grasp here. They are willing to pay the premium for a touch interface and slightly increased mobility.

RE: Piece of junk
By Pirks on 4/1/10, Rating: -1
RE: Piece of junk
By grampaw on 4/1/2010 11:33:05 AM , Rating: 1
You're exactly right! While sitting there ordering my iPad (I sprang for the 64Gb/3G) a few weeks ago, I was looking at the keyboard dock accessory. Then I realized, I don't want a keyboard or dock - I like the touch pad keyboard on my iPhone and Barnes/Nobel e-Reader. Keyboards are so last century...

And I do see the iPad as a replacement for the netbook I carry around. When iPad first was announced, I said to myself, no way - piece of junk. More I thought about it, the more I changed my tune.

RE: Piece of junk
By Oregonian2 on 4/1/2010 2:42:32 PM , Rating: 2
Keyboards are so last century...

Which means you don't believe anybody should write more than one sentence and that it should be in TXT jargon? My wife who is a novelist would find that strategy interesting.

Personally, I like to write more than that, and I don't find my high-school learned touch-typing skills (only about 50 wpm maybe, but still faster than I can do on non-keyboards) applicable to touch screens or tiny keypads.

But then, I learned to touch-type "last century".

RE: Piece of junk
By damianrobertjones on 4/1/2010 11:55:39 AM , Rating: 2
Then why not buy one of the many, many devices that are already out there for a great price??

(Sits next to his Asus R2h)

People didn't buy them then as they didn't see a need for any type of UMPC/Mid/Tablet device. I've had many and there's one reason why this will sell...


Plus it's apple and if you buy apple, somehow, you're better than others

RE: Piece of junk
By hiscross on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: Piece of junk
By kmmatney on 4/2/2010 4:56:12 PM , Rating: 2
From what I can tell, the Asus R2H looks to be more expensive than the iPad, with a smaller screen, lower resolution, and non-IPS screen. The reviews aren't great on it, either. The iPad sounds like a better deal, at least from a bang-for-buck standpoint.

People have never had a need for tablet devices as they were always a pain-in-the-ass to use, at least that is my impression, having used stylus based tablets in the past. The iPad changes that.

RE: Piece of junk
By darwiniandude on 4/4/2010 9:44:21 PM , Rating: 2
Asus R2H?
Lower clock speed X86 celeron, half a pound heavier, 7" 800x480 tft vs 9.7" 1024x768 IPS, Intel GMA 900 graphics...

This thing gets 2 hours to a charge whilst watching video vs 11 hours on the iPad, from it's smaller, non multitouch screen.

Sure you can run XP and XP software, great; it's not designed for a screen that size and you have to kill processes to keep it running fast. And because it's running XP you have to have antivirus and anti malware running so it doesn't get infected, that's probably where the battery life goes, constantly scanning. That and the physically spinning hard disk, fan etc.

Very cool device if you need to run windows software but it's nothing like the iPad, it's a tiny PC with a tiny battery. That's clearly not what average consumers want.

RE: Piece of junk
By kmmatney on 4/2/2010 5:00:07 PM , Rating: 2
They are also paying for a LED backlit IPS display, which you cannot get on any cheap netbook. You also get an operating system that turns on instantly. I certainly don't want a Netbook, with a crappy small display and keyboard (I use a 17" laptop for everyday work). I do want an iPad, and its stunning IPS display, though. As an iPhone user, I already know exactly what to expect, and the experience will be better than any Netbook can provide.

April Fool's
By chaos7 on 4/1/2010 8:57:25 AM , Rating: 5
Gets them everytime.

RE: April Fool's
By lukasbradley on 4/1/2010 9:28:25 AM , Rating: 2
I really, really hate it.

RE: April Fool's
By Yawgm0th on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
RE: April Fool's
By kmmatney on 4/2/2010 5:11:45 PM , Rating: 2
After dealing with crappy laptop and netbook displays, I'm pretty sure I would like the IPS LED backlit display on the iPad. I'm not an Apple fanatic by any means, and have never spent any money on an Apple product except for a few iPods, but I really want one of these. The price is quite good, if you compare what you get versus an Amazon Kindle. I just have no desire to browse the internet with a netbook from my couch, but this looks very inviting.

Power of suggestion
By brshoemak on 4/1/2010 10:01:37 AM , Rating: 3
It’s not a replacement for my notebook, mind you. It feels more as if the iPad is filling a gap that’s existed for quite some time."

I'm glad Steve Jobs was there to provide a $500 product to fill a gap that you never knew existed in the first place.

It's like, "man, I'm on the couch, but I want a beer from the fridge" and presto, a couch with a fridge IN THE ARMREST! The gap is filled.

I understand netbooks being between a smartphone and laptop but how much more granularity do you need. What product will be released that will be between an iPad and a netbook?

RE: Power of suggestion
By Mexicorn on 4/1/2010 10:35:18 AM , Rating: 2
It's like, "man, I'm on the couch, but I want a beer from the fridge" and presto, a couch with a fridge IN THE ARMREST! The gap is filled.

You say this as if no one has actually made that before...

RE: Power of suggestion
By brshoemak on 4/1/2010 11:00:46 AM , Rating: 2
Oh yeah, I know that has been around for awhile now. It's one of those things like the iPad, where you could easily get by without it but someone has created a "need" that some people are compelled to fulfill. Kinda like a beer helmet or a Slap Chop or a Snuggie (or a Slanket for those with better taste).

Time will tell
By Dorkyman on 4/1/2010 12:10:19 PM , Rating: 2
I dunno, I'm just trying to picture a situation where I would really need one. Imagine this: you have a desktop where you keep all your devices. There's a big laptop; there's a netbook; over there's a smartphone; now there's an iPad.

Okay, you're heading out the door--which device(s) to take?

Well, you need communications, so you pick up the phone. Now what?

Well, the big laptop is a pain to lug around. That stays.

You see the netbook and the iPad. You ask yourself, do I want to get some work done also (that means typing), or look cool? Oh, and if I take the pad, how do I protect that screen? Better put it in a case. But wait, then it's not so sleek any more.

So with this very cursory exercise I guess I just don't get it. Literally.

Good thing my misconceptions can be cleared up with all these glowing press reports. I've come to expect the press to be fair and objective in all things.

RE: Time will tell
By kmmatney on 4/2/2010 5:53:05 PM , Rating: 2
Well, there are a lot of people like me, who think netbooks suck. why? They are slow with small crappy screens and keyboards. I've always thought netboks are a waste of money, and still do.

What if you want a device you can quickly turn on and browse the internet from a chair in your living room? You could use a laptop, but that just isn't comfortable, and not always instantly on. With an iPad, you can hold the device comfortably close to your eyes, and it has a nice IPS display with vivid colors - better than any netbook. it is held an used like a book, but you get the functionality of a computer, e-book reader, gaming device, and stereo system all-in-one.

I know people who have bought $299 netbooks, and hardly use them. They may have been cheaper, but if they aren't used much, then they aren't a real bargain after all. I can imagine using a device like the iPad all the time for quick web browsing, e-reading, cheesy gaming, checking emails from the couch, etc... I have no desire to do that with a netbook.

RE: Time will tell
By cmdrdredd on 4/2/2010 6:29:39 PM , Rating: 2
I can imagine using a device like the iPad all the time for quick web browsing, e-reading, cheesy gaming, checking emails from the couch, etc... I have no desire to do that with a netbook.

Then your screen is smudged, your eyes hurt from reading books on an LCD screen which is much harder on the eyes than e-ink, then you have the screen getting scratched because it's always open to the elements. My netbook and full featured notebook aren't going to have the same issues. I can comfortably sit on the couch and use my 15" notebook, and I can watch a DVD on it, burn a CD or DVD, edit photos with photoshop, run flash, run MS office, plug in any USB device I want to like my iPhone, my DSLR camera, a thumb drive etc.

In short, I paid less and do more. iWin!

By dark matter on 4/1/2010 8:47:13 AM , Rating: 2
Hey guys, how about this free toy.

Sure, wow its ace, free you say.

RE: Astroturfing.
By Hiawa23 on 4/1/2010 9:15:20 AM , Rating: 2
meh, seems overpriced like all their stuff. I have no need for this device, don't own anything with the Apple logo on it, & don't plan on that changing in the future. Hey, more power to em, as they seem to have a huge market, & their profits are always ridiculous even in a bad economy. Your products are worth whatever the consumer is willing to pay.

RE: Astroturfing.
By Ristogod on 4/1/2010 9:23:17 AM , Rating: 1
And there are plenty of stupid people willing to do so.

April FOOLS!
By vcolon on 4/1/2010 9:26:13 AM , Rating: 5
This must be a joke right?

By xler8r on 4/1/2010 8:59:12 AM , Rating: 4
Gimme a break, we all know that the Macbook Wheel is what everyone's waiting for... :p

RE: Pffft
By hiscross on 4/1/10, Rating: 0
iPad going to be "hot" ?. Not so sure ....
By fteoath64 on 4/2/2010 5:17:10 AM , Rating: 1
I am awaiting the tear-down reports and pictures to see how much empty space there is inside the device.

I cannot believe, Apple did NOT put in TWO SDHC slots and a regular mini USB connector in the thing. Now I am going to forecast that "home brew" people are going to manually build these ports if there are ready connections in the PCB possible. Drilling into the aluminium side is going to be the easy part.

RE: iPad going to be "hot" ?. Not so sure ....
By cmdrdredd on 4/2/2010 9:25:53 AM , Rating: 2
Just plugging in your camera requires a special adapter. That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me, for a device claiming to be so versatile and special. My netbook was cheaper and actually has USB ports. I can even load Photoshop on my netbook too.

I have a hard time grasping something. How is the iPad different from my iPhone aside from the fact that it does less because my iPhone works as an actual phone and can fit in my pocket?

By kmmatney on 4/2/2010 5:39:09 PM , Rating: 1
Its really not all that different from the iPhone, but the much higher screen resolution will make a huge difference. Although I've gotten used to browsing with the iPhone, there are a lot of times when I wish the screen were bigger and brighter. The iPad also has a nicer IPS display, and will be great for movies, and has a faster CPU/GPU.

I can see how this would be very hard to justify, if you already are paying for an iPhone, though. I'm lucky - my work has been paying for my cell phone for the last 8 years, and currently my iPhone. I figure I can apply the thousands of dollars I've saved by having no cell phone bill to one of these.

I don't see the lack of USB ports as a big deal, but it would have been nice to have an SD slot. Otherwise, I don't see how you can comapre this to a Netbook - the user experience is totally different. Netbooks usually have crappy displays, and you can use them in the same way you can an iPad. With an iPad-type device, I can use it while sitting omn the couch, with the device only a foot from my head. You can't do that with a netbook - it needs to be on your lap, making the small screen a liability.

Breaking News!
By BailoutBenny on 4/2/2010 9:20:57 AM , Rating: 2
Apple iPad positively reviewed by the publishing industry, which it was touted to save!

It's great, now by our papers online and save us from bankrupty. Brought to you by the New York Times.

RE: Breaking News!
By BailoutBenny on 4/2/2010 9:22:11 AM , Rating: 2
buy* bankruptcy*

By LongTimePCUser on 4/2/2010 4:51:43 PM , Rating: 2

This is a dual review from the viewpoint of a techy user (thumbs down to ipad) and from everyone else (2 thumbs up).

It starts:
"In 10 years of reviewing tech products for The New York Times, I’ve never seen a product as polarizing as Apple’s iPad, which arrives in stores on Saturday.

“This device is laughably absurd,” goes a typical remark on a tech blog’s comments board......"

By cmdrdredd on 4/2/2010 6:34:00 PM , Rating: 2
This Techy review is excellent. Everything that is a problem with it is listed clearly and accurately. Especially "you can't use it in direct sunlight very well" when referring to the ebook function.

The latest on Apple & iPads
By crystal clear on 4/3/2010 4:07:13 AM , Rating: 2

NEW! RE: The iPad dissected !

By crystal clear on 4/3/10, Rating: 2
By crystal clear on 4/3/2010 3:57:38 AM , Rating: 2

NEW! The iPad dissected !

By crystal clear on 4/3/10, Rating: 2
By crystal clear on 4/3/2010 3:54:08 AM , Rating: 2

NEW! Apple to buy Intrinisity ?

By crystal clear on 4/3/10, Rating: 2
By crystal clear on 4/3/2010 3:39:23 AM , Rating: 2

Both on the link below-

By Ryuji5864 on 4/1/2010 8:56:31 AM , Rating: 3
In my mind, the senior citizen iPhone will never be the best computer ever.

By aharris on 4/1/2010 1:46:13 PM , Rating: 3
"Newspaper critics were pretty kind to the new Apple product..."

...much to the disappointment of DailyTech fans and Sr. Editor Jason Mick.

Will it play Crysis?
By Steven Morgan on 4/1/2010 7:08:27 PM , Rating: 3
That's all we really need to know. ;-)

I have to congratulate Apple
By pequin06 on 4/1/2010 8:59:30 AM , Rating: 2
They do have some slick marketing.

By WinstonSmith on 4/1/2010 9:21:45 AM , Rating: 2
There are a large number of tablets based upon the OMAP4, Tegra 2, Marvell 610 series, etc., coming out later this year that have the power to run circles around the iPad and at least one will use the Pixel Qi display. That's the Notion Ink Adam which uses the Tegra 2 and which has a built-in swivel cam (rotates to face forward or backwards) and a backside touchpad in addition to its capacitive touchscreen. I'll wait for one of these.

By serkol on 4/1/2010 9:26:27 AM , Rating: 2
Should be "Andy Ihnatko "

By cknobman on 4/1/2010 9:28:54 AM , Rating: 2
Lets wait and see what some actual customers who pay $500+ for this thing say after they have owned it for more than a week (honeymoon period).

Better yet lets see what a customer whos never owned Apple product says after they have been sucked into a tightly closed ecosystem and realize they are now owned by Apple.

Limited in functionality
By masamasa on 4/1/2010 10:48:13 AM , Rating: 2
If it's anything like the itouch, which I'm sorry to say I own two of (one for the wife), I pass.

It may be great for reading books and viewing pictures, but what else can you do on it besides playing garbage apps from the app store? There are only a few truly useful apps on that store and the rest are junk. On top of that, itouch has one of the most useless, proprietary, inflexible interfaces to transfer files, sync, etc. that I'd take a PC device any day over it. If the interface is anything like the itouch no thanks!

I can't think of any reason to buy the ipad unless you're addicted to surfing the net or read a lot of books. It's not as though it fits in your back pocket and it falls significantly short on functionality offerings.

Then again - who knows what the public will buy. Look at me - I got sucked into an itouch. Give me my money back!

Dear Jason...
By gralex on 4/1/2010 12:33:08 PM , Rating: 2
That headline of yours, paired with the "brown-nose" thumbnail... pure genius! I bet you & reader1 (with his Andy Kaufman sense of humor nobody gets) are best-mates from high-school or something.

Love you both. Seriously.

to iPad or not iPad
By 2bdetermine on 4/1/2010 1:23:46 PM , Rating: 2
if sucker
let Jobs decide everything for you
avoid iPad

By atlmann10 on 4/1/2010 5:02:07 PM , Rating: 2
The iPad is not even a computer really, but a side mobile communications device, with a little e-reading thrown in. I have been watching the pad announcements for quite some time now, and this is definitely not the one I would buy. Many other manufacturers are making tablet devices, and several of them are the real deal do everything replacements at the least for the netbook market.

The Apple device pretty much is an up-sized iPhone with some added capabilities, but not to many. Whereas many of the devices I see from other manufacturers are true (at least in a specialized form) laptop (at least on the UL spectrum) replacements with full capabilities.

This one is going to go on sale, and a lot of people will buy them. I am waiting for the fallout from it. Now with the people who are not experienced or comfortable with technology and various devices in the channel, this is a good device I think.

We are talking grandparents and small children here! For me and many on this forum if not most it is a joke as a replacement, for anything but an iPhone, and even lacks somewhat in that. It has no real OS, it cannot adapt, it does not use common connection types for many mobile devices, unless you buy a specialized one (3G) for an added 300 dollars. That then becomes the closest and most likely most useful replacement for your iPhone, and not much else.

Haha, you got me.
By scrapsma54 on 4/1/2010 5:30:55 PM , Rating: 2
April Fools!!

By Ziggizag on 4/6/2010 8:49:06 AM , Rating: 2
It's multitouch interface - Apple fanboys, rather than fondle or delouse their cat or dog with fingers, chosen sterile electronic pet they can do the same gestures upon.

This builts highly emotional relationship between the device and its users. The more they fondle the more it shines...

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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