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Google-owned ad firm AdMob claims that 4.3+ million Americans want an iPad.  (Source: PC World)
Study also say 4.3+ million Americans want an iPad

A new market research survey [PDF] reveals some growing trends, as well as some surprises.  Market research and advertising firm AdMob (which is owned by Google) has combed through millions of advertising requests from mobile devices and surveys and has drawn a wealth of conclusions.

The study takes a snapshot of smartphone users browsing the 15,000 sites in AdMob's network.  

It reveals some intriguing trends in terms of smartphone market leadership.  It reveals that the iPhone has a 50 percent share of the OS market for smartphone devices 
browsing the internet, while Android is a growing second with about 24 percent market share.  RIM, meanwhile trails with about 4 percent market share.  

Obviously RIM is currently the top smartphone maker when you look at its cross-product sales numbers.  However, iPhone users (and Android users) are using mobile internet much more.  This raises the likelihood both that online content and online advertisements will be aimed more heavily at them, while Blackberry users may see poor compatibility.

The survey also shows India, Indonesia, and the UK to be the closest competitors to the U.S. in terms of an internet-active smart phone user population.  China, curiously, does not make the list.

The study also shows that Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), like Apple's new iPad, are growing fast in market share.  From February 2009 to February 2010 they grew from about 7 percent to about 17 percent of the total mobile traffic.

AdMob recently conducted a study that showed that 10 percent of smartphone users (approximately) want an iPad.  ComScore, a separate market research firm, recently pegged U.S. smartphone subscription rates at close to 43 million units.  If Apple could indeed sell 4.3+ million iPads, that would be a blow to the device's numerous critics, who include Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates.

The iPad launches this Saturday in Wi-Fi form priced at $499, $599, and $699 respectively for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.

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By crystal clear on 3/30/2010 8:17:30 AM , Rating: -1
quite frankly, disturbed if these numbers pan out. It's disgusting that there are potentially 4.3 million blind zealots who will buy a 1st-gen device sight unseen simply because it bears Apple's brand

Yes this research is one of the many that have come out,one of which I posted earlier sometime back (ofcourse rated down put under the red carpet).

A Huge Wave of Apple iPad Demand.
By crystal clear on 3/6/10, Rating: -1
By crystal clear on 3/6/2010 6:34:47 AM , Rating: -1

Another Apple iPad accessory released weeks before the actual tablet's public debut

Even before the iPad actual debut you have a Huge Wave of Apple iPad Demand.

A ChangeWave survey of 3,171 consumers – conducted in the aftermath of that Apple announcement (Feb 1-10) – shows a huge wave of pre-launch demand for the iPad and offers key evidence that the Apple tablet will have a major impact on the e-Reader, laptop and home entertainment markets.

Certain quotes from the report-

e-Readers Future Market Share

But it's when we asked consumers about their planned eBook Reader purchases over the next 90 days that the full extent of the Apple iPad's impact on this marketplace becomes apparent.

The survey shows the Apple iPad is now poised to capture an astonishing 40% of the e-Reader market going forward in the first 90 days after its launch.

The Amazon Kindle ranks second in terms of future purchase share with 28%. Barnes and Noble Nook (6%) and Sony Reader (1%) are far back in third and fourth place respectively.

In short, while the iPad launch is likely to strengthen overall e-Reader demand, the survey suggests Amazon and its competitors could well find themselves relegated to playing catch-up within just a few quarters if they don't preemptively move quickly to upgrade their own e-Readers.

In a further warning sign, the survey shows the wave of Apple iPad demand is likely to continue strengthening throughout the first six months after its release.

Topping the list – better than two-thirds (68%) say they're most interested in using the iPad for surfing the Internet.

Checking email (44%), reading eBooks (37%), reading magazines, newspapers and periodicals (28%), and watching video (24%) are additional key ways that consumers are most interested in using the iPad.

Simply put, the current pre-launch demand for the new iPad is greater than the pre-launch demand at a similar point in time for the original iPhone.

In another survey-

One in Five Physicians Likely To Purchase an iPad, More than 60 Percent Intrigued By New Device According to Epocrates Survey

From AP, WSJ,NY Times & many more in the publication business are already working on an iPad version with many others to follow.

I have also heard from traders on the stock exchange floor expressing their interest to use iPad whilst trading.

I wonder just how many products generate so much interest & preparations & expectations even before its release.

Conclusions- Expect the first batch at launch to sell out in days,with an average of 600,000 and 700,000 iPads shipping out every month.

The first signs of success will come with "Back to School" buying season peaking in the Christmas buying season.

They ALL forecast huge sales figures-All of them cannot be wrong,as each one of them have their(different) own methodology from data collection to analysis.

It's disgusting that there are potentially 4.3 million blind zealots who will buy a 1st-gen device sight unseen simply because it bears Apple's brand

Its NOT disgusting rather your profound hatred for Apple & its products,that makes it difficult for you to accept the realities of the market.

It reflects massive CONSUMER CONFIDENCE in Apple products -that enables Apple to sell out the first lot (pre order) even before its released into retail shop floor.

Its high time you accept the realities of today-Apple is a bestseller of today !

Nobody really cares what you think- bottom line IT SELLs.

It or NOT.

“Then they pop up and say ‘Hello, surprise! Give us your money or we will shut you down!' Screw them. Seriously, screw them. You can quote me on that.” -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng referencing patent trolls

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