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OCZ sells 5,151,662 shares of its common stock

You simply can't surf enthusiast sites these days without coming across a new review of solid state drives (SSDs). SSDs are quickly becoming the storage medium of choice for laptop enthusiasts and as boot drives for desktop enthusiasts.

While pricing for SSDs is still quite high for more mainstream users, enthusiasts are flocking to them in order to have the highest performing machines for gaming duties. According to Jon Peddie Research, the "Enthusiast Class" which typically buys such high performing SSDs is expected to spend $12.5 billion by 2013.

Given the high stakes in this emerging market, OCZ is no doubt looking to further its position with SSDs. With larger companies like Intel breathing down its neck with second generation (and upcoming third generation) SSDs and more traditional competitors like Corsair ramping up their entries into the field, OCZ is doing what it can to make SSDs a big part of its business.

OCZ announced today that it has secured $15.45 million in funding specifically for its SSD business through the sale of 5,151,662 shares of its common stock.

“Over the course of the last few years, we have met the demand for a better storage option head-on, by delivering high performance solid state disk drives to a wide array of customer’s globally” said OCZ CEO Ryan Petersen. “This round of funding will enable OCZ to continue its growth in SSDs and accelerate the development of next-generation solutions.”

Peterson added, “We believe that OCZ is well-positioned to advance the deployment of flash-based storage solutions. OCZ will continue to design, develop and implement SSD technology with its current base of over 300 customers while opening up new markets through targeting enterprise and OEM customers seeking to adopt flash media as primary storage.”

OCZ was able to give us a glimpse at its 2010 roadmap for SSD products during CES and it looks like customers will have a wealth of options to choose from in both internal and external form-factors. Now if only OCZ could do a bit more to consolidate the product lines and naming conventions...

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Not the first avenue to raise revenue!
By Taft12 on 3/24/2010 1:47:53 PM , Rating: -1
They've raised far more than that in fraudulently-rejected mail-in-rebates!

(Thank you, I'll be here all night)

I all seriousness, I would not invest in this unethical, customer-hostile company.

RE: Not the first avenue to raise revenue!
By qdemn7 on 3/24/2010 1:59:51 PM , Rating: 1
Customer hostile company???

Far from it. They have a forum devoted just to helping customers with their SSDs.

They provide regular firmware updates. MY Vertex 60GB has worked flawlessly. When I have had OCZ memory that has failed, it has been replaced promptly without any problems whatsoever. IMO, their customer service is exemplary.

And every rebate I've sent to them has resulted in a check sent to me.

RE: Not the first avenue to raise revenue!
By davepermen on 3/24/2010 2:28:24 PM , Rating: 2
they are the worst of the ssd companies. delivered subpar products a couple of times, not testing them enough until pushing them to customers even now (the limited edition == oh crap, we bought some chip we can't really use, sell it to stupid customers.. (those ssds die a lot in the first weeks))

they lied to their customers more than once. and they censored any bad commenting against them on their amazing overflooded forums. overflooded with customers having issues.

just look at the amount of different ssd versions they sell. shows that they sell you anything they can to make money. instead of sitting back, creating a great product, and then sell that. like others do (hint, intel f.e.).

RE: Not the first avenue to raise revenue!
By ekv on 3/24/2010 2:51:21 PM , Rating: 2
I see your point. However, the forums do work, for the most part. And I realize they offer a lot of products. I looked over their SSD spec's and didn't see anything worthwhile till the Vertex came out. Then I bought. The firmware upgrade was a bit of a pain but I eventually got it.

I'd like to buy some more SSD's -- OWC Mercury or perhaps the C300 -- but I'm going to do more research. That, and save my pennies 8)

By digitalreflex on 3/25/2010 8:00:01 AM , Rating: 2
I've got several of their parts (memory, power supply, ...) in various computers around the house and they have worked flawlessly. I've also been received every rebate I've sent in to them also. When it came to buy my ssd their forums were a great wealth of info, but I only grabbed an intel ssd because of a last second newegg sale or it would have been another OCZ product for me.

By SavagePotato on 3/24/2010 4:18:28 PM , Rating: 2
He is right about the rebates.

Of the OCZ rebates I sent in before I stopped buying their ram all of them were falsely refused or outright not even responded to.

I finally did get ONE rebate from them after complaining on the online retailers message boards where they actually had an OCZ employee dedicated to helping them rectify falsely rejected or ignored rebates.

RE: Not the first avenue to raise revenue!
By Gungel on 3/24/2010 6:48:40 PM , Rating: 3
I never had a single problem with any rebates from OCZ. I have bought at least 8 SSD's and a couple of RAM's and every single one came with a rebate. It takes 6-8 weeks and the rebate debit cards arrive as promised. I wish other companies would be that organized with there "rebate" offers. You can go on a dedicated web site and check the progress of your submitted rebate.
And the same is true for the quality on their Vertex and Agility drives. They are top notch and haven't disappointed me.

By MrPoletski on 3/26/2010 7:21:56 AM , Rating: 1
I just have a problem with rebates fullstop, why the hell can't they just charge a lower price?

No, you buy at the higher price then mail off some coupon and get some dollar back? fuck that.

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