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Cadillac Converj

Maxmium Bob "Action Figure" made by auto enthusiasts.   (Source: Patrick Arena/The Car Loung)
"It's dead, Jim!" GM passes on the Cadillac Converj

There's been a battle brewing within General Motors about expanding the Volt platform to include vehicles other than the Chevrolet Volt and its near twin, the Opel Ampera. It was hoped that the Cadillac Converj -- which was shown at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show -- would help expand sales of the platform and help offset some of the development costs due to its higher price tag.

The Detroit News received confirmation late last year that the Converj would actually be produced. However, a new report from Automotive News suggests that GM has actually shelved plans to produce the sleek two-door coupe.

"Simply, other priorities and the conviction that the Volt and Ampera will use all available capacity for years to come."

The news comes from none other than "Maximum" Bob Lutz had been proclaiming to the press that the Converj would see the light of day in 2012. Lutz has been a champion of "pet products" within GM over the past few years. Unfortunately for Lutz, many of the vehicles he has championed have also ended up on the chopping block recently (Pontiac Solstice, Pontiac GTO, Pontiac G8, Saturn Sky, etc.). Lutz is also retiring from GM on May 1, so any possible dreams of seeing a production version of the Converj are leaving with him.

"It has always been a concept," added Nick Twork, a spokesman for Cadillac. "It was never announced officially that we were going to do the Converj. We never issued a press release."

The fetching Converj concept car featured a four-seat interior, 21" front wheels (22" in the rear), an all glass roof which incorporated solar panels to help charge accessories (a similar feature is available on the Prius), and LED headlights.

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RE: Good riddance
By kellehair on 3/17/2010 2:28:37 PM , Rating: 2
Let's not pretend the Volt and Converj are all that different. GM jokes aside I'm sure they can develop 1 car and a slight variation of that same car at the same time.

RE: Good riddance
By rudy on 3/17/2010 5:11:55 PM , Rating: 5

1 year to make sure the volt does not have terrible problems. Then put out a high end volt in the converj which has leather and all the trimmings jack up the price and make profit.

RE: Good riddance
By Samus on 3/19/2010 2:15:07 AM , Rating: 2
This car would have substantially higher profit margins than the Volt simply because it's a luxury label and will probably have finer touches than a...Chevy. Not producing this car is a pretty poor management decision, but that shouldn't be any surprise coming from GM.

And does anybody here actually think Obama tell's GM what to do? I'm pretty sure he knows he screwed us bailing them out, and at this point, is probably trying to forget 'it' ever happened.

In other news, Ford, a company that accepted NO bailout money, increased sales 42% last month over January, or in other words, they stole all of Toyota's business, because when people get mad at the Japanese, and can't afford European, and want to buy American, they certainly aren't going to buy Crystler, and the reputation GM has from restructuring has put a unneccessary but appearantly bad taste in peoples mouths even though their quality virtually matches Ford these days.

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