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Google Nexus One
Flurry estimates that Google has sold just 135k Nexus One smartphones

Google's Nexus One made big waves on the internet when its details were leaked late last year and again when it was officially announced ahead of CES 2010. The Nexus One was described as the next "iPhone Killer" by many and was billed by Google as the "next stage in evolution for the Android".

The smartphone -- which is powered by Android 2.1 -- hit all the right hardware notes thanks to a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7" (480x800) AMOLED display, multi-touch, and a generous 1400 mAh battery. What could possibly go wrong with Google's full backing, a sleek exterior design, and geek-friendly hardware specs?

Well, everything has gone wrong according to Flurry Analytics. Flurry, if you recall, is the company that first spotted a few dozen iPad devices running iPhone OS 3.2 right before the official launch of the device. Flurry estimates that Google has managed to sell only 135,000 Nexus One smartphones in its first 74 days of availability – Flurry uses the 74 day benchmark because that's how many days it took for the original iPhone to reach the one million mark back in 2007.

If Flurry's numbers are accurate, the Nexus One appears to be actually losing momentum rather quickly considering that Google sold an estimated 80,000 units during the month of January and has only added another 55,000 sales in the past month and a half.

For comparison, another Android device which has made headlines in the past few months is doing quite well in the marketplace. Flurry estimates that Motorola sold 1.05 million Droid smartphones during the first 74 days of availability.

The reasons for the Nexus One's failure are plentiful. The device is barely known about outside of the tech circle, the phone has to be purchased directly from Google, and T-Mobile doesn't quite have the same clout as AT&T or Verizon. The Motorola Droid is backed by the United States' largest wireless carrier, Verizon. Apple's iPhone, on the other hand, is the crowning jewel of second place network AT&T.

“Despite the fact that the Google Nexus One is the most advanced Android handset to date, and enjoyed substantial buzz leading up to its release, the launch has been overshadowed by lower than expected sales,” stated Flurry on the company blog. “In our previous reports we offered several possible reasons including unconventional choices in marketing, pricing and distribution.”

The Nexus One is supposed to launch on Verizon's network later this spring, so hopefully Google will see an uptick in sales at that time.

Updated 3/16/2010

Google is now offering the unlocked Nexus One to wireless customers on the AT&T network.

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Count Me In
By Jackattak on 3/16/2010 11:25:12 AM , Rating: 2
Count me in on the group that went the Motorola Droid path versus the Nexus One.

The Nexus One is ugly and has no physical keyboard. It's basically everything I hate about the iPhone in the first place. It wasn't an "iPhone Killer", it was an iPhone Clone.

I wanted something different since the iPhone's inception, and the Motorola Droid was that device.

RE: Count Me In
By Dave2 on 3/16/2010 11:53:24 AM , Rating: 1
I have to laugh. You think the droid is a nice looking phone? Maybe you are really young but it reminds me of a Texas Instruments calculator from the 70's. Black and square with the styling only a brick mason could love. And its about as heavy as a small brick too. I am gonna guess you like bell bottoms and disco music too. Just funnin' wid ya....

RE: Count Me In
By SuperFly03 on 3/16/10, Rating: 0
RE: Count Me In
By Yawgm0th on 3/16/2010 1:54:55 PM , Rating: 3
You sir have the intelligence of the pet rock.
Why the hate for pet rocks? I'm going to have to try and console my pet rock after the insult you just delivered to it.

RE: Count Me In
By Spuke on 3/16/2010 6:01:51 PM , Rating: 2
I'm going to have to try and console my pet rock...
You know, most people just have them stuffed.

RE: Count Me In
By Jackattak on 3/16/2010 12:09:00 PM , Rating: 3
No worries, I can take a joke (and it was funny)! But no, I don't wear bell-bottoms. No comment on the disco. I plead the Fifth. ;)

I have to disagree with you, respectfully. I think the Nexus One is uglier than the Moto Droid. It's all personal preference, but I like the heft of the Droid in my hands. It's not like it weighs 2 lbs. or anything. It just feels right. Solid. Very clean styling and who doesn't like jet black? :)

I wish I were younger, actually. 33 is NOT the new 23, no matter what the kids say. :P

RE: Count Me In
By Lemurion on 3/16/2010 1:34:15 PM , Rating: 2
Is that a Fifth of Beethoven you're pleading?

RE: Count Me In
By corduroygt on 3/16/2010 1:21:35 PM , Rating: 2
The Droid might as well not have any keyboard because its keyboard, because it's the worst phone keyboard I've seen, with buttons that are way too stiff.
My friend's Samsung something on AT&T has a great keyboard that I wouldn't mind having though.

RE: Count Me In
By Bateluer on 3/16/2010 2:16:41 PM , Rating: 2
I disliked the Droid's keyboard when I first got it, but after a few days, you adapt. I'm able to type just as fast on the Droid keyboard as I used to on my old Env2.

RE: Count Me In
By Jackattak on 3/16/2010 2:30:14 PM , Rating: 2
Yep! I had an Env2 before making the smartphone plunge to the Motorola Droid as well, and I agree that while the keyboard takes a couple days to adapt to, it's absolutely brilliant to type on after adaptation.

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