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Porsche 918 Spyder Concept
Porsche is bringing sexy back with the 918 Spyder Concept

Porsche is not a company that produces concept cars very often. Come to think of it, only the Porsche Boxster and Carrera GT spring to mind as concept cars that the German sports car manufacturers has displayed within the past twenty years. That's not to say that Porsche can't pull out a nice concept whenever it wants to -- and today, the company has done just that.

Porsche unveiled its new 918 Spyder concept that not only brings sleek styling to the table, but also a wealth of high-tech powertrain goodness. Looking somewhat like a gorgeous mashup up of a Ferrari F430, Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche Boxster, and Porsche 911 GT1, the 918 Spyder concept features a mid-engine layout, seating for two people, and all-wheel drive.

The roadster also features dual side-exiting exhaust pipes on either side of the vehicle along with a nod to the past with an intriguing "disk" wheel design.

Being that this is a Porsche first and foremost, this vehicle is all about performance. Gone is the flat-6 that powers the mid-engined Boxster and Cayman (along with the rear-engined 911) and in its place is a high-revving (9,200 rpm) V8 engine producing 500 hp. As if that wasn't enough, there are also two electric motors installed in the vehicle (one for the front axle, one for the rear axle). The electric motors add another 218 hp to the mix.

Porsche isn't spoiling the fun by using a continuously variable transmission (CVT) in the 918 Spyder -- instead, the company is using a version of its seven-speed Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) dual-clutch transmission which transmits power to the rear wheels. The front wheels are driven by a fixated ratio transmission.

Porsche says that the plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder can bolt to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds and can travel 16 miles on battery power alone. The 3,285-pound vehicle is said to deliver an estimated 78 mpg (U.S.) according to Porsche.

No one knows if all of this performance goodness will ever make its way into a production vehicle, but one can hope that at least the styling cues and maybe a toned down version of the hybrid system could make it into a production vehicle.

Porsche is also readying a hybrid version of its second generation Cayenne SUV. The hybrid powertrain is said to achieve 34.5 mpg on the European cycle.

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RE: It's definitely sexy
By bildan on 3/1/2010 8:07:36 PM , Rating: 4
Not hard.

Doppel = double
kupplung = clutch
Getriebe = transmission

They just don't waste keystrokes on spaces so it's like doubleclutchtransmission

German doesn't sound bad, just precise.

RE: It's definitely sexy
By bigboxes on 3/1/2010 8:36:13 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. It's sounds weird cuz it's different. There are a lot of words in the English language that are influenced by german.

RE: It's definitely sexy
By FastEddieLB on 3/2/10, Rating: 0
RE: It's definitely sexy
By Murloc on 3/2/2010 4:40:21 AM , Rating: 3
it depends. My english teach told me that everyday stuff comes from german, for example body parts, but that most abstract and high level words come from latin because there was a time where the french dominated england and all the politics and administration were in french, which brought latin words in english.

RE: It's definitely sexy
By gamerk2 on 3/2/2010 9:00:39 AM , Rating: 3
Technically, English is bastardized French; the sad part is the only people left who speak the language properly are in the lowlands in Scotland (where they still use the old vowel sounds, so "mouse" [pronounced as moose] and "house" still rhyme)

RE: It's definitely sexy
By MrBlastman on 3/2/2010 12:12:37 PM , Rating: 5
It isn't our fault the French surrendered their language to us. :)

RE: It's definitely sexy
By whiskerwill on 3/3/2010 10:32:57 AM , Rating: 2
No, the previous psoter was right. Technically English is a germanic language. It's #2 influence is Romance (mostly French).

But beyond that, it has loanwords in it from a hundred other languages. It's the most bastardized language in the world (which probably explains why its the #1 second-language)

RE: It's definitely sexy
By poohbear on 3/5/2010 4:05:52 PM , Rating: 2
i thought it was because the Romans were also in England?

RE: It's definitely sexy
By SoCalBoomer on 3/2/2010 2:45:40 PM , Rating: 3
English is a mutt - derived from the myriad of places we have taken our words. We have a LOT of Latin in our specific words, but many others come from the Romantics (which, themselves come from Latin) but we got others from the Germanics, and others from wherever. We're an equal opportunity language! We'll bastardize just about anything. . . LOL

"I'm an Internet expert too. It's all right to wire the industrial zone only, but there are many problems if other regions of the North are wired." -- North Korean Supreme Commander Kim Jong-il
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