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Google Nexus One  (Source: Google)
Torvalds says the Nexus One is the first phone he doesn't "hate"

There's plenty of attractive smart phones -- the iPhone, Blackberries, Droid, and the G1 Phone -- but none of them satisfied Linus Torvalds, the famous computer programmer who initiated the kernel development of the Linux operating system and remains its chief kernel architect.  He describes, "I generally hate phones - they are irritating and disturb you as you work or read or whatever - and a cellphone to me is just an opportunity to be irritated wherever you are."

However, Mr. Torvalds has finally found a phone he can truly embrace -- Google's Nexus One.  Mr. Torvalds, who formally owned a G1 phone and a China-only Motorola Linux phone, writes in his blog:

But I have to admit, the Nexus One is a winner. I wasn't enthusiastic about buying a phone on the internet sight unseen, but the day it was reported that it finally had the pinch-to-zoom thing enabled, I decided to take the plunge. I've wanted to have a GPS unit for my car anyway, and I thought that google navigation might finally make a phone useful.

And it does. What a difference! I no longer feel like I'm dragging a phone with me "just in case" I would need to get in touch with somebody - now I'm having a useful (and admittedly pretty good-looking) gadget instead. The fact that you can use it as a phone too is kind of secondary. 

Many do not know it, but Google's mobile phone operating system Android uses a modified Linux kernel.  While not everyone will appreciate Mr. Torvalds' sentiment, it's high praise for the father of Linux to personally endorse the new phone.

Google has yet to release sales figures for its new smartphone, which it is offering online only.  In January it is estimated that Google only sold 80,000 Nexus One units -- a rather disappointing launch when compared to the 600,000 units Apple's iPhone moved in its original launch month back in 2007 (most of those sales occurred within three days).  The sales estimates come courtesy of Flurry Inc., an analytics group.

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RE: Yet another might have been.
By BZDTemp on 2/8/2010 4:49:23 PM , Rating: 2
As far as it being a phone then the Nexus One is a iPhone competitor but so is a Nokia 3310.

I know many thing the iPhone is a geeky thing but it really is not while the Nexus is. Google is building their place in the market by going for the really hard core gadget people which is very different from Apple so of course the sales figures are lower.

Once the geek army get in stride with the google phone then it is another thing. The magic of a open platform combined with the backing of google plus the power of free thinking programmers is gonna make this a hot item down the line - even for the average consumer!

RE: Yet another might have been.
By kmmatney on 2/8/2010 5:22:05 PM , Rating: 1
The iPhone can get geeky pretty fast if you jailbreak it.

RE: Yet another might have been.
By Jeffk464 on 2/8/2010 6:03:12 PM , Rating: 1
Yup, I agree with you 100%. An open platform backed by google can't help but end up being the best platform for consumers. Any manufacturer can make a phone based on this OS, anybody can write apps for this OS, it can't help but be a winner. Sign me up, I want one.

RE: Yet another might have been.
By porkpie on 2/8/2010 6:21:00 PM , Rating: 2
"The magic of a open platform combined with the backing of google plus the power of free thinking programmers is gonna make this a hot item down the line - even for the average consumer! "

I heard the same thing about Linux 15 years ago. Stil waiting for it to be a hot item for "the average consumer".

Its just not going to happen...and if it ever did become a consumer success, the "army of free thinking geek programmers" would then disdain it and move on to some other fringe frontier.

RE: Yet another might have been.
By Jeffk464 on 2/8/2010 7:23:25 PM , Rating: 2
Google is working on linux based OS's for netbooks. If google ends up spending money developing and pushing linux your wait might be over.

RE: Yet another might have been.
By BZDTemp on 2/9/2010 4:11:37 AM , Rating: 1
I see your point but there is one think different here. For Linux to become a consumer succes, apart from it already being in lots of gizmos, it had to beat Windows and OS X. With phones it is a different scenario because most users have not yet moved to a smartphone - in other words it is a more even playingfield.

Being an open playingfield still no question it is not gonna be forever and we can easily see it become a fragmented playingfield instead. There is iPhones OS, Windows mobile (yuck), Android, Symbian, and a few others and winning market shares is largely done by winning shares in the expanding market.

As for moving on. Yes, that will happend but there has to be something to move on to.

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