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Hacker website was closed in November 2009

Hacking into a government or business computer system can yield information for hackers that can be sold for significant profit. Hacking attacks around the world have been increasing steadily and many of the attacks are believed to originate inside of China.

The Chinese government maintains that it does not partake in hacking and does not condone the activity within its shores. The highest profile hacking attack in recent memory was the attack on Google and other large companies that allegedly originated in China. In mid-January 2010, Google stated that it was considering leaving the Chinese search market after the attack resulted in the theft of IP. Google cited many ongoing attacks against some of its Gmail accounts owned by activists that speak out against the Chinese government.

Google later said that the attacks on its Chinese office operations might have had assistance from Google employees. The Chinese government and Google have since the attacks been fighting a battle of words with Google threatening to stop censoring its search results and Chinese officials saying they welcomed any company that followed the law.

China has now announced that it has shut down what is believed to be the largest hacker training website in the country.
BBC News reports that the website, called Black Hawk Safety Net, had more than 12,000 paying subscribers and an additional 170,000 that had free accounts. The website allegedly taught hacking techniques and sold malicious software as a download to hackers looking to perpetrate attacks. 

Blogtactic reports that Black Hawk was shut down in November of 2009 and that three of its members were arrested on suspicion of criminal activity. Exactly why the news was just now released is unknown, but it is likely that China is looking to show that it is actively working to reduce attacks that originate inside its country.

Black Hawk isn’t the only website in China that reportedly trains hackers according to testimony given by cyber expert James Mulvenon in 2008 to Congress. Mulvenon believes the Communications Command Academy in Wuhan, China is training hackers as well.

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RE: Needs Justification
By gtr32x on 2/10/2010 8:14:08 PM , Rating: 2
Usually an attempt is made to ensure the world does NOT take a negative view of the peoples of a country in light of the behaviour of that countries government. You however suggest that people should not think anything good of the citizens of the People's Republic of China

I would actually need to say thanks for pointing out where I obviously was not able to deliver what I originally intended. This is what I meant, the people are being discriminated against, whilst it has nothing to do with the people themselves.

The world really does not have much reason to have faith in the intent of the Chinese government.

I would have no objections to that. In fact there's probably no goverment in the world that we should have good faith in for they have no interest other than the well-being of their own state.

The world is also smart enough to know better than to hate on the people of a nation due to the actions of their government. Unless of course we are talking about America, in which case the world has ABSOLUTELY NO HESITATION TO HATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR THE BEHAVIOUR OF THEIR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Unfortunately that's not how the world functions. The world views one particular state at fault and bring the sentiments onto their people. Would be much better if it were not the case however.

You have insulted me, my family, my friends, my nation, all people who are citizens of western nations, (but only the average ones). And through this racist rant of yours, you actually attempt to imply that we westerners are the bigots and the haters.

I would need to apologize for this. That was how I felt when I first saw the words in the blog too. In fact I am not aiming at this concept of 'westerners.' The reason why I used this particular word is because that's the collaboratively recognized portion of the world that fights with China mutually in the interest of each of their own state affairs. It's just that the 'strategies' they use have brought much wrongful suggestions and judgments on the many topics that are China-related. Which resulted in an extremely poor image of China in the media and among common masses. Of course China is partially at fault here for otherwise the attacks would have no momentum without failing right away. Just to state again, I am in no way implying westerners in general are 'bigots and the haters', but I am implying all those politically active western propagandists are 'bigots and the haters'.

Sorry about the lack of thought put into my initial comment. I was simply too mad by the first glance of the article. No hatred or racism intended. Only intention is to try to ask the world to give a fairer image to the Chinese people.

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