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Internet reaction of the Apple's new tablet the iPad has featured many mocking remarks. Many say the device's name sounds like a feminine hygiene product.
Many in public say the device's name sounds like a feminine hygiene product

On Wednesday Apple aired its long awaited tablet computer, which it dubbed the iPad.  Basically an oversized iPhone/iPod Touch, the new device hopes to capitalize on the popularity of these smaller products, filling the same niche as more traditional netbooks and UMPCs. 

Some Apple fans have indicated claimed the tablet will kill less full-featured e-Book readers like the Amazon Kindle or recent Sony Pocket Reader.  If that's the case, these competitors sure seem unusually nonchalant.

Sony, which actually competes with the tablet in two arenas -- eReaders (Sony Reader series) and mobile gaming (PSP Go) -- says that it may actually get a boost from the iPad. 

States  Steve Haber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading Division, "The introduction of another mobile device, which includes digital reading as part of its functionality, is a good thing for the digital book business.  Mobile devices with reading capabilities will play a key role in the paradigm shift from analog to digital content. At Sony, we’re focused on devices optimized for digital reading and believe that digital books sales will surpass print sales within five years, if not sooner."

Predicting the demise of print sales is certainly a bold move, but not a terribly new one; Amazon and Sony have been trumpeting that line for some time now.  The more interesting tidbit is that Sony actually thinks the increased attention about tablets and digital books surrounding the iPhone will actually help Sony's sales.

Sony certainly has a lot of business savvy in the field of digital books.  It is second only to Amazon in this arena, and it is estimated to own 35 percent of the market, selling an estimated 1 million units in 2009. 

One advantage it has over its new Apple competitor is perhaps a less obtrusive name; since its announcement the iPad has been lampooned by many readers who say it sounds like a feminine hygiene product.  Describes Annie Colbert on the blog "Holy Kaw!", "With "iTampon" quickly emerging as a trending Twitter topic, it's probably safe to say that many women found themselves cringing as they asked, 'Do any women work at Apple?'"

Ironically, the new Apple wonder-product shares its name with a fictional device devised in a MadTV skit -- an Apple feminine hygiene device called the iPad.  Writes "Dontstealmypen" a particularly prolific Twitter, "Will women send their husbands to the Apple store to buy iPads?" and "The iPad—Another embarrassing topic I get to discuss with my kids."

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By StevoLincolnite on 1/29/2010 1:27:52 PM , Rating: 3
Seeing as how one liking games is subjective to begin with, declaring that you will NEVER play a certain console platform over another option is pure ignorance. The only person foolish enough to believe and go along with this is you, and maybe a few fellows here.

Yes it is subjective and I was placing my own personal view on the topic, the Wii is more of a Casual Games platform, and it's genre's that are available do not appeal to me. (Party, Kid games etc').

Nothing against Nintendo if that's what you think, I grew up with the NES and Snes, and had many golden gaming moments, but I've out-grown games like Mario and Donkey Kong and lust for other games like Dragon Age, Borderlands, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Crysis, Unreal Tournament etc'.
The Wii in itself doesn't have the graphical prowess to show these games the way they were meant to be played, and the Wii mote cannot replace the mouse for me in that regard either.

Oh yes that's ignorant and foolish because the games that I -WANT- to play are not available on that particular platform, sheesh.

Imagine, you say and do the same thing during the Atari age or the Nintendo/Sega/Sony age. Think of what you've missed. Think of the tech, the games, the fun, the excitement. All this because you think it's ugly or something rather?

I was a kid during those years, I wasn't as fussy, and those more "simplistic" games appealed to me back then, hence I didn't miss anything.

What about future gaming consoles that say provide complete VR? Are you going to stick to your PC gaming and make the same comments? "Damn that helmet looks stupid on you, I would never get that xxxxx." Oh, don't get into 3D tv too, the glasses suck big time lol.

Oh I have consoles as well, I have an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3 in-fact, mainly because of friends and relatives that own those consoles as well, and it's far easier to jump in a game and talk to each other with headsets, but it won't replace my venerable PC any time soon as my primary gaming platform of choice.

You're not a gamer, you're an idiot. You obviously have no clue what you want and what you're life is missing.

On the contrary, I do know what I want, and I have everything I want, what I don't want is a Wii which I stated in my previous post, but somehow you can't handle the fact that someone doesn't want a Nintendo Wii nor the iPad I gather? Then you have to resort to silly name calling to make yourself feel better.

Please... Get over yourself.

Why would you get an iPad with an Atom when you have just said we had tablets? Would it be better then to have a more powerful computing platform rather than installing win7 on a weaker one? The size maybe? Umm, you didn't like it did you? The design? Umm, you didn't like it either.

Point 1: The iPad -is- a freaking tablet.

Point 2: I would like an iPad that has the Atom processor to Install Windows 7.

Point 3: Perhaps I don't need a more powerful computing platform in a device such as this?

Point 4: No I don't like it how it is currently, but if they threw in an Atom they would have to change the aesthetics to meet the new thermal constraints one would think.

Please don't post again, your bashing makes any sane persons head hurt.

"DailyTech is the best kept secret on the Internet." -- Larry Barber
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