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Apple rakes in the cash for fiscal Q1 2010

As if there weren't enough to look forward to from the folks at Cupertino this week, Apple today released its quarterly earnings after the closing bell and the results are no less than stellar. Results from fiscal Q1 2010 saw revenue shoot up to $15.6B while quarterly profits were $3.38B ($3.67 per share) -- these figures compared to $11.88B and $2.26B ($2.50 per share) respectively from fiscal Q1 2009. Gross margins were also up to 40.9 percent.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was delighted to report the performance of his company and remarked that, “If you annualize our quarterly revenue, it’s surprising that Apple is now a $50+ billion company.”

Apple sold 33 percent more Macs year-over-year during the quarter bringing the total to 3.36 million units. Apple also saw year-over-year iPhone sales double to 8.7 million units during the quarter -- the only sore spot was an eight percent year-over-year decline in iPod sales to 21 million units.

Jobs also alluded to the tablet which Apple is widely expected to announce during an event this Wednesday. “The new products we are planning to release this year are very strong, starting this week with a major new product that we’re really excited about.” added Jobs.

Apple's tablet is expected to feature a 10" screen, include the requisite multi-touch support, and provide news reading and multimedia-centric features. A recent report from Flurry Analytics also suggests that the device will be running a version of the iPhone OS (ver 3.2) instead of the more full-features desktop variant of OS X.

Another interesting thing to note is the large increase in iPhone sales compared to the previous year. Apple has been slowly lifting the single-carrier exclusivity deals around the world, which is giving more customers the ability to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. Apple is widely expected to drop its exclusivity deal with AT&T this year -- the possibility of an iPhone on Verizon or T-Mobile's network in the United States could mean another surge in iPhone sales during fiscal 2010 (and another surge in profits for Apple).

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More ambitious than ever
By carniver on 1/25/2010 7:25:03 PM , Rating: 3
Good to see Apple trying to come up with new ideas, but they've hardly been improving what they already have. Take the iPhone for example, it's latest iteration comes with a mere 300M pixel camera while other smartphones are sporting from 500M to 1200M. It's also slowly losing the spotlight with its many limitations compared to others that can do widgets, multitasking, etc.

Apple have been leading the trend, but if they can't keep their lead they're just repeating what happened many years ago.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By sapiens74 on 1/25/10, Rating: -1
RE: More ambitious than ever
By NesuD on 1/26/2010 7:25:58 AM , Rating: 4
does them better than anyone else.

Uh No actually it doesn't. This will be a test year for iPhone. It is going to be facing very tough competition from competing units this year that are very much equals of the iPhone and in many respects superior. Many reviewers score Googles new smartphone overall superior to Iphone and it will only get better.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By alanore on 1/26/2010 7:40:15 AM , Rating: 4
It kind of sucks at being a Phone, thanks to AT&T.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By 67STANG on 1/26/2010 10:57:38 AM , Rating: 2
It also kind of sucks at browsing the web, thanks to Safari.

-OS Constantly locks up
-Can't replace/upgrade battery
-No removable storage
-Horrible camera
-Can't take video without buying an app from iTunes (really? wtf!)
-Battery lasts less than a day with 3G on (I have it off because it only drops 30% of my calls that way).
-Email and messaging interfaces take too long to load.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By Jakeisbest on 1/26/2010 2:49:52 PM , Rating: 2
More negatives:

-The guitar tuner app seems a bit off compared to my ear.
-Does not yet have a great JRPG style game
-Sometimes I get lag playing COD:World at War: Zombies
-Streaming audio books sometimes looses my place so I have to start the chapter over
-Run Keeper didn't work one time so I didn't get data from jogging that day
-One time I was able to trick Shazaam
-The astronomy guide only covers things you can see with a naked eye.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By icanhascpu on 1/27/2010 12:34:02 PM , Rating: 2
More Negs:

-Too many Apps to choose from
-Sometimes the automatic spell-check picks the wrong word
-Tap Defense on silver spoon quick is real hard to get 17k points
-Sometimes friends that dont have one yet always want to play with my iPhone
-Music while talking on the phone at the same time can be distracting
-Same with playing games and talking on the phone
-And surfing the web and talking on the phone....
-A lot of the really good apps cost money

RE: More ambitious than ever
By Brandon Hill on 1/25/2010 7:42:31 PM , Rating: 3
Well, iPhone OS 4.0 is supposed to bring some big UI/usability improvements... hopefully, it'll be announced Wednesday.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By CHAOQIANG on 1/25/10, Rating: -1
RE: More ambitious than ever
By BruceLeet on 1/26/2010 1:55:08 AM , Rating: 1
My my Brandon, you've become quite the Apple fan!

To each their own 8)

I was surprised to see it written by you, I was expecting you know who. I wonder, the iPod Touch uses the iPhone OS does it not? Will 4.0 come to the touch?

RE: More ambitious than ever
By Brandon Hill on 1/26/2010 9:21:18 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, the iPod touch use the iPhone OS, so I'm 99.99% sure that it will also get the 4.0 update. However, in true Apple smarmy fashion, they're probably gonna charge $9.95 for existing OS 3.x users.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By biggsjm on 1/25/10, Rating: 0
RE: More ambitious than ever
By MrBlastman on 1/26/2010 9:14:40 AM , Rating: 2
Tweets are a waste of time. Who cares what you are doing every minute of your life?

RE: More ambitious than ever
By Brandon Hill on 1/26/2010 9:28:26 AM , Rating: 2
You're right, it does have limited multi-tasking, and for the most part it works. I've never really understood why people complain so much about it though.

I've only come across one REAL annoyance with the OS when it comes to multi-tasking, and that's with Pandora. I can't listen to Pandora and do other things at the same time. However, I got over that pretty quick because I have about 20GB of music on my iPhone anyway.

The way I use my phone at least -- not counting Pandora -- multi-tasking is never an issue. I can listen to music in the background (iPod app) while using other apps, my emails come through in the background, and my internet session in Safari is saved whenever I leave the browser and come back.

All of my other apps (like Facebook) save my state when I hit the Home button, so when I come back to it, it's like I never left.

I'm sure there are people that have specific cases where the "lack of mult-tasking" is the thorn in their sides, but I just haven't found that to be the case. I even jailbroke my iPhone and used the backgrounder app to see what all the fuss was about. Other than being able to run Pandora in the background, it didn't really change my use of the device in any other way.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By FATCamaro on 1/26/2010 2:36:03 PM , Rating: 2
This is my problem as well. The other area where multi-tasking comes into play is some GPS aware apps. But it is a hugely overrated feature. The battery life on the iphone is frankly amazing and it is a joy to use (itunes is meh of course).

RE: More ambitious than ever
By eddieroolz on 1/26/2010 1:26:10 AM , Rating: 1
/*Apple Logic*/

- Why spend tons of $$$ on incorporating a 12MP camera in the same thickness as many other smartphones and Japanese phones, when you can buy 3MP for $1 and make $600 off the phone?

RE: More ambitious than ever
By SiN on 1/26/2010 8:53:34 AM , Rating: 2
do you think people will think it's better because its apple?

looking forward to getting a mac book soon anyway. score one for me thanks to university benefits.

would like to build a pc still :)

RE: More ambitious than ever
By Marlonsm on 1/26/2010 10:10:41 AM , Rating: 2
do you think people will think it's better because its apple?


RE: More ambitious than ever
By icanhascpu on 1/27/2010 12:37:01 PM , Rating: 2
People that use 12MP as a buying point in a phone arn't exactly the type I'd listen to for tech buying advice.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By eddieroolz on 1/29/2010 10:40:58 AM , Rating: 2
You people need to understand the meaning of sarcasm.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By Chocobollz on 1/26/2010 11:12:49 AM , Rating: 2
Damn, I'd love to have those smartphones you're talking because my cellphone here only have 1.2MPx rear cam so those smartphones are like 1000 times bigger than mine :p

And about iPhone only have 300KPx, I think it is just like how it usually is, Apple always know what their customer's want, so if they said you don't need it, then you don't need it even if you really need it :p

RE: More ambitious than ever
By carniver on 1/26/2010 12:55:13 PM , Rating: 2
sorry made a mistake, it's 3MP on iPhone 3GS, and 5MP to 12MP on windows mobiles etc.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By Jakeisbest on 1/26/2010 2:30:47 PM , Rating: 2
Good to see Apple trying to come up with new ideas, but they've hardly been improving what they already have. Take the iPhone for example,

I lol'ed, this like saying: 'ya Einstein published his general theory of relativity in 1915 but it's all ready 1918 and he hasn't updated it!'

iPhone has completely changed the market, because of its interface. What ever application you design you can also design the prefect interface; making the application immediately user friendly.

No matter what you are doing the phone displays the prefect user interface. Every one can immediately use every application, there is no learning curve. Nothing does this better, yet. Droid has the potential but it is still no where close.

Its no wonder people went crazy for it.

RE: More ambitious than ever
By tjr508 on 1/26/2010 7:24:16 PM , Rating: 2
Say what you want to about the specifications on the 3GS camera, but I find the pictures that it takes to be much more clear than many $100+ 5mp+ stand-alone cameras.

I take a lot of up-close pics of small objects at work for quality improvement and no camera I have found matches the iPhone at taking those kind of pictures.

There are more to products than specifications. Is a 1985 Camaro making 700 HP with a generic turbo kit a better car than an M5? I think not.

"Mac OS X is like living in a farmhouse in the country with no locks, and Windows is living in a house with bars on the windows in the bad part of town." -- Charlie Miller
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