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The latest illness to afflict Apple's iMac line is yellowed monitors. The new line, first released in November has suffered many quality issues of different kinds.  (Source: Gizmodo)
And it was all yellow...

The new iMacs are sleek and sightly.  They're filled with high-end hardware.  And reportedly, many of them are defective.

Apple's quality woes seem to only to be getting worse with the holiday season wrapped up.  First released in October, the iMac quickly began to show signs of trouble, with Apple's support forums overrun with unhappy users who discovered their Mac dream machine arrived with a broken screen or would not boot.

Such woes appeared to only be the beginning.  Gizmodo's Mark Wilson was one of many users who received a yellowed iMac.  He got a replacement, only to find that one was discolored as well.  Then to his dismay, he found Apple refusing to replace his unit again, instead suggesting he get it repaired.

He wrote:

I was informed that the company would not issue me another exchange straight from the factory. I'd, instead, need to get the iMac repaired at an Apple Store, lest I "want to waste the time and have to do this all over again." That's right, she basically admitted that everything coming off the line would be inflicted with the same disease.

Many other users have become frustrated with similar refusals.  Writes a user named Laura:

I want the imac purchasers, who have already paid their money AND spent countless hours being fruitless with their machine set-ups and troubleshooting attempts, to be put on the top of the list for receiving brand new WORKING machines. An added bonus would be for Apple to do this kindly, respectfully, and without any attitude. We should not be out of pocket, taking time off work and energy to lug these heavy ibeasts across town looking for a repair; it's a lemon, Apple — you made it, so please replace it. And please do it kindly, respectfully, and communicate to us the process, so that we can all stay in love with all things Apple.

As for Mr. Wilson's iMac, it is now dead and no longer will boot.  The problems that he and others are experiencing seem especially ironic giving Apple's long track record of bragging about its unparalleled monitors -- with the iMac being no exception.  Apple's website brags of the monitor, "The iMac display is designed to look great from almost any angle. A technology called in-plane switching (IPS) makes this possible. Whether you’re sitting in front of the display or standing off to the side, you’ll get a perfect picture with superb color consistency and no loss of detail."

Early reports indicate that users who do try to get their faulty displays repaired have suffered additional issues.  So it seems that currently the "ultimate display", as Apple calls it, is stuck in an infinite loop of problems, including faulty graphics, broken screens, failures to boot, and most recently, yellowed monitors.

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RE: Well...
By StevoLincolnite on 1/14/2010 9:15:06 AM , Rating: 5
I think that blasting Apple for a defect caused by one of it's suppliers is bit over reaching.

Why should Apple be immune to such treatment?
Everyone laughed at Sony's exploding batteries, everyone gives Microsoft "Hell" for Windows ME, Vista and the Xbox 360's RROD.

Nope, if a company releases a product with a high problem/failure rate, they should be doomed to ridicule.

All of these new iMacs are still under warranty, and will be repaired or replaced at no cost the owner.

Correct they would be, however Apple has been rather arrogant and demeaning towards it's customers, and instead of replacing the machines they are "ordering" customers to get it repaired in an arrogant manner.

Heck if I bought a product that was faulty on purchase, I don't want to send it off to wait weeks/months for it to get it repaired, I would want it replaced instantly.

Every company that sells products has to deal with the occasional defect, or damage caused by shipping and handling. To take one instance and say it is indicative of the entire company is unfair.

This is a differing opinion, these companies know the defect rates in there products, if it's not doing what it is supposed to do, then it should be replaced and the company blasted for it, otherwise they will keep cutting corners to cut costs and the consumer will never get anywhere!

Over the years I have owned many PC and Mac laptops and I can honestly say that my Macs have far outlasted my PC's, both in durability and usefulness. Today, my MacBook Pro is so far advanced, that I wouldn't even consider getting another laptop.

I am a little biased here considering I am strictly a PC user, however I have had machines lasted for over 10 years that did there job fine, whatever the technology that's a long time.

PC's have a potentially longer usefulness than a Mac.
Consider how easy they are to upgrade, plus the parts are cheaper in general, and you have a larger variety of choice, hence they can stay modern for a long time.

Your MacPro might be "Advanced" - Just remember however, that it *does* use PC components and it is actually a "PC" - as in "Personal Computer".
With that fact in mind, and because it uses PC components off the shelf a Mac will never be more advanced than a PC, and you will be limited to Intel processors should AMD get a performance edge.

"We shipped it on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we rested." -- Steve Jobs on the iPad launch

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