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Microsoft Courier concept  (Source: Gizmodo)
Microsoft and HP offering better be good

The tablet market isn't very robust today with relatively few offerings available for consumers to choose from. Windows 7 is optimized for touch so the OS is ready for tablets in the event that manufacturers and consumers lineup behind the devices. The most rumored and anticipated tablet won't need Windows though with Apple reportedly readying a tablet.

Of all the tablet rumors circulating, Apple is easily the most talked about entry into the tablet market, and the company hasn't even said officially it is working on a tablet. In December 2009, analysts said that a tablet was coming from Apple in March or April. The mere rumor of a launch date for the Apple tablet sent its stock price up in late December.

Apple has an event planned for later this month that many believe will be the official unveiling of the Apple tablet. Before Apple has a chance to pull the tablet out of the closet, Microsoft and HP are expected to reveal their own tablet computer.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will unveil a slate computer during his keynote at CES 2010 in Las Vegas reports the New York Times. The worst thing that Microsoft and HP could do is pull out a device that is a halfhearted attempt to get to market first. Being first is no guarantee of success in this market, especially considering Apple's history of innovation.

Windows Mobile smartphones were on the market long before Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone from his pocket and the iPhone is now more popular than Windows Mobile Devices according to some statistics. Sources cited by the NYT claim that the HP tablet will be pushed as a multimedia gadget and will have an eReader and multi touch functions built-in.

Most tech fanatics out there, however, are probably expecting the device to look similar to the Courier concepts that were floating around the web last Fall. That concept featured dual multi-touch screens and was capable of accepting pen input. If the device that Ballmer is expected to unveil tonight looks and operates anywhere close to the Courier concept, Microsoft and HP could have a hit on their hands.

DailyTech will be there to get first hand footage of the device.

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By damianrobertjones on 1/6/2010 4:35:32 PM , Rating: 2
".. relatively few offerings available for consumers to choose from"

? There's lots, or at least there was, before most people decided that they weren't that bothered. UMPC/Mids? Many designs, not a lot of buyers. The M400's of the world were that bit too expensive and there's always the HP TC1100.

Either way, I only see the Mac tablet doing well as people really, really are that stupid.

RE: Huh?
By KoolAidMan1 on 1/7/2010 1:54:50 AM , Rating: 2
Actually, the reason a Mac tablet has a shot at doing well is because it will be an all in one product that was designed from the bottom up to function correctly for the purpose it was built for.

You would think that Microsoft would have learned from their own success with the XBox 360 that bottom-up engineering of a complete and integrated product would be the way to go. Instead they are willing to let the desktop version of Windows be on every hardware platform out there even when it is the worst possible decision. Windows 7 is a great desktop and laptop operating system, but it is not a tablet OS, not even close.

Apple gets it, they get it in the same way that Blackberry and Palm (and Microsoft entertainment division) gets it. The iPhone runs a version of OS X, but it isn't the full version of OS X running on the device where the user has full access to the file system and a UI that isn't optimized for a 3.5" screen. A UI that abstracts the guts of the operating system from the user and is tailor-made specifically for the hardware and the purpose of that one specific device, that's the key. Compare this with Windows Mobile which for years has used desktop UI paradigms on a mobile device (dumb) and has a frigging task manager for chrissakes.

Slapping a desktop OS onto a tablet shows that Microsoft put no logical or practical thought into this product. It will be clear to the consumer and it will not succeed. Instead of trying to beat Apple to market, they should have just done what they did with media players and game consoles and waited to see what everyone else did, then follow in their footsteps with their own version and let their colossal marketing budget carry the day.

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