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Full-body scanning may be increased after terror attack on U.S. bound flight

With the failed Christmas Day attack fresh on the mind of many Americans, many are calling for increased security in our airports. Security is already increased in the post 9/11 world of air travel, but many Americans still don't feel safe.

Some lawmakers in Congress are calling for increased use of full body scanners that some claim would have detected the non-metallic explosive used by the Nigerian terrorist aboard the Detroit-bound flight on Christmas day. Reuters reports that Dutch authorities have announced that the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam -- where the terrorist boarded the flight bound for America -- will be using full body scanners within three weeks.

In America, President Obama could decree that the deployment of similar scanners in airports around the country be installed. At this point, only 19 airports around the country are using the full-body scanners and the use of the scanners is optional by the traveler. They can opt for pat down instead of using the full-body scanner.

No legislation from Congress is needed for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to deploy full-body scanners into the remainder of the 560 airports around the country that have scheduled airline service. Reuters reports that the terrorist attacks coupled with the call for increased security and additional full-body scanners in our airports is boosting the stock of some companies that build the scanners and related technology.

Whether or not passengers will be forced to go through the full-body scanners remains to be seen. That decision is not up to the TSA. TSA spokesman Greg Soule said, "That [mandatory full-body scanner use] would be a DHS decision. Clearly we would work with DHS, the White House and our congressional partners on security decisions."

Legislation limiting full-body scanning to secondary searches has passed the House of Representatives but has not passed the Senate. The ACLU says that it does not trust the safeguards in place to protect the privacy of passengers subjected to full-body scanning. The ACLU believes that unaltered images showing the shape of a person's body and genitals would still exist.

One ACLU privacy expert said, "If a celebrity goes through a scanner that kind of image could end up on the Internet."

The full body scanners blur the face and genitals of the person in the scanner and only the operator can see the images. The benefit for passengers to using the scanner opposed to a pat down is that the scanner takes 15 to 30 seconds while the pat down takes 3 to 4 minutes.

Chris Calabrese, an attorney with the ACLU, said in May 2009 when talking about using the scanner or a pat down, "A choice between being groped and being stripped, I don't think we should pretend those are the only choices. People shouldn't be humiliated by their government."

There is much research being put into developing better scanners today. Researchers at MIT have developed technology for a new breed of airport scanners that can tell the difference between items in luggage. The new scanner could for instance tell if a pill bottle holds over the counter pain medications or methamphetamines.

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RE: Points to consider
By Nfarce on 1/8/2010 10:54:08 PM , Rating: 2
The Entire PLFP, DLFP, former Apartheid parties, the LRA, Tripura liberation front, not to mention the Aryan Nations who I have come face to face with in the streets of America and Canada, and who are dangerous and scary as f**k---I could go on

When you see those wackos trying to blow up an airliner, or fly one hijacked into a skyscraper, or blow THEMSELVES up at a coffee shop, let met know. Okay?

Look. Here's a clue: of the top 10 hot spots and WARS on the FREAKING PLANET, which religion do you want to guess is behind all ten? We can go from Bosnia to Nigeria to the Far East.

RE: Points to consider
By hashish2020 on 1/9/2010 3:35:46 PM , Rating: 2
"blow up an airliner"

...Sikh extremists have done the same---is Sikhism part of the same existential threat?

Not to mention, what is the real moral difference between blowing yourself up in a coffee shop and doing what the Lord's Resistance Army does

"Media reports indicated that more than 400 people were killed,[1] many of them hacked into pieces,[4] decapitated,[5] or burned alive in their homes.[5] Several people reportedly had their lips cut off as a "warning not to speak ill of the rebels",[6] and two three-year-old girls suffered serious neck injuries when rebels tried to twist their heads off.[7] More than 20,000 people were reported to have been displaced by the attacks,[3][6][8] and at least 20 children were abducted by the LRA.[8][9] The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that as many as 225 people, including 160 children, may have been abducted and more than 80 women raped.[3]"

But no, it's ok because they didn't touch a PLANE

"of the top 10 hot spots and WARS on the FREAKING PLANET, which religion do you want to guess is behind all ten?"

First you say that it isn't religion that drives the religion based wars of Northern Ireland, then you turn around and blame the religion as being behind the wars over Palestine and Sheeba, behind the war in Darfur

Let me tell you about the world hot spots that are not the problem of ISLAM itself

The Congo
How is BOSNIA/KOSOVO the fault of Muslims? Talk about blaming the victim
East Timor (but Indonesia is MUSLIM? Oh wait, the first war against the Timorese was supported by the West because the rebels were nominally communist)
Palestine (yes, such a religious war when secular and Christian parties like the DLFP and PLFP are part of the PLO) good try
Yea, but obviously Chechnya is the fault of the Muslims who had their capital city indiscriminately bombed into rubble...three times
I didn't know the drug cartels in Mexico were Muslim
Or that Burmese Buddhist monks or the juanta were Muslim

You really need to learn something about the world that isn't from flight sim manuals and wargames, but reality

If you saw how most of the world starved, you'd realize that many times, religion is just an excuse to make tight knit groups to fight and survive

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the closest you have been to a "hot spot" or a "war" is Sandals, Jamaica, or a visit to Southern France

"The Space Elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing" -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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