Industry-leading customer disatisfaction has made for a tough working environment for AT&T employees. In a leaked audio tape, paid actor Luke Wilson tells them to keep their heads up.  (Source: AT&T via YouTube)
Mr. Wilson gives a cheerful speech to the troops telling them to keep fighting the good fight

Amid complaints over dropped calls and poor coverage it's a tough time to be an employee at AT&T, according to some on the inside.  Morale is dipping dangerously, closely corresponding to highs in customer dissatisfaction reported in recent market research studies.  While AT&T does have one pivotal trump card (the iPhone), it's painted itself in a tough corner, particularly with its decision to cut capital expenses between 2008 and 2009, which has forced it to pick and choose what parts of its struggling network to upgrade.

AT&T has been doing its best to minimize the growing PR nightmare, rejecting rumors of coming iPhone data fines/tiered pricing and instead emphasizing a growing number of free Wi-Fi partners.  It also has been airing a series of commercials starring Luke Wilson, which look to attack Verizon.  The commercials seek to counter Verizon's series of map commercials that lampoon AT&T's 3G coverage map -- commercials that AT&T fought in court to have pulled, a fight which it eventually gave up on.

Now Gizmodo has released an audio recording that's reportedly a motivational speech by Luke Wilson to the AT&T employees, telling them to keep their heads up.  He starts, "Hi Luke Wilson here.  I'm sure you've heard me on TV recently talking about the AT&T network.  I'm kinda hard to miss.  As an AT&T customer it's been an honor.  I'm a big fan of you guys and everything you do."

He adds, "I may not know a lot about cell sites, backhaul, searches and spectrum, but I do know the importance of all the hard work you do every day to keep me and millions of other Americans connected to the world.  I hope in some way I've helped AT&T keep moving.  On a more personal note I wish each and every one of you and your families a happy holiday and a prosperous New Year.  I can't thank you enough."

How are AT&T employees taking the little Christmas surprise?  Some aren't very impressed.  A user going by the s/n writes, "i work for the at&t can attest that morale is in the toilet. we do our best to take each day as it comes, but honestly its not the actual job or dealing with you and all customers, its middle to upper management, their greed, and somewhat high expectations and the demand that is placed on us. i am blessed to be employed in this time and take care of my family, but still morale is bad right now...i am not sure the proper way to go about it, but hiring an actor to "talk to us" isnt going to help."

Another employee with the s/n ara313001, comments:
I work for ATT (wireless sales.) I can say that It does feel like we work for the aforementioned companies above like Goldman and Lehman Bros.

Between arbitrary sales pressure, constant complaints about our network and unenthusiastic corporate bosses I feel hopeless.

For instance, did you know that att corporate raised sales goals during christmas and iphone launches to protect themselves from paying us too much?

We get paid according to how close we get to our total monthly goals. If you exceed the goals you get paid more; something I feel is fair on months like December and June (iphone launch) when we have to deal with all the extra bullshit.

Hearing a speech from Luke Wilson is nice but It doesn't really mean anything. I'd rather hear it from someone who isnt getting paid
Thus far no employees have commented about the speech in a positive light.

"Spreading the rumors, it's very easy because the people who write about Apple want that story, and you can claim its credible because you spoke to someone at Apple." -- Investment guru Jim Cramer

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