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Installation could take three years

The IT infrastructure of many U.S. government institutions is lacking and is set for an overhaul under President Obama. The need for IT and security is highest in the government where potential security breaches could harm the safety of the country and our armed forces.

The House of Representatives announced today that it would soon install a Wi-Fi network inside the sprawling 505,000 square foot multi-building campus. The installation of the wireless network is expected to take as long as three years and may begin as soon as January. One House spokesman hinted that the installation of the wireless network could be completed more quickly, but no firm timeline was given.

The wireless network will use 802.11n reports InformationWeek and will be installed to start with in cafeterias and eventually spread to cover member's offices, hearing rooms, and other locations within the building. Setting up a wireless network in such a large campus, with walls made of marble will be a challenge.

The House also expects the network to be very robust with enhanced security. The contractor who installs the network will be required to integrate network security and management tools into the network and eventually maintain the network. One key specification is that the network needs to be able to locate rogue access points and users.

The network will be used for internet connectivity, VoIP, and location-based applications. Currently there is little coverage for Wi-Fi on the House campus with most using 3G access reports InformationWeek.

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Failure is on the horizon...
By bob4432 on 12/20/2009 7:59:09 PM , Rating: 2
how do they really think they can pull this off w/out failing. i know even wpa2 w/ ssl would be hard to break, but look at what people would be breaking it for, so i am sure it will be broken quickly, probably in the first 6mos if they implement it correctly, but i am sure somebody will hook up their own ap and be the office "super IT guy" and leave it wide open only to have everything they do sniffed by the chinese, russians, hell w/ this setup a passerby will be breaking information more than the enquire and tmz combined w/ real proof.

if they didn't even encrypt the video transmission on the uavs when they knew sensitive video would be tranmitted and people in bosnia/iraq/afghanistan could watch real time our mil doing their jobs, well i really don't have hope for this. they should just run copper and keep it out of the air and much safer/simplier and then do the sweeps for aps just in case.

and this will probably cost a cool $50M - it is washington and they love to spend money, and i am sure they will buy crap gear for well over msrp, thats just how they work - and will call it a job creating project

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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