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Chinese internet users will have less access to porn and pirated information until next year

The Chinese government has launched yet another attack against internet pornography, with officials expecting the anti-porn program to last until the end of May 2010.

To help lead the way, WAP site registration will have to undergo additional scrutiny, with each site's registration information verified before it goes live.  Furthermore, the government also will go beyond WAP sites, and will also target third-party payment companies, and others who are involved in providing online pornography to Chinese internet users.

"If they do not take up proper actions, they will be held for the breach of duty," according to a statement reported on by Chinese media.  "In those serious cases, the corporate representatives will be forced to apologize to the public and promise to correct their wrong-doings in public."

Some web hosts in Shanghai, Henan, Zhejiang and Jiangxi are now saying some customers are calling in to complain they can no longer access their own personal Web sites.  Furthermore, ISPs are no longer allowed to host personal websites -- only businesses and companies approved by the government -- can have individual Web sites.

The so-called great wall of China has kicked thousands of PC users off of the internet, with YouTube, twitter, Facebook and Flickr also reprimanded for various reasons.  YouTube came under fire in March after videos highlighting the situation in Tibet were promoted by Chinese users.

Along with a crackdown on internet porn, the government also is leading yet another attempt to limit piracy -- several Chinese websites known for hosting copyrighted music and movies were disconnected.

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RE: Why?
By mindless1 on 12/18/2009 12:48:35 AM , Rating: 2
What is wrong is that is a double-standard and censorship, but on the topic of forcing someone, few if any really "want" to be a prostitute, it comes out of being screwed over or mentally screwed up, a state of desperation for money or attention regardless of whether for living expenses, drugs, or just a roof to sleep under.

In the US it is a bit different in areas like Las Vegas at least, the seedy industry is at least exposed a bit more and they didn't have to choose to live in a high-rent "neighborhood".

RE: Why?
By Lerianis on 12/18/2009 3:30:03 AM , Rating: 2
Wrong. I know quite a few people in my area who are prostitutes and who are not 'mentally screwed up' unless you think having a more liberal sexuality morality than the religioloonies is 'mentally screwed up'.

The fact is that most prostitutes get into the business because it is easy to make a ton of money very quickly, just as in dancing in 'seedy bars'.

Those people I allude to do drugs.... but that came after they became prostitutes and they could AFFORD drugs.

Many people who become prostitutes or 'high-class hookers' do it because it is a very easy way to make money.... and there is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is a violation of human rights to keep someone from being a prostitute should they wish to, and a violation of human rights to make prostitution illegal.

If they wanted to stop all the negatives associated with prostitution.... they would simply legalize it and move on.

RE: Why?
By mindless1 on 12/19/2009 6:32:20 AM , Rating: 2
They are mentally screwed up. Non-religious people still want a choice of who they have sex with, it has nothing to do with liberalism.

The fact is if someone gets into the business for the money quickly, they are either desperate (or else why did they need the money quickly), or mentally screwed up (if they weren't, there would be no need to ostracize oneself for a quick dollar, others manage to make ends meet and have happy lives without trying for a quick buck this way).

So they do drugs, and you don't think they had a predisposition, that it's just some kind of "perk" instead of being screwed up emotionally? You seem to know little about human nature, and little about the end result of whoring to get drug money then having to whore again for more drug money till that viscous circle makes the girl even more screwed up and desperate.

Sorry, mentally healthy people do not go into prostitution unless they are desperate. Mentally healthy people pick a career they like to make money and have sex with only who they prefer.

Maybe you just don't realize how screwed up these prostitutes are because they are acting. That's what a lot of women do when participating in something as emotionally charged as selling themselves for money.

To give you a bit of my background, I grew up best friends to someone whose mother, then eventually he, owns a strip club. I saw this stuff constantly inside, and the hooking inside and out, and the drugs, the burnouts, a few suicides, a couple murders right behind the place let alone elsewhere in the city, and a lot of other screwed up things that happen when someone is living that "more liberal sexuality" life you claimed they have.

I get it, you like prostitutes. What's wrong with just sleeping with someone who wants to sleep with you instead of having to be paid to?

See where those people you know are in a few years, mentally as well as what kind of family they have. Only someone screwed up in the first place chooses to stay in a profession that turns their life inside out like prostitution does.

Women that just want fast money have lots of other ways to manipulate rich men, or did you think most of the women in nice department stores, fancy restaurants, etc, were hookers?

It is not a violation of human rights that is ridiculous. Laws are made to keep order and everyone accepts that tradeoff. Is it my human right to take a walk through your property? It's my body, why can't I do that?

Legalizing it wouldn't remove the negatives, you just can't accept that it goes against human nature to screw everyone that comes along instead of picking and choosing mates (back to screwed up in the head).

RE: Why?
By chick0n on 12/18/2009 8:31:14 AM , Rating: 1

who told u all those BS? oh yeah, shit you see on US controlled media about China must be true ... very true.

US has been "bad mouthing" China for years.

You have no idea how many girls in China who "wants" to be a hooker just so that they dont have to go to college. "work" in the field for 10 years, then quit and hope someone who doesnt know what she does would marry her.

when you dont know the truth of something, stfu and dont act like a know-it-all.

RE: Why?
By mindless1 on 12/19/2009 6:18:10 AM , Rating: 2
You seemed to totally miss the point. Like anyone who wants money they do it, but if they could snap their fingers and have an equal pay job where they're screwing who they want instead of strangers, don't even pretend they'd pick the latter.

They don't want to be hookers, they just don't see another way to have their material desires met. If some rich guy came along and offered to pay their way w/o sex, do you think they'd stand on the street corner? Of course not.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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