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Legislation would create 85-decibel cap, but some say it's unjust

To help protect the hearing of MP3 player owners, the European Commission is considering drafting legislation that would force manufacturers to create a limit on maximum volume. The proposed limit, a maximum 85 decibels, comes on the heels of an EU report that reports 10 million citizens could have hearing problems, including permanent hearing loss and other major medical issues.

"More and more young people are referred to me by their GPS with tinnitus or hearing loss as a direct result to exposure to loud music," said Dr. Robin Yeoh, Epsom and St. Heilier NHS Trust consultant, in an interview with BBC.  "It's the sort of damage that in the old days would have come from industrial noise.  The damage is permanent and will often play havoc with their employment opportunities and their personal lives."

If music listeners want to, they could increase the decibel limit up to 100 decibels.

EU legislators will take a closer look into the matter next month, with a final decision expected sometime in the spring.

Critics say there must be some type of middle ground between consumer safety and personal ownership, and note that 85 decibels is too low when background noise can still drown out the music.  Realistically, government officials must try to educate children about the dangers, not try to prevent it without education, if they wish to help reduce hearing-related cases stemming from loud music.

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By Akrovah on 12/15/2009 7:04:43 PM , Rating: 2
Mediocre quality of life? Really? Just from being ahrd of hearing?

I knew a BLIND man who is a succsseful busines owner entrepenure, former CIA employee, and held/holds some kind of record for blind downhill skiing. Has a wife, 2 kids, and has shaken hands with multiple presidents, and you want to tell me that quality of life will be mediocre just from hearing loss?

And lets not forget, Beethoven eventually went def.

As far as well paid jobs that you can do without hearing:
Just about any office job doesn't REALLY need hearing
Computer Programming
Animation in various forms
Just about any high technology job
I'm sure this list can go on quite a ways

In other words, it is perfectly easy for a def or heard of hearing person to be completely self sufficient without having to leech off the welfare system for thier hearing aids. Let owners of MP3 players make thier own decision as to how they listen to thier music, if they start to loose hearing then they have to deal with it. It is very unlikely that they will suddenly become unemployable and start living off of your tax dollars.

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