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Dell remains optimistic for Q4

The computer market has been through a very tough year with consumers and businesses simply not buying due to the poor economy. This has led to some heavy losses for some in the computer industry. The economy is slowing starting to come back and the launch of Windows 7 is expected to drive some upgrades in the 2010.

The CPU market grew by 23% showing that computers were shipping in larger numbers in Q3 2009. The same quarter, Acer was able to kick Dell out of the second place spot in the top global PC shippers list. Dell announced its Q3 financials and outlook for Q4 this week and while trying to be upbeat, the Q3 numbers were not great compared to 2008.

EWeek reports that Dell saw its profits drop 54% for the quarter compared to 2008. Net income for the quarter was $337 million; net income in Q3 2008 was much higher at $727 million. Despite plummeting revenue, Dell is upbeat for Q4.

Dell CFO Brian Gladden said that the quarterly results were "showing some encouraging signs for us, especially in our large enterprise and SMB businesses, where we had sequential growth for the first time in seven quarters."

Things look better on a per category basis for Dell with its large enterprise revenue growing 4% compared to Q2 to $3.4 billion. Revenue from small and mid-size businesses was $3 billion, up 5% from the previous quarter, but down 10% from the same quarter in 2008.

Dell is looking forward to continued growth in Q4 in part thanks to expected consumer upgrades from the launch of Windows 7. Gladden said, "We built more backlog than normal due to [Windows 7's] late-quarter release, and the order dynamics that we saw during the end of October."

Dell is still continuing its aggressive cost cutting measures, which so far have included layoffs and plant closures. These cost cutting methods are likely to be leveraged next year with very aggressive pricing on enterprise PCs and servers to allow dell to aggressively gain market share according to analysts.

Technology Business Research analyst John Spooner said, "Despite lackluster business PC and server unit sales numbers in its 3Q09, TBR expects Dell to leverage its recent cost cuts … to fund aggressive PC and server pricing during the expected corporate PC upgrade cycle in 2010. We believe Dell has been laying the groundwork for this move for some time. In fact, it will leverage its lower costs to provide aggressive hardware pricing to large enterprise customers in order to win in large bid situations. At the same time, Dell will gain the opportunity to attach additional items, including its storage and newly acquired Dell/Perot Systems services, with large PC and server deployments."

The cost savings measures are expected to allow Dell to reduce the costs of its products enough that it can win large bid contracts that it can then turn around and bundle with services such as those provided by the Perot Systems company that it acquired in September.

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RE: Heres an astonishing idea
By vikramsbox on 11/20/2009 9:58:01 PM , Rating: 4
Outsourcing is all over the place and its mutual between countries. The US govt allows outsourcing in order to gain investment avenues in countries like China and india. If you faithfully follow your anti outsourcing maxim, what will you buy then? Intel's CPU's are designed by Indians (Ronak Singhal), all the mobos are made in China and Taiwan, all laptops (except the high end ones) are made in China, MS's software developers are mostly Asians, the leading car tech and electronic tech are developed in Japan, etc etc.
You only see the human factor in support issues and that's why you complain. What you don't choose to see, you don't complain about.

RE: Heres an astonishing idea
By rippleyaliens on 11/22/2009 2:18:53 PM , Rating: 2
The advantage with outsourcing, is the Labor wages. For the corporations. In India and China, I will say, that combined those 2 countries have 2-3x the amount of college educated personal working for them. (2.5 BILLION people between the 2).

The problem with the USA with regards to this, is the abundance of low wage professionals in those countries. In India for instance, a CCIE makes 35-40k USA there.. Over here simular CCIE makes 110-125k. HIGH end CCIE's not noobs. Some people complain, the difference, yet that 40k in india = 150-175k in the level of lifestyle.

Just using this simple thought. Different economies. THE PROBLEM with that is, our country is import heavy, STOCK MARKET Dependent, Pure Profit driven. Which is good, except the simple things are popping up.
1. Level of jobs available in usa that is non-exportable, is slipping very fast.
2. THE USA cost of living purely devastates those 2 other countries. IE the medium house in the usa = $200k which is well beyond the capabilities of the bulk of the USA..
3. The other 2 countries do not import no where near the level in which the USA imports.

When WALMART is the #1 company on the planet, with the bulk of the items in the store from china.. This says alot. Companies are complaining that their sales are down, that home sales are in a rut, that car sales are flat..

YET GM / Chrysler are getting there due.. They transported car manufacturing to mexico/canada/china= YET expect americans to keep buying cars??? NOT GONNA HAPPEN...
Vicious cycle, that is slowly closing.. Other than car builders, The USA has no other MAJOR Manufacture Industry.. More so service, YET how much service needs to be serviced???

I still believe to this day, that NAFTA, and FREETRADE was the downfall to this country.. When i was a kid, i remember when the deficit at 20-30 billion was insane.. now we are at 10Trillion and counting.. WTF..

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs

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