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Vista took six months to reach 4% of the market

Microsoft has a lot riding on Windows 7 after Vista was poorly adopted by enterprise users and consumers. Windows 7 so far has been doing much better than Vista and is growing rapidly in marketshare in the computer market.

Early reports showed that retail box sales of Windows 7 were up a whopping 234% compared to sales of Vista over the same time period. A new report has now been published by Net Applications that shows Windows 7 has significantly increased its share of the overall PC market since its launch. As of November 9 Windows 7 has 4% of the OS market.

The adoption rate among users is much higher than the adoption rate of Vista over the same period. Since its launch, Windows 7 has grown 84% in marketshare. It took Vista six months to claim 4% of the OS market when it launched. Net Applications reports that Windows OS' of all flavors own 92.5% of the OS market, a slight decline from 93.06% that it owned in August 2009. Linux owns 0.96% of the OS market with Mac owning 5.27%.

Microsoft is aggressively pushing the new operating system with discounts and promotional offers with retailers like Best Buy. The software giant is also trying to make upgrades from legacy operating systems like XP to Windows 7 easier since there is no direct upgrade path between the two OS'.

Microsoft has maintained that sales of Windows 7 will be largely tied to the sales of PCs moving forward, which have slumped due to the poor economy. The good news for Microsoft is that PC sales are currently growing with a 95% increase in the weeks before and after Windows 7 launched. This is the one spot where Vista holds an edge over Windows 7 – PC sales jumped 170% after Vista launched.

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By InternetGeek on 11/11/2009 2:20:00 PM , Rating: 2
He didnt pull it out. Even Net apps took the data off. I think they havent actually checked their data and what not. Their latest report is Oct 2009 and Win 7 wasnt out then yet.

I'll wait until the end of the month. You can just replace from one day to the other an OS that's used in over 80% of the computers of the world (XP). It takes time and MS is aiming for the long run. Not just the OS, but other product lines.

Think about it. 15 years for now there will be people running Win 7 because its better for what they do, even though computers and other better OSs are out there.

By Lord 666 on 11/12/2009 10:37:45 AM , Rating: 2
Did you even read what I wrote? I didn't even mention Windows 7! There was a Nintendo article in the WSJ yesterday that was pretty much copied/pasted and used in a DT article. It was later removed from DT.

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