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C'mon get a Mac says NVIDIA's CEO. He brags "[they've] got the best stuff inside" and proclaims his house is "all mac".  (Source: Shuffle Gazine)
Get a Mac, suggests NVIDIA CEO

Intel is suing NVIDIA in an effort to get them dropped from chipset licensing on Nehalem boards.  NVIDIA has filed countersuit against Intel.  NVIDIA has even gone as far as to sponsor cartoons lampooning Intel.

NVIDIA particularly enraged Intel when it convinced Apple to dump Intel's integrated graphics from its product lineup in favor of NVIDIA designs.   Intel vows it will make a return to the Mac graphics platform, stating, "Graphics is a competitive market and we compete for all new business. "

Apple's decision to opt for NVIDIA is certainly being rewarded with loads of love from the graphics giant.  NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, speaking in Dubai at the American University of Dubai (AUD), showed a lot of affection for the Cupertino company, bragging that his household was "all Apple" according to Shuffle Gazine.

He brags, "Apple uses the best technology for their [computers]. Apple says to their customers: if you buy a computer from us you can be sure we have selected the best technology inside for you. That is their promise to consumers. Their promise to consumers isn’t we’ve selected the best technology for you with the exception of what Intel allows us to use. That’s not their promise. And that’s why Apple uses the best technology where they want whenever they want. And that’s why I’m all Apple! At home it’s just Macs everywhere. It’s NVIDIA’s technology in all of them but I use Macs. My son has two Macs, my daughter has a Mac, there’s an extra Mac just in case and my wife has a Mac. It’s just Mac, Mac, Mac! Because I know it’s got the best stuff inside."

He says Intel's model of standardization doesn't work for all OEMs.  He continued, adding that OEMs that thrive on a luxury image, like Apple, need differentiated technology to support their brands.

Aside from its obvious implications in the Mac vs. PC debate, Mr. Huang's comments throw support behind a platform that doesn't typically cater to modern 3D gaming -- OS X.  With its upcoming Fermi GPUs, NVIDIA is primarily targeting the GPU computing market, despite the fact that most of its current dedicated GPU business comes from computer gaming enthusiasts.

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Oh please
By bradmshannon on 11/10/2009 1:43:41 PM , Rating: 5
What an Apple polisher...

RE: Oh please
By amanojaku on 11/10/2009 1:48:12 PM , Rating: 5
No kidding. BOTH of Steve's apples.

RE: Oh please
By 67STANG on 11/10/2009 1:57:14 PM , Rating: 5
Easier to polish them, when you're swinging on them.

RE: Oh please
By monomer on 11/10/2009 2:49:24 PM , Rating: 3
Considering that Apple just kicked Nvidia to he curb with the release of the new iMacs which have switched over to ATI, JHH has to try something to make sure he keeps his chips in the next MacBook Pro update.

RE: Oh please
By jonmcc33 on 11/10/2009 3:28:07 PM , Rating: 4
Those all still use nVIDIA chipsets even though the graphics are provided by ATi.

RE: Oh please
By Barfo on 11/10/2009 3:39:35 PM , Rating: 6
Well since he said "Apple uses the best technology in their computers" then those ATI graphics cards must be better than Nvidia's.

RE: Oh please
By LRonaldHubbs on 11/10/2009 4:50:13 PM , Rating: 3
Touché, salesman.

RE: Oh please
By Drag0nFire on 11/10/2009 7:02:10 PM , Rating: 3
Six please?

RE: Oh please
By Brandon Hill on 11/10/2009 7:18:47 PM , Rating: 2
I think he deserved it :)

RE: Oh please
By riku0116 on 11/10/2009 4:48:14 PM , Rating: 2
Well whatever his intentions, he just sounds like a total douche to me.

RE: Oh please
By teko on 11/10/2009 3:15:49 PM , Rating: 3
"It’s just Mac, Mac, Mac! Because I know it’s got the best stuff inside."

Did anyone tell him yet that there's Intel inside a Mac?

RE: Oh please
By adiposity on 11/10/2009 5:09:46 PM , Rating: 5
I doubt Nvidia would argue that in the CPU business, Intel is it doesn't really hurt his argument.

On the other hand, Intel GPUs suck, and we all know it.


RE: Oh please
By StevoLincolnite on 11/10/2009 8:59:52 PM , Rating: 2
On the other hand, Intel GPUs suck, and we all know it.

Hence why I call them "Intel decelerators" - Fits Intels IGP rather well. :)

I don't think I recall Intel -ever- making a decent graphics chip, there AGP card the Intel i740 was relatively slow at the time, and had buggy drivers, so realistically the situation hasn't changed over the years.

RE: Oh please
By MrPoletski on 11/12/2009 6:31:12 AM , Rating: 1
i740 FTW!!

no, wait...

RE: Oh please
By LRonaldHubbs on 11/10/2009 3:35:37 PM , Rating: 4
Obviously he has a tremendous degree of credibility. I mean, after opening a can of whoop-ass on Intel and delivering an exceptional Fermi demo, what reason is there not to take his word for it?


RE: Oh please
By SavagePotato on 11/10/2009 6:56:06 PM , Rating: 5
I would go so far as to say this guy's douchebaggery is going to eventually sink nvidia.

Seriously they should replace him as ceo.

RE: Oh please
By smegz on 11/11/2009 2:29:56 PM , Rating: 2
Let's face it; NVIDIA loves Apple because even when NVIDIA was pushing failure ridden GPU's for Apple's notebooks, Apple stuck with them. I'd love a company that stuck with me when I was dishing crap too.

IMO, Apple should have cut NVIDIA loose after the 8000 series problems and considered ATI mobile chips. They already use ATI parts in their desktops and ATI's mobile offerings are quite competitive.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs
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