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Analysts predict the game will sell 5 million copies the first day

The global economy may still be poor, but some categories are doing well despite the economic downturn. One of those categories is video games. One of the most anticipated video game launches of all times is set to happen this week with a new game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The game is set to hit stores Tuesday and analysts are predicting massive sales for the game. Activision has a lot riding on the launch according to Reuters. Some analysts expect the game to count for as much as 16 cents of Activision's earnings per share for the December quarter.

MKM Partners analyst Eric Handler said, "This is the one game that could buck the economic trend for the holiday season."

The game will sell for about $60 per copy and Activision is partnering with 12 retailers including GameStop and Best Buy to hold over 10,000 midnight launch events across the country. Estimates peg sales for the game at 11 to 13 million units by the end of 2009. Activision CEO Robert Kotick expects the game to be one of the biggest media launches of any kind of all time.

Handler expects that the game will sell about 5 million units on the first day of sales and a total of 7 to 8 million games the first week. Those sales numbers would put the game ahead of last year's top title, Grand Theft Auto IV. The game will carry an M rating for violence and blood. Some of the most popular aspects of the Call of Duty franchise centers around the multiplayer aspects of the game, which the new version is sure to have.

GameStop executive VP Tony Bartel said, "By all indicators, we anticipate 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' will be the biggest entertainment launch of 2009, as well as the biggest video game launch in GameStop's history."

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Another lost PC sale here
By werepossum on 11/9/2009 5:44:20 PM , Rating: 1
I too have every Call of Duty game made for the PC, including WaW which I've yet to even load. I loved COD: MW even though it was frightfully short, but I wouldn't touch MW2 with a ten foot pole. $60 for a sub-four hour cheapo console port single player (no prone, no lean) and crippled multiplayer? Chance not. 1998 is calling, they want their game design back.

Here's hoping that PC sales are so bad that Infinity Ward either fixes the next one or better yet leaves PC gaming for good, making room for those who will design to the PC's strengths rather than to consoles' limitations. You don't have to dance with the ones that brung ya, IW, but at least don't piss on us.

With each new Infinity Ward game growing shorter and more limited, someone should project how many more before it degenerates into nothing more than opening cinematics followed by a form to send IW more money,

RE: Another lost PC sale here
By KoolAidMan1 on 11/10/2009 6:45:32 AM , Rating: 2
It would be a shame if IW completely abandoned the PC, even given the imposing of IWnet on the platform.

This is the best game the company has turned out, hands down.

RE: Another lost PC sale here
By KoolAidMan1 on 11/10/2009 6:50:26 AM , Rating: 2
And FWIW, the game took me about 7 hours to beat on Regular. I moved pretty fast so I figure the average person (ie - not asperger's having speedrunner shut-in) will take longer. A friend of mine that played it on Veteran beat it in a little over 9.

The overall length is about the same as other CoD games. It does have significantly more unique settings, /[way]/ more than what were in MW1, which tells me that the individual sections are in shorter chunks but that there are more of them.

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