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Motorola Droid, powered by Google's Android 2.0 OS

A Droid phone in the wild  (Source: AP)

The iPhone has more apps than the Droid phone and is a bit thinner, but it lacks a physical keyboard, arguably an inferior screen, a worse camera, no support for Flash, and a lack of true multitasking, forcing app backgrounding. Apple is reportedly planning a price cut on a reduced memory iPhone 3GS (8 GB) to try to stay competitive.
Apple once again is challenged in the smartphone arena

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RE: Error in Article
By SnakeBlitzken on 11/10/2009 1:43:04 PM , Rating: 2
Agree. My iphone does everything great but answer calls. I'm thinking of going to a different phone at the end of the contract and using it as an ipod touch.

RE: Error in Article
By Sazar on 11/10/2009 6:22:24 PM , Rating: 2
Dropped calls and the iffy 3.0 update have been the primary pain-points with the iPhone for me.

Heck, with the 3.0 update, if I didn't reboot my phone, it would randomly stop receiving/alerting me about calls and texts. I felt so unloved :(

I walked into the Verizon store and will keep an eye on this phone. The navigation feature is awesome and I really hope it gets ported to the iPhone.

I am waiting to see where the next iPhone goes :)

"You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling." -- Peter Moore, 24 hours before his Microsoft resignation

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