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Senator John McCain has introduced Internet Freedom Act of 2009 as alternative to FCC regulations

Net neutrality is one of the top technology topics that President Obama has focused on for his first term and was one of his big topics while campaigning. Obama feels that the neutrality of the internet must be maintained, as does the FCC.

The FCC voted to begin drafting rules yesterday that would require ISPs to treat all web traffic the same. The proposed rules would prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing the bandwidth available to high demand traffic like streaming video or other applications that can strain networks. The proposed rules would allow ISPs to block illegal material like child pornography and spam.

Republican Senator John McCain has introduced legislation that would block the FCCs proposal for regulating the neutrality of the Internet. The AFP reports that McCain said, "the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 [will keep the internet] free from government control and regulation."

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said, "reasonable and enforceable rules of the road [are needed] to preserve a free and open internet." Genachowski points out that these rules are needed because of "some significant situations where broadband providers have degraded the data streams of popular lawful services and blocked consumer access to lawful applications."

Naturally, companies that make their money from the internet are supporting the FCC's proposal. These companies include Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and several other internet firms. McCain calls the FCC's proposal "onerous federal regulation" and calls the proposed rules a "government takeover" of the internet.

ComptuerWorld also reports that McCain does not support including wireless broadband providers in the net neutrality rules saying, "[The wireless industry] exploded over the past 20 years due to limited government regulation."

McCain said of his Internet Freedom Act of 2009, "Today I'm pleased to introduce the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 that will keep the Internet free from government control and regulation. It will allow for continued innovation that will in turn create more high-paying jobs for the millions of Americans who are out of work or seeking new employment. Keeping businesses free from oppressive regulations is the best stimulus for the current economy."

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By rika13 on 10/25/2009 12:33:07 PM , Rating: 1
firstly, this isnt the McCain i wanted to vote for, then again, neither was the one who ran against Obama, the one i wanted to vote for would have kicked Obama's ass during the debate on national tv and screamed "IM TOO FUCKING OLD?! THIS OLD CRIPPLE WHO CANT EVEN FUCKING RAISE HIS ARMS JUST KICKED YOUR KENYAN ASS!!" that John S McCain III had some passion and was more than willing to express it to anyone, even fellow republicans

second, blaming Bush for the budget shows you have NO idea how the budget works, ALL appropriations must come from the HOUSE; and Bush doesn't really get any choice on whether to veto it or not since if there isnt a budget passed by OCT 1, the government shuts down HARD, no soldiers get paychecks, no unemployment, food stamps, medicare, NOTHING, all federal services and most state services stop

if you want to blame someone for the massive deficits, blame congress, if you look at the deficits for the various years, you'll find that the deficit skyrocketed AFTER the dems took congress and Obama's deficit (FY 2008 deficit was 700 billion dollars, less than the worthless Obama stimulus alone)

some budget deficit is actually GOOD, macroeconomics is NOT household or state budgeting, despite what democrats (whom tend to NOT be macroeconomists, but are actors, laywers, and businessmen, who think small) think; a nation that does NOT run a deficit is stealing from its citizens (that extra money isnt saved, it just vanishes, and the rule of 10 means its 10X the surplus, its like setting the money on a barge and burning it, except that actually creates jobs in the shipbuilding and money burning industries)

too much deficit is bad, since it causes a loss of value of the currency, meaning hyperinflation

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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