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Apple mocks the history of Windows in its latest ads, comparing Windows 7 to such flops as Windows ME.  (Source: Apple)

However, Apple can't seem to resist Microsoft's quality software -- it announced today that it will be offering Boot Camp support for Windows 7 by the end of the year.  (Source: Gizmodo)
As much as Apple pretends not to love Microsoft, it can't seem to stop supporting it

Apple delivered its launch day anti-Windows 7 ads as promised.  The new ads poke fun at Microsoft's history, comparing Windows 7 to past unpopular Windows OS's that were initially lauded.  The new ad flashes back to a younger Vista era PC saying that Vista would have the problems of past Windows... and a Windows ME PC...  and a Windows 2.0 PC.  The new commercials were one of the few downers for Microsoft on a day that was filled with excitement.  

But try as hard as it wants, Apple just can't seem to bring itself to truly rain on Windows 7's launch party.  Truth be told, though Apple will never admit it, its very good friends with Microsoft.  After all, Microsoft offers one of the most popular pieces of software for Macs -- Microsoft Office for Mac.

And for the last three years two of the most popular operating systems on a Mac besides OS X were Windows XP and Windows Vista.  Apple may pretend that Windows is buggy and worthy of scorn, but when it comes down to it, the allure of the productive, functional OS is too much to resist and too much to deny its customers.

Apple even showed Microsoft a bit of love on Windows 7 launch day.  Responding to a deluge of comments from Apple MacBook owners pleading for official Windows 7 Boot Camp support, Apple revealed that it will be adding support for the new OS before the end of the year.

Granted, it won't be adding support for all Macs.  Certain older iMacs and MacBooks Pro from 2006 won't be allowed to use Windows 7.  Its unclear why, considering these computers have Intel processors and in theory could have specs more than capable of running the new OS.

Mac owners looking to get their Windows 7 groove on can probably it already, following the directions posted here.  

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RE: Guys...
By SiliconAddict on 10/23/2009 11:18:07 PM , Rating: -1
People don't take them to heart. People are sick of the lies. More accurately half truths. Everything Apple says in these ads could be considered true....depending on how you look at it. Most of it is bull**** and frankly going forward MS should sue the shit out of Apple for slander. Because I can bet you cash they will continue to use outdated reasons to switch to Apple when Win7 and even Vista resolved them years ago. Someone should go up to Jobs and break his snobby nose.
Yes I take it personally because Apple is conning people with half truths. I migrated to a MBP 4 years ago. The expierience isn't nearly as rosy and perfect as iTards make it out to be. I sold the system just before the warranty expired last year and went back to Windows. I've been happy ever since. I struggled with OS X every day I was on it. Some days it did what I wanted. Others I wanted to throw that fracking thing out a window. even to the last day I ****HATE**** Finder. You can't customize it at all, you can't tweak how it looks and acts. You pretty much get what you are given and that IMHO personifies Apple: This is our design. You don't like it? Tough. Go download third party apps to make it your own. I left windows because of the amount of time I had to take to tweak the OS in XP. Only to switch to another OS where, yep same crap different OS. Win7 resolved this. Since out of the box it gives me almost exactly what I want. A few tweaks here and there yes. But its pretty damn good.
The reality is OS X is not perfect. And yet you talk to the real people in the cult who would tell you anything to get someone off windows as if its some holy crusade. Ditto with these Apple ads. I don't enjoy being lied to. As such Apple can take their wares and shove it up their elitist iAss.
The reality is that neither company crap smells like roses. However time and again I see the Mac camp throwing rose peddles on their pile to convince people that it is. Windows? Better Stronger Faster seems to be their motto. You talk to most Windows users and they will admit that yah. Windows has had more then its fair share of failures. And yah Vista was a dud. Default security in the past was seriously overlooked. But Win7 is a real attempt to change all this. Meanwhile Apple is jumping up and down in their cage screaming and throwing their feces (Ads) at MS as they take the high road with their ad campaign.

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