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Apple mocks the history of Windows in its latest ads, comparing Windows 7 to such flops as Windows ME.  (Source: Apple)

However, Apple can't seem to resist Microsoft's quality software -- it announced today that it will be offering Boot Camp support for Windows 7 by the end of the year.  (Source: Gizmodo)
As much as Apple pretends not to love Microsoft, it can't seem to stop supporting it

Apple delivered its launch day anti-Windows 7 ads as promised.  The new ads poke fun at Microsoft's history, comparing Windows 7 to past unpopular Windows OS's that were initially lauded.  The new ad flashes back to a younger Vista era PC saying that Vista would have the problems of past Windows... and a Windows ME PC...  and a Windows 2.0 PC.  The new commercials were one of the few downers for Microsoft on a day that was filled with excitement.  

But try as hard as it wants, Apple just can't seem to bring itself to truly rain on Windows 7's launch party.  Truth be told, though Apple will never admit it, its very good friends with Microsoft.  After all, Microsoft offers one of the most popular pieces of software for Macs -- Microsoft Office for Mac.

And for the last three years two of the most popular operating systems on a Mac besides OS X were Windows XP and Windows Vista.  Apple may pretend that Windows is buggy and worthy of scorn, but when it comes down to it, the allure of the productive, functional OS is too much to resist and too much to deny its customers.

Apple even showed Microsoft a bit of love on Windows 7 launch day.  Responding to a deluge of comments from Apple MacBook owners pleading for official Windows 7 Boot Camp support, Apple revealed that it will be adding support for the new OS before the end of the year.

Granted, it won't be adding support for all Macs.  Certain older iMacs and MacBooks Pro from 2006 won't be allowed to use Windows 7.  Its unclear why, considering these computers have Intel processors and in theory could have specs more than capable of running the new OS.

Mac owners looking to get their Windows 7 groove on can probably it already, following the directions posted here.  

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RE: Guys...
By The Irish Patient on 10/23/2009 11:39:48 AM , Rating: 3
The Apple commercials are amusing enough as an exercise in gorilla theater. However, I generally get pissed by them because Apple cheated me so badly on my first computer.

That was in July 1995. Windows 95 was just coming out. Unfortunately, I believed Apple's crapola about how it would be releasing its next generation operating system in November, and that it would completely blow win95 away.

So, I bought an Apple 6200 for $1800. Many experts rate it as the worst computer of all time. The motherboard design was so badly botched that it required four clock cycles on the bus to accomplish what a PC could do in one cycle. Glaciers move faster. And of course, it was more expensive than a PC because it was an Apple.

Even worse, Apple already knew during the summer of 1995 that it was still years away from releasing a next gen operating system. Rather than admit the fact, Apple just kept pushing the release date back by a few months at a time. The next gen turned out to be OS X, released during 2001, a mere six years later than promised.

As the years of delays passed, Apple continued to promise each new buyer that the system being purchased would run the new OS when released. At the same time, computers older than a couple of years were continually dropped from the list of those that would be compatible with the new OS. By 1997, Apple had disclosed the fact that my 6200 would not be compatible with its next gen OS.

I put up with that piece of garbage for three years. Then win98 released. I upgraded to a less expensive PC, got about ten times the performance, and never looked back.

As far as I'm concerned, Apple still owes me a refund of $1800 for the 6200. As funny as the Mac versus PC commercials are, it bothers me greatly that Apple still survives by making false promises of superiority.

RE: Guys...
By flabbergastedagain on 10/23/2009 12:22:12 PM , Rating: 2
True, thas wasn't the best period for Apple. After Steve Job's return in 1997, things got better for Apple and it's customers.

A lot has changed in those 12 years. The old OS went out of the window; nowadays we have a far better OS based on Unix.

RE: Guys...
By KoolAidMan1 on 10/23/2009 4:19:25 PM , Rating: 2
I didn't get on board until OS 10.2 came out. Macs were crap before then, now their operating system is really good. I think its common knowledge that Macs weren't that great in the 90s.

RE: Guys...
By djcameron on 10/23/2009 5:39:22 PM , Rating: 2
I've been on a MacBook for almost a year (due to work requirements), and I'm here to tell you that they are NOT all they are cracked up to be. Finder blows compared to Windows Explorer, OS X doesn't even come with a simple paint application, and the permanently stuck to the top of the screen menu is a pain-in-the-***, especially on a multi-monitor system. OS X does, in fact, have it's very own BSOD, which I like to call the BBSOD (Bilingual Black Screen OF Death). The lack of software sucks, and even when there is software, it usually costs a lot more.
On the other hand, I do really like the buttonless trackpad!

"We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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