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NVIDIA's new MCE device places two TV tuners on a single card

NVIDIA has launched the ultimate tool for Media Center Edition (MCE) PC owners. The NVIDIA DualTV, as its name implies, offers two tuners on a single card.

By having two separate tuners onboard, the DualTV tuner is able to record two shows at once or allow you to record one show while you watch another. And since the DualTV tuner is a full-fledged MCE device, you can transfer recorded material to a personal media players or portable game players. Live or recorded shows can also be streamed throughout the home to game consoles or Media Center Extenders courtesy of software from Orb Networks.

Other features of the NVIDIA DualTV tuner include:

  • MediaSqueeze compression technology
  • PureVideo technology
  • 3D comb filter
  • 3D noise reduction hardware
  • In-line TV amplifier.
  • Multi-stream hardware encoder

Scott Vouri, general manager of multimedia at NVIDIA adds:

"There are other TV tuners in the market today, but the NVIDIA DualTV tuner offers some key differentiators that make it stand out. Based on our internal testing it’s measurably the best picture quality of any dual tuner card and saves disk space. It’s easy to use and install, and is designed for people who want to watch what they want, where they want, whenever they want."

The NVIDIA DualTV tuner is available now for a suggested retail price of $169. You can also purchase the DualTV tuner with a remote and receiver kit for $219.

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By Merry on 4/6/2006 11:50:46 AM , Rating: 2
Surely dvb tuners would have been a better idea? Or does the US not have a digital terrestrial service yet?

RE: Analogue?
By nordicpc on 4/6/2006 11:55:05 AM , Rating: 2
Over the air HD is very seldom in the US. I know in my town there would be none, since I live in the mountains, and even with a high-powered roof antanae you can only get one or two OTA SD channels.

RE: Analogue?
By Merry on 4/6/2006 12:02:12 PM , Rating: 2
It would be a wise inclusion for the UK and European market though...

RE: Analogue?
By SunAngel on 4/6/2006 12:08:24 PM , Rating: 1
Hogwash! I live in the city and I can pick up probably 10+ channels at any given time. What's funny is with three major cities within 50 miles of each other, I can pick up two or three of each of the major station abc, cbs, nbc, fox, upn, pbs. And the programming is different on each one, except for the major networks (abc, cbs, nbc, and fox). So on Sunday night, I will be able to tuner in close to 25 channels of digital ota tv.

However, I do have a hdtv antenna mounted pretty high, not quite on the roof, but it is able to grab most of the channels available to me. True, those in rural areas have difficulty receiving signals, but whose fault is that?

RE: Analogue?
By nordicpc on 4/6/2006 12:56:39 PM , Rating: 2
I guess there is a penalty for living outside of metropolitan areas. Too bad the US is so full of them.

RE: Analogue?
By creathir on 4/6/2006 12:15:23 PM , Rating: 2
??? What are you talking about... "seldom"?
Most of the country has HD OTA signals... I live 40 miles outside of San Antonio and pick up Austin and SA HDTV signals with NO problem. Austin is a town the size of about 520,000 people, whereas San Antonio is about 1.2 million. SA is NOT a wealthy market at all (the NFL sure does not like us) but somehow, every single one of our local stations broadcasts in HD. Sure if you live 200 miles from the closest 250,000+ city it probably is hard to get HDTV... but soon enough you will have it.
- Creathir

RE: Analogue?
By Trisped on 4/6/2006 12:34:12 PM , Rating: 2
I thought it was channels 1-169? Plus alot of DTV boxes output in such a way that you can use a tuner card to put it on your comp. My ATI AIW 9800 Pro lets you use sVideo and RCA video in as well as an antena and there are even boards where people talk about connecting ir USB devices and configuring the ATI Multi Media Center software to change the channel for you.
Still, the better option is the HDTV Wonder . At $119 with a $20 rebate you could also buy a second and have two remotes and two cards that read SDTV, DTV, and HDTV for the same price as the card above with a remote.

RE: Analogue?
By timmiser on 4/6/2006 5:01:25 PM , Rating: 2
I agree with you also. I think most people who use PC based tuner cards are people who are on the cutting edge of technology and therefore are more interested in an HD option.

On another note, I've been waiting for the last year for an HD DVR option from either my cable company (Comcast) or a satillite company. Once you do DVR, you can't go back so when HD tuners were released I wouldn't bite since they didn't have a DVR option. Voom Satillite was about ready to release a DVR HD solution but then they were bought out by Dish Network.

Comcast and DirecTV still don't have an HD DVR solution but Dish Network has just last month come out with their HD DVR so I bought it. (The installer will be here next Thursday!)

The receiver is a dual tuner with two UHF remotes however the 2nd tuner is analog only.

RE: Analogue?
By timmiser on 4/6/2006 5:02:16 PM , Rating: 2
Doh! Meant to reply to sunangel.

RE: Analogue?
By MDE on 4/6/2006 8:59:10 PM , Rating: 2

DirecTV doesn't have an HD DVR? It's expensive, but it's definately out there.

RE: Analogue?
By timmiser on 4/10/2006 7:35:01 PM , Rating: 2
True, they have one now but they didn't have one last month. DishTV beat them to market with their own HD-DVR and I bought the first one that was out.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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