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Internet addiction is an issue that will be better researched in years to come

A new research study indicates some children and teenagers will become addicted to the internet, which can lead to ADHD, hostility, and social phobia.

Even though internet addiction is a growing problem with adults, according to researchers, there is even more concern related to internet addiction for the younger generation.

Researchers surveyed 2,293 seventh graders in Taiwan, noting 10.8% of them developed an internet addiction over time.  Furthermore, the researchers discovered those found be addicted to the internet suffered from ADHD and increased hostility.

Boys are more likely to become addicted to the internet, though girls had a higher level of depression and social phobia.

"The study's indication that children who are hyperactive or diagnosed ADHD are finding an outlet on the Web makes such perfect sense," said Michael Gilbert, Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California, who wasn't involved with the research.

Researchers in China and Japan are spending an increased amount of time looking into internet addiction, as there have been a handful of deaths related to prolonged computer and Internet use.

Internet addiction is not an official disorder, but will likely be entered into the 2012 version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).  In the future, researchers will attempt to discover other negative impacts from internet addiction -- and will try to identify official criteria so it can be entered into the DSM.

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RE: Here's a thought
By TSS on 10/7/2009 10:03:15 AM , Rating: 5
when i was 15, i was bullied off of highschool after beeing a social outcast for 15 years (which has nothing to do with computers), gaming was the only thing that kept my mind off suicide.

If my computer had been taken away then i would've killed as many people as i could before killing myself. And why?

I wasn't addicted to the computer, or the internet. I wasn't even addicted to the games (i didn't stick to 1 game, i've played alot of them).

What i got addicted to, was the only enviroment where i could find acceptance. My personality flaws didn't matter, it was your skill that mattered. Who cares if your bat ass crazy, if your on the top of the list, it's obviously working.

I found friends, experiences, even love that i've yet to find in real life all on the internet. To me, at that point in my life, If you tried to take away the PC, you tried to kill me.

Now that doesn't go for everyone, sure. I realise i have asperger's which puts me in even a smaller group of people. But as a parent you *have* to look at it from a case by case basis. My dad made the right call, he allowed me to game as much as i wanted and told everybody else to back off.

And how am i doing now? I've got a diploma in IT. All of my shrinks and even my own mother thought i would not get it, but i did. I've got real life friends who accept me for who i am, as well as enjoy the skill i've gained in games. I've even gotten around to slowly start working on my hatred for humans, a left over from "a healthy playground enviroment", but it will take many years and medications to get it past me. But games have helped me and will help me through all of this.

Oh and i started gaming when i was 1/2 a year old. My dad held me infront of the commodore 64. I even typed run when i was 3, before i could speak properly. But even then until i was 10 i never was a real gamer. I was much more occupied with playing outside with my friends. When my neighberhood started emptying out (it went from 10 kids to 3), i started playing more. When all my friends where on holiday in the summer, i played more.

Parents, accept the fact that the internet IS social. Accept the fact that, if kids start gaming more, their social life is declining, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. If people "neglect their social life because of x", their social life wasn't much to begin with, and people should look to themselves instead of blaming the game.

RE: Here's a thought
By The0ne on 10/7/2009 12:37:18 PM , Rating: 2
My sister does this with my three nephews here too. She yells at them if they play for too long but allows them to continue playing if they agree to her terms. All three are in college and have friends and it's working out good but I sometimes wish they could use those hours more productively. But they can't be like other people and mys sister has a point of doing so,

Keep them home, close to family members so you can teach them properly and at the same time avoid them being out there too much and joining some of the "bad" groups, which I might add is prevalent in the neighborhood.

But again, this isn't an "addiction". Are people so clueless of the word "addiction" that they can say "health" is just thrown around like it's nothing. That's like saying this drunk bastard that keeps pissing in your yard day in an day out is healthy, or that pedophile that keeps banging your kid isn't sick or addicted to sex. Sarcasm aside, addition means ADDITION. Is the word not strong enough? :o

Where's OmnicronX, I'll let him tell everyone to Google it.

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