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Expensive device leaves UMD owners in the dust

Yesterday was the first day that the PSP Go was available for sale at retail. Reaction was mixed, as many potential customers were displeased with the high price.

The new model (PSP-N1000) will sell for a MSRP of $249.99 compared to the $169.99 of the older PSP-3000 model that will continue to be sold indefinitely. It has a smaller 3.8 inch screen, versus the 4.3 inches of the PSP-3000 which uses Sony's proprietary Universal Media Disc (UMD) format. The PSP Go also features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The latest generation of the PlayStation Portable lineup is the first to use digital downloads from the PlayStation Store as the exclusive means to buy a game. Games and demos are downloaded to the console's 16GB internal flash memory either directly, through Sony's software on a PC, or through a PlayStation 3. Additional storage of up to 32GB is available by purchasing a Memory Stick Micro device.

Sony had announced plans for a UMD trade-in program so that PSP owners would be able to use their old games, but nixed that due to "legal and technical issues". Many gamers are thus sticking with their older PSP models instead of upgrading to the PSP Go.

The firm hopes to make the entire PSP software library available at the PSP Store, but so far there are already 225 games available for download. Some retailers are upset that they will not see any revenue from software for the PSP Go, and have decided to boycott it.
The whole point of the PSP Go is to deliver games that are more affordable in a smaller, lighter package that has greater battery life. Sony is targeting gamers who don't yet have a portable console and Nintendo DS Lite owners who are looking for better graphics. Time will tell whether Sony will be successful or not.

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RE: I need this explained to me
By SilthDraeth on 10/3/2009 10:34:54 AM , Rating: 2
Ipods maybe... Wii? I don't get how the Wii was worse than the Gamecube...

And the portable systems got progressively better.

RE: I need this explained to me
By jrb531 on 10/3/2009 12:39:33 PM , Rating: 2
The Wii has "slightly" better hardware but (until recently) costs $250 vs $99 for the gamecube.

Nintendo even admitted that the core of both systems were basically the same. So if Nintendo can make a profit selling Gamecubes for $99 then how can they justify selling a Wii for $250? Is that lightbar worth $150?

The answer, of course, is that they were able to "sucker" tend junkies into buying them because "everyone" has them :)

Not knocking the Wii.... just the "FOOLS" who paid $250 for something that cost Nintendo under $100 to produce.

RE: I need this explained to me
By Alexstarfire on 10/3/2009 12:51:26 PM , Rating: 2
No, you are knocking the Wii with a comment like that. You basically called everyone who owns one a fool since until recently it was $250 to buy one. Of course fools like you don't realize that the cost of a system isn't just what it takes to manufacture it, but also the R&D. That said, I don't think the R&D costs for the Wii were that high, but I really have no idea.

But it doesn't matter what I think about that. The fact is that the Wii isn't worse than the Gamecube in any way, save maybe price if you believe what you say, so it's nothing like what Sony is doing with the PSP Go. Features weren't taken away, they were added.

Of course it also makes me wonder why people would buy the Wii in the first place if the only reason you say to own one is because "everyone has them." People didn't just magically have them when the product launched. Those initial people didn't buy one because others had it. They got it because they wanted to play it.

RE: I need this explained to me
By Ryanman on 10/4/2009 6:44:09 PM , Rating: 1
Hell I'll knock the Wii for it being a shitty system.
1. After the near failure of the Gamecube with its proprietary format, Nintendo STILL didn't make the darn thing a DVD player. And for this point especially I'd be using profanity if it didn't rate me down.
2.They replaced an ergronomic nightmare with an inaccurate wiggle stick. To this day, I still consider anyone that plays super smash brother with the wii controller to be a tool.
3. Just like the gamecube, Nintendo relied completely on reviewers having nostalgia for its two-dimensional legacy characters. And once again, just like the gamecube, people with no real perchance for gaming purchased shitty party games that they played once and then left the system to rot.
4. The commenter you replied to said that the wii cost $100 to make. I doubt it. I figure the wii costs Nintendo around $75 max. They're enjoying incredibly disgusting profit margins.

So no, Nintendo didn't change anything, and I guess that's the point. They disguised their same business model in a system that looked modern despite having 6 year old hardware.

Someone will reply with "ZOMG Zelda rocks". While it's true Nintendo's made some great games, I'm over their whole "repackage and resell" strategy. Start expecting more from such a huge profitable company, like a DVD player and a game you haven't played before. Or at least a tangible storyline in a series.

RE: I need this explained to me
By dark matter on 10/5/2009 5:27:21 AM , Rating: 2
Dude, you got not friends to play on your wii with or something?

RE: I need this explained to me
By tastyratz on 10/3/2009 3:59:44 PM , Rating: 3
Do I have a wii? no. Do I plan to own one? no.
Reality is though that Nintendo made a system that sold well at its price point. If they needed to drop the price to move units then they could, and I am sure they are still making gobs of money even with the recent price drop.

The only fool would be Nintendo if they sold it for less than what the average consumer is willing to pay for it... its called being a smart business. Value does not always translate to low profit margins.

I say Kudos to Nintendo for developing something where they CAN make such a fat margin while remaining successfully at the top above competitors selling at tighter margins or for a loss.

"Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be." -- Steve Ballmer

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