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AT&T is expected to offer unlimited 3G calling for the iPhone for $20 or less using its new 3G MicroCell device. The device works in regions that are currently dead to AT&T's network.  (Source: Engadget Mobile)
There's lots of new developments concerning the nation's hottest smart phone

There are few major pieces of news to report with the iPhone.  The first is the new 3G MicroCell appliance from AT&T, a device that provides local 3G to the many spots across the nation that are dead to AT&T's 3G network.

The device has not yet received a price, but the rumors are already flying about a possible iPhone tie-inEngadget Mobile and others claim that AT&T will offer unlimited MicroCell iPhone calling for $20 a month.  Reportedly with AT&T Internet, the fee drops to $10 a month, and with AT&T Internet and landline service it goes away entirely.  Reportedly the device will also support 3G data and text message transmission under existing plans.

Currently, AT&T offers iPhone service plans for $60 for 450 daytime rollover minutes, $80 for 900, $100 for 1350, or $120 for unlimited.  Using the new service users may be able to save money by opting for a cheaper plan and calling from their home location.  It is unclear, though, whether the device would first burn through the users' rollover minutes, or whether it would start in unlimited mode.

At any rate, the device may at last prove a cure to the iPhone's perennial signal quality complaints.

The second big piece of iPhone news is that Apple has reportedly opened an investigation into why some users with OS v3.1-equipped iPhones are experiencing poor battery life.  Reportedly, AppleCare teams are emailing customers lists of 11 questions and an app that tracks and reports battery life to Apple.

One key issue is whether the battery life is truly bad, or whether the OS's battery indicator is merely faulty.  Describes one of the reported questions,"When you notice a power drop, does it seem to be a legitimate power drop, or rather an issue with the battery icon indicator?"

Apple is reportedly emailing users who complain about battery life on its forums.  The company is warning customers that install the application not to sync their phones as the battery logs it creates are very large.  They suggest disabling it after Apple has received their information.

Its unclear exactly when or how Apple might use the feedback to improve the iPhone's OS, but its certainly good to see the company taking action on this reported issue.

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Mmm iPhone haters lol
By Soldier1969 on 9/21/2009 8:28:51 PM , Rating: 0
Other than a 8 - 12 hr battery life I love my 3gs 32 gb iPhone. I get excellent 3g coverage and wifi speed rivals my quad core desktop cable Internet. I like having a phone not every teeny bopper can have or average person can afford. It's got the best ui I've ever seen on any phone period. It let's me watch my tv shows/movies in DVD quality and It's worth every cent I pay so if you don't have one or ever used one and hate it then that's your opinion. Complain somewhere else, get a new shirt while your at it losers.

RE: Mmm iPhone haters lol
By PrezWeezy on 9/21/2009 8:47:33 PM , Rating: 2
I've used it. I don't like it. It didn't seem "fluid" to me at all. Some pages let you go landscape, some don’t. I can never seem to hit the right key and I spend half my time deleting all the text I just wrote because there is no arrow key either. When I open a Safari page there is no way to download the certificate off the server to approve the SSL communication. The only app I really care about is the restaurant slot machine. Otherwise I much prefer my WinMo device. My opinion true, but that doesn't make it any less valid than yours.

RE: Mmm iPhone haters lol
By 67STANG on 9/21/2009 9:37:44 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, I must be doing something wrong... my iPhone 3G is only getting about 3-4 hours when it's not in "paper-weight mode" (WIFI on, BT off).

Really, I couldn't be less happy with the 3G service I get from AT&T. It's much slower than what I had on Verizon, and that's not just a locality thing-- it's like that wherever I go.

Aside from that, I miss:
- Not being able to record video.
- Not being able to see flash content.
- Not being able to send picture msg's.
- Not having a fast UI.
- Not having a memory card slot.
- Not having an option for a larger battery.

On the other hand, what the phone does do, is very nice indeed. I just think that for a 2nd iteration, it's lacking a lot of features that have been around for years on much cheaper phones.

Oh, and every teeny bopper can afford one-- I paid $99 for my phone. Much less than what most high-school kids (parents) paid for their phones...

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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