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Snow Leopard sold nearly twice as many copies as Tiger and Leopard in first few weeks

Apple is selling its latest Mac OS Snow Leopard at a very brisk pace according to reports from research firm NPD. NPD reports that the sales of Snow Leopard have far exceeded the sales of the previous operating systems Leopard and Tiger.

According to numbers gathered by NPD, Apple has sold nearly twice as many copies of Snow Leopard as it did Leopard and almost four times as many copies compared to Tiger. Another important metric for Apple is the fact that while sales of Snow Leopard have decreased since the first week the OS was offered, the decrease hadn't been nearly as significant as the past two OS updates over the same period.

NPD reports that Snow Leopard has seen sales decrease about 25% after its first week of release. Leopard and Tiger sales decreased by about 60% after the first week of availability in comparison. Stephen Baker from NPD said, "Even though some considered Snow Leopard to be less feature-focused than the releases of Leopard or Tiger, the ease of upgrading to Snow Leopard and the affordable pricing made it a win-win for Apple computer owners — thus helping to push sales to record numbers."

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RE: Correlation
By Shadowself on 9/17/2009 6:40:42 PM , Rating: 2
Any proof of this statement?

RE: Correlation
By Targon on 9/18/2009 7:03:40 AM , Rating: 2
It is a generally accepted fact that there the professional malware developers are not going to pay much attention to a lesser used computer platform when they can scam more money out of people by being focused on the most popular platform.

With that said, Apple has gotten a boost over the years, not just from their advertising(when most PC makers have been cutting back on advertising), but also from pushing in the schools, and from the popularity of the iPod and iPhone, which has gotten some people to switch to MacOS. The increase in visibility and popularity of Apple products, especially with students IS going to increase the number of scams and malware applications aimed at that platform. Basically, Apple is going to lose their security through obscurity model that makes MANY Apple users think that MacOS is more secure.

MacOS isn't more secure, it is just that historically there have been fewer malware apps designed for it. Increase market share/visibility, and you increase the desire of malware authors to target users of that platform.

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