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The worldwide attempted crackdown on illegal file sharing continues in Europe

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the European equivalent of the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA), has filed 2,000 lawsuits in 10 countries against alleged file sharers.  Users targeted reside all over Europe:  Finland, Portugal, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy are examples of nations that have alleged file sharers that are being targeted.  The IFPI claims that the people targeted are users that make large amounts of files available for others to download over the Internet.  Portugal has been one of the hardest hit countries in Europe -- the country reportedly had a 40 percent decrease in the number of CD sales over the past several years.  The BBC reports:

"Clunky software, difficulty in finding tracks and over zealous protection limiting where customers can play music they've bought are continuing to fuel file-sharing," said Greig Harper, founder of XTN Data.

The British Phonographic Institute (BPI) also claims that file sharing has cost the British music industry £1.1 billion -- even though legal file sharing programs have started to become popular in the UK.

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By fsardis on 4/8/2006 8:28:11 AM , Rating: 1
yea, cause in britain a college is inferior to university. as for the other posts. you are wrong in ever single comment you made.

firs of all stop taking me quotes out of context and replying to them. you are replying to whatever suits you and not to the meaning of what i said. when i said i agree with you with everything you said. i had another sentence next to it saying exactly what i was agreeing with.

next time try to argue against the meaning of my posts and not sentences taken out of context. Thats how educated people like to argue, let alone those with a PhD or at least tried for a PhD.

see you in some other thread, where you will be a physics expert or something. Keep googling mate.
like it or not abusing a suspect is ultimately good for society cause a suspect might be a criminal. Too bad you are too stubborn to understand what is right infront of you. I cant be bothered explaining things to someone who doesnt want to learn. its a typical atribute all the people who try to play smart but they dont really know a topic in depth.

By masher2 on 4/8/2006 10:16:34 AM , Rating: 2
> "you are wrong in ever single comment you made."

I've already demonstrated otherwise quite clearly. Anyone who believes Kantian ethics bars the punishment of criminals doesn't understand philosophy, plain and simple.

> "i had another sentence next to it saying exactly what i was agreeing with."

Your next sentence was "maybe I shouldn't have tried to simplify the topic." However, you not only simplified it, you got all the key points wrong.

> "next time try to argue against the meaning of my posts "

I've addressed the "meaning" of all your posts. That Kantianism is against capital punishment (false). That Kant's theories are "only a couple of sentences" (false). That there are only two primary ethical theories (false).

That Consequentialism is an old theory. (false). That Consequentialism allows for capital punishment (partly false). That "the people who know" Ethics best don't consider Consequentialism flawed. (partly false). That Consequentialism is commonly used in legal systems today (false).

You're racking up quite a score. If I missed any of your points, please inform me and I'll address them as well.

Oh, I did miss one. Let me address it now.

> "You can bet that people who study phychology as well as sociology study ethical theories too."

Yes, and people who study English Lit also are forced to take a Chemistry class as well. But when you want a question answered on the subject, you ask a Chemist, not a Lit major.

> "see you in some other thread, where you will be a physics expert or something"

That's more likely than philosophy, given my undergraduate degree is in physics.

By fsardis on 4/8/2006 2:47:33 PM , Rating: 1
my friend you go around saying my comments are wrong but you dont say why they are wrong.

you say this is false, that is false, this is partly false, that is partly right. then you throw in a couple of sentences that generalise the theories (yea you did it as much as i did it) and call it an argument.

by the way, english lit and chemistry are far off from psychology and ethics. you see, ethics is a major part in psychology while chemistry is minor in enlish lit. thats just made you look stupid

By masher2 on 4/8/2006 4:52:43 PM , Rating: 2
> "my friend you go around saying my comments are wrong but you dont say why they are wrong."

Can you not read plain English? I explained clearly and precisely why each was wrong in previous posts. My last posting was merely the executive summary.

Look, its obvious you've realized you were incorrect. I know, you know it...and I know you know it. Since no one else is still reading this thread, why play games? Just show some character, and either admit it, or drop it and move on.

"The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't have steak." -- Robert Heinlein

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