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What’s the best use of desktop virtualization?
  • Testing and development. Virtualization lets you create multiple virtual machines on a single piece of hardware, so it’s a perfect environment for experimentation. (700 votes)
  • Deploying thin clients. A single system can host many virtual desktops, which can be more cost effective than dropping a PC on every desk -- and it allows tighter IT controls and/or more flexibility for users. (359 votes)
  • Sorry – but it’s useless! I can’t think of any reason to virtualize a desktop. (179 votes)
  • No idea! The jury is still out on this one. . . (101 votes)

  • 1,339 total votes

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RE: It has many uses
By HrilL on 9/7/2009 9:42:16 AM , Rating: 3
There are some caveats when using virtualization to consolidate clients or servers - you are giving up redundancy. You could conceivably put 50-60 "usually idle" servers onto one or two boxes using virtualization, but if either of those boxes fail then all 50-60 of your virtual servers are going to be down, whereas standalone machines are not going to have that same effect. Something to think about when exploring this option.

Very true but even so with this consolidation It would be wise to have a cloned system just in case your main server does go down you can have all systems back up shortly or you have them running with some type of file over. Terminal servers you can spread the load onto more than one server. You should never have a single point of failure for production servers.

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