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What’s the best use of desktop virtualization?
  • Testing and development. Virtualization lets you create multiple virtual machines on a single piece of hardware, so it’s a perfect environment for experimentation. (700 votes)
  • Deploying thin clients. A single system can host many virtual desktops, which can be more cost effective than dropping a PC on every desk -- and it allows tighter IT controls and/or more flexibility for users. (359 votes)
  • Sorry – but it’s useless! I can’t think of any reason to virtualize a desktop. (179 votes)
  • No idea! The jury is still out on this one. . . (101 votes)

  • 1,339 total votes

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Missing some choices...
By Spivonious on 9/4/2009 9:43:17 AM , Rating: 2
Our main use of virtualization has been to replace aging servers. We've been able to consolidate almost 40 servers onto a single 4-machine VMWare server.

Since we're starting to push out thin clients (Citrix-based...ugh) I voted for the thin client option.

We also use them for software testing, as we can revert to a plain image very quickly. I don't think virtual machines could provide decent performance for development.

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